Extensive Article Writing Training

Today I am officially rolling out the extensive article writing training which has been designed to last for two weeks.

This has been prompted by several emails I have been receiving lately on the requests for the same. Over deliberation with my crew, I have decided to roll out the course at a very affordable pricing.

What you will learn and/or get for only $15 introductory pricing

The Extensive Article Writing Training eCourse has been designed to fit the needs of a freelance writer beginner and includes:

  • From a blank page to a 1500 words plus article
  • How to do a thorough and tailored research in short time
  • Sample creation
  • Samples assessment
  • Expert review of your test articles
  • Introduction to cold pitching, the right way
  • Real time support via email and WhatsApp
  • Tailored request: On the 7th day of your course, you will get an email prompting you to request me to take you through certain area of article training not covered on this course, if any. I will then do my compilation, and send you the tailored coverage of your request on the 15th day. So, you will get an extra day of training which is customised for you.

This is currently email based course, where you will receive a lesson a day with a task to complete for the next 14 days.

Bonus: Get Published on The Penny Matters

At the beginning of the course, you will be introduced to a 1200 words blog challenge which you will be required to complete at the end of the course. We will then publish the post on The Penny Matters under your author name. You will then use this post to pitch to clients

But Why do I qualify to teach Article Writing?

Article Writing Training Victor Korir


To get started, contact us via our ‘Whatsapp for Business Account’  +254774758574 or write to me at victor@thepennymatters.com

Below is a  screen capture of some of the reviews that my clients have left.

The Penny Matters Article Writing Training

If you have taken the  Article Writing Training course or planning to, please let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. am really interested .. i think this is the best place to be


    1. Hey David, thanks so much. I will officially start this training on Monday. I am looking forward towards taking you through it. To pay, simply send me a message on WhatsApp +254774758574

      To your success

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