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Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

Affiliate Disclosure

Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

1041 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas to Make Money Blogging

Finding the right blogging niche takes time, and often involves pure trial and error. Peruse 1000+ blog niche ideas in almost every industry.
1000 blog Niche ideas

You're ready to start a blog but still confused on what topics to niche down to. That happens a lot, almost with every blogger.

So it's okay to feel a little bit confused in the beginning. Your blogging niche is quite deterministic in the overall success of your blog. 

It's gonna stick with you for the long haul, and so you want a topic that you know you can deliver on. 

I have done my part to help you out, by highlighting over 1041 profitable blog niche ideas spread across 12+ general industries such as Travel, Wellness, Business, and Technology amongst others.

Before we dive in, let's see why selecting the right niche is crucial for your online business.

Why You Need to Choose a Blogging Niche…

Blogging should be fun. We should all write about the things we love. So why in the world would you want to study the stats before venturing into the blogging world?

Well, choosing a niche will help you navigate through the blogging hurdles that will meet you along the way. Some of the benefits of the blogging niche include:

  • Helps you showcase your expertise and build a brand around it. It’s much easier being a master of something than a master of all. You become the go-to resource when it comes to a particular topic
  • Blogging niche helps you dominate Google ranks faster. There are not so many people writing about the stuff you write about, and so you can focus on producing useful content, engaging your readers, and ranking your ways up the pages of Google
  • It’s easier building a fan base- your empire which helps you build s loyal audience.
  • This audience will make it easier for you to earn money blogging

What type of blogging niches should you choose?

The rule of the game is to go by these five principles:

  • Choose a niche that you love
  • Choose a niche that people give a damn about
  • Choose a niche that you want to grow in and be an expert at
  • Choose a niche that you are knowledgeable in
  • Choose a niche that will prove profitable in the long run.

If all fails, you can always resort to blogging about what you love. Don’t wait until you have the perfect blogging niche, as that might take years. By simply blogging, you will be able to find your true passion and inclination as you write along.

1041 Niche Ideas for Every Blogger

1000 blog niche ideas

Now that you've understood why you need to select a super niche topic, let me now give you several inspirations to help you get started with starting a money-making niche blog.

I've categorized all the niches in 17 different industries

You can jump to the section that interests you the most using the Table of Content . Each section has between 30 and 100 niches to select from.

105 Blog Niche Ideas for Business / Marketing / Money / Education

If you’ve been in the business and/or marketing industry for a while, then this could be your best shot to making money online. Online business, make money online and work from home niches are booming industries right now.

By now you should be convinced that the future of work is online. Digital nomadism is becoming a thing as people are now adopting laptop lifestyles.

These niches do demand that you remain well versed in new ideas, tools, and technology that make the life of a solopreneur easier.

Your content will range from list post ideas, tutorials, case studies to ultimate guides.

1. Personal FinanceLoans and savingsCredit cards
Make money onlineMoney saving tipsPension and retirement savings
Financial IndependenceNetwork marketingAffiliate marketing
Skills AcquisitionCareer adviceConsulting business
Instagram marketing Growing social followersPinterest marketing
Content MarketingLink BuildingFreelancing Tips
Cold emailingLinkedin Lead GenerationLead Generation Strategies
Social media detoxProcrastinationself publishing
Digital ProductseCommerceShopify
ShopifyCollege applicationsOnline courses
CrowdfundingLocal business marketingOnline meetings
Business writingSelf- improvementProductivity
Start-upsVirtual trainingsHome baking
Home officeStanding desksVirtual assistance
Work from homeTranscriptionEditing and Proofreading
Sales and marketingEmail marketingPaid advertising
Youtube videosVideo marketing Coding / Development
Crypto currencyReal EstateInvesting
MinimalismHuman resourceswork life
Future of workBlog trafficWeb design for non coders
Financial planningKickstarter campaignsCatering
Digital BrandingBitcoin / CryptocurrencySmall business ideas
Blog writing tips Make moneyInventing bloggingReal Estate
Data entryTeaching onlineOnline stores
WoocommerceLearning Management Software Selling stock photos
mom bloggingPrintables businessNiche planners
Business cardsMake money as a stay at home momSide hustles
DownsizingLiving on one incomePaying off debt
Outsourcing for solopreneursCouponingBooks
Property managementDigital nomadismAirbnb Rental
Startup loansStartup fundingMake money abroad
Job interviewsSoftware as a serviceLinkedIn Lead Generation
Video marketingSmall business marketingSelling On eBay
Sales TipsEtsyPrint on Demand
Product launchSelling On Amazon105. Kindle publishing

How to monetize:

These niches are best monetized with affiliate marketing and your own digital products. You can promote other people’s courses, web hosting tools, SaaS products, and eBooks.

My blog, this blog, PennyMatters perfectly fall into this category and my main monetization model is affiliation. That may however change in the future as I continue to grow my audience and produce more products on my end

Ready to start your Niche Blog?

36. Productivity Niche Ideas for Organization nerds

We all wish that we could get more things done every day. For instance, I have been planning this content for months now. I wanted to write a great post and since I knew it was gonna be a massive list, I put it off. Magic however happened when I created a Trello board, planned out the structure and started tackling each section day by day.

Productivity is all about the mindset, systems and tools that one needs to accomplish certain tasks in their lives. I’m starting to really think about the systems that I need to put in place in order to grow PennyMatters, since for a while now I have been stalling.

If you think you can help me, then I believe productivity is in your DNA. Start a productivity blog and let’s connect.

You can monetize this niche by promoting productivity software, running online trainings and eCourses as well as writing and publishing eBooks on getting things done.

1. Time managementProductivity plannersGetting things done
Productivity at workEmployee productivityProductivity for CEOs
Freelance productivityBusiness automationProductivity tools
Productivity tools for freelancersProductivity tools for solopreneursWorking from home productivity
Productivity tools for work from home momsTo do listsBullet journals
Morning routines Time management for momsTime management for students
MinimalismTime management for kidsLife hacks
Organizational hacksSpeed readingMemory boost
Team communicationProductivity techniquesProductivity systems
Mastering EvernoteMastering Trello/ Trello tutorialsNotion tutