Copymatic Black Friday Deal 2023 (40% OFF – 60% OFF Offers)

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About Copymatic AI Black Friday Deal

Copymatic Black Friday Deal

Copymatic Black Friday Deal 2023 (40% OFF – 60% OFF Offers)

This info pertains to Copymatic Black Friday 2022. No information has been provided about BF 2023 yet, but you can expect to have deals similar to last year's.

To claim the rare offer of getting the 40% off Copymatic Black Friday Deal when you sign up for a monthly plan or 60% off when you pay annually, head over to the pricing page, choose your plan, and then use the coupon code BF40 during the checkout.

What is Copymatic AI?

Copymatic AI is a powerful yet affordable AI copywriting tool that enables you to generate short and long-form content for various use cases such as social media content, sales copy, and even full blog posts.

Copymatic AI Pricing

No. of WordsPricing
15,000$9/month ($6/month paid annually)
50,000 words$29/month ($19/month paid annually)
200,000 words$49/month ($32/month paid annually)
400,000 words$99/month ($66/month paid annually)
800,000 words$199/month ($132/month paid annually)

On applying Copymatic Coupon Code

Now, when you apply the discount code, you can expect to pay:

No. of WordsPricing
15,000$5.4/month ($3.6/month paid annually)
50,000 words$17.4/month ($11.4/month paid annually)
200,000 words$29.4/month ($19.2/month paid annually)
400,000 words$59.4/month ($39.66/month paid annually)
800,000 words$119.4/month ($79.6/month paid annually)

Why get Copymatic AI?

While it’s not the most powerful AI copywriter, Copymatic can still help you when brainstorming ideas, and even generating the first drafts of articles that you can then improve on.

Here are Copymatic features you’ll like:

  • 50+ AI writing tools/templates
  • Powerful AI Rewriter tool
  • Long-form article writer
  • WordPress plugin that enables you to quickly import generated articles directly onto the WordPress repository
  • Sleek interface and super fast content generation

Claim Copymatic AI Black Friday Deal

Ready to start generating content with Copymatic? Then do not miss this generous deal, which is valid only during Black Friday week.

Don’t forget to use the discount code BF40

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