8 of the Hottest Topics to Blog About

This is a list of some of the Hottest Topics to Blog About . It is quite helpful to new bloggers in search of a favorite niche on which to base a blog, but you need to remember that these are already very well covered topics.

This means your blog’s content has to be unique and of a high quality in order to stand out. These are pretty broad fields for writing about so you have a lot of material to work with which is a good thing. You can also find more specific blogging ideas if you dig the internet sphere

Hottest Topics to Blog About

1) Love and Relationships

This might be the hottest topic of all, and it is likely that it will never fade from the public’s interest. That’s understandable. Absolutely everyone can relate to relationships, whether with family or friends, because almost everyone encounters relationships on a daily basis. In particular, the subjects of love and marital relations usually do well.

2) Entertainment

This area of expertise does not really require true expertise. Just about anyone can write about movies, TV, and comics. All it really requires is that you have a fairly good handle on things happening in Hollywood and other entertainment arenas elsewhere and have the skills to write interesting, readable articles about film and the artists behind the craft.

3) Parenting

Some parents seriously do not know how to raise their children. They are unsure what is best for a young boy or girl. So parenting blogs can be a treasure trove of genuine lessons and valuable advice. If you’re a stay at home parent watching the kids most of the time, then that qualifies you as an expert. You are already a pro parenting blogger, and you didn’t even know it!

4) Tutorials

Mass communications and the media have skyrocketed in the past two decades. The Internet has expanded significantly as has the number of people able to work from the comfort of home. Video making, photography, and writing have become more profitable elements of the media market, and as a result, there are constantly many new forms of video, audio, photo, and word editing software being creating and sold each year.

With this a slight issue has arisen: many of the potential users do not have the time or know-how to easily navigate the editing systems. The same goes for website programs and hands-on technology like computers, cameras, and such. There are certain functions that users may have difficulty figuring out.

People are always interested in informative tutorials that explain how to use something in a layman’s terms. Many sites are eager to publish article or video DIY tutorials for topics such as the WordPress platform and the Adobe Premiere video editing program. If you feel you are experienced in something like that you might consider being a tutorial blogger or vlogger.


5) Health

Again, with a topic like health as the basis for your blog you can’t go wrong (so long as your information is correct). Health falls under an even broader field of common interest: wellness. Physical, spiritual, and mental well-being are all trending matters right now. Bodily health subtopics include working out and eating in a more healthful manner. This popularity has come about in part due to the rise in the obesity rate.

6) Fashion

For young people and women, in particular, the latest fashionable styles in clothing, shoes, jewelry, perfume, and make-up are always eye-catching material. Similar to health, fashion revolves around a person’s appearance. If you are a fashion enthusiast or even a designer, blogging about new releases in fashion could become quite profitable.

7) Travel

Travel is definitely one of the more exciting niches to write on because the writing does not involve as much research as other forms of blogging might. This is a niche for the adventurous, the daring, the type that strides out of the home and country in confidence. If you enjoy exploring, backpacking, bicycling, or horseback riding this could very well become a passion.

And if you took up writing in the time that you were not busy traveling you could make a living out of it. Quality travel writing and photography are in high demands at the moment. Descriptive sensory writing and high-resolution photography go hand in hand in creating the perfect travel article.

8) Home Decor

Home decorating is an art, but it is also meant to be a fun pastime. If you are the creative-crafty type who enjoys doing stuff around the house and artistically beautifying your indoor or outdoor living space then I suggest you give this a try. Additional skills that will be helpful to have is being handy with a camera or phone camera and being able to write in a simple way which expresses how to go about creating unique decorative displays.

There are, of course, many other subjects that make excellent and hottest topics to blog about. The options are almost limitless. If you didn’t find the niche that suits you here, I encourage you to keep looking. And if you do that, you will certainly find it.

Your Turn… Hottest Topics to Blog About

What are some of the Hottest Topics to Blog About do you know? Please let us know in the comments section.

5 Easy Ways to Gain More Exposure for Your Blog

Blogging has become a simple method of publishing one’s own writing and/or photography, and quite a few bloggers don’t think of it as anything more than that.

