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4 Groups of People Who Depend on Your Content as a Freelance Creator

How many people depend on your service as a writer?

Let me tell you: 4 groups. Yes, your client, your editors, and the consumer (reader)
But those are three?

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Yes, the fourth person is you.

The most important group here is the consumer. They are relying on your content to help them make informed choices. This cuts across all niches.

So if you are writing a product review, you probably going through the ins and the outs of the product. As a consumer, I will finally sigh when I land on your article, take a rest and whip out my debit card.

Writing detailed content is a service (funny how we sometimes forget this).

Content creators (freelancers and bloggers) just like teachers and doctors, serve humanity in the best way they know how.
The main reason why we spend 4 hours or so researching a topic is that we know someone else on the other end of the world, will be relying on this information.

Do not belittle your own contribution. You are deserving of every coin that your client pays you.

If you are a client, your creators are deserving of every coin you give them and both of you are doing awesome work and you are deserving of every profit you make because you are running an awesome business.

My focus right now is to stabilize PennyMedia, and so most of my creations are those that go directly to PennyMatters and those that promote our web design services. Maybe I will venture into freelancing later on

For inspirations, read your blog comments. When you find one that touches you, screenshot it, print it, and frame it. Place this around your workspace to help you keep going when the going gets tough.

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