Yet, it can be more than a mere public online messaging system. It can become a fair or even very good source of income depending on a number of overall views the site is accumulating.

To gain more exposure for your blog, you need to ensure that you go about blogging the right way.

P.S: If you do not have a blog yet, follow these simple steps to launch yours today

5 Easy Ways to Gain More Exposure for Your Blog

1) Cover a Specific Topic

Creating consistent content for a blog which covers one specific topic or genre is pretty important. You’re not the New York Times! You can’t possibly cover news, entertainment, sports, and all that other stuff even if you had a few additional blog contributors.

Your blog niche is one of the preliminaries of blogging in 2017 and you would want it to be something you aree really passionate about.

Stay focused on a particular practice, concept, commodity, or the like. And write content which has to do with the blog’s main topic or general theme. For example, if you find that you love photography then just write posts on the art photography.

2) Publish Your Posts on a Set Schedule

You should really get into the habit of publishing posts on a timely basis as well as on a set schedule. If you like to publish about twice a week then just publish twice a week. If you are a person of the super ambitious type and have the time to publish once a day then you should publish daily.

Know yourself and generate a posting schedule accordingly. Do not commit to something you don’t think you will be able to do for the rest of the foreseeable future. But do make publishing a post at least once a week your topmost priority!

The more content you put out the more chances you have of being read. Not only can this be a beneficial method of production, but it’s simply a more professional style of operating as well. However, the focus should always be on quality over quantity

3) Repeat Yourself

You should frequently repeat yourself. I’m going to repeat that: You should frequently repeat yourself! No joke. It might not be grammatically appealing, but when your posts continue to contain identical or similar words/phrases which have been used in previous posts, search engines will start to determine that your blog is an “authority” on whatever it is that you keep repeating.

To give you a concrete example, if every post of your movie blog contains the phrase “movie review,” chances are that over time search engines will bring up your content more often when people look up movies or movie reviews on the web.

The phrase, ‘movie review’ therefore becomes one of your keywords, which is vital when it comes to getting indexed by search engines.

If you are starting off with keywords research, you may want to follow Moz’s Beginners Guide to Seo. This is so because, if done right, search engine optimization will help you Gain More Exposure for Your Blog

4) Add Links

If you’re creating a post on your personal blog you make your own rules. You can use external links at your discretion and to your advantage. How awesome is that?!

Again, this basic procedure is just good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Like repeating topics, adding resourceful and useful links to other websites with high traffic can help your content appear more frequently and prominently in search results, thereby reaping a significant number of views and hopefully viewers that keep returning to your site for more.

Also link to your own blog posts which are related to the one you are currently working on. This is what is often referred to as internal linking and is also a good SEO strategy.

5) Share Content Via Social Networks and Elsewhere

“But my friends and family don’t read or share my articles that I post to my social media pages.”

Sounds familiar? Well, remember those closest to you might already know your thoughts on a certain topic. This happens to me quite often with blog posts. You may have previously discussed the same exact thing that you’re talking about in your post.

So don’t be upset if you do find this happening to you. There are bigger fish to fry and try. The key for me was to join online communities or groups on the social media sites. For instance, one of my most successful early pieces was a blog post about an old sci-fi TV show. I requested to join several Facebook fan groups of the TV series.

Once I had been accepted I shared my post, and people read it, reacted to it, commented on it, and even shared it! I was so pleased that people deemed my article worth sharing with their own family and friends. In addition to that, I messaged a website dedicated to the producer of the old TV show and all his works. The site thought it was of interest to its audience and shared the link through its social media pages and on the site itself.

With that, I saw my page views for the blog post skyrocket from less than ten to over several hundred! So you may have to do some searches of your own to see what social groups to join or what websites might be capable and willing to share your post. You might even create content solely based on the knowledge that there will be a large audience ready to read it.

In a Nutshell…

If you take away anything from this article, I would tell you to keep writing, let out your thoughts and genuine knowledge, keep sharing, and post as often as time permits.

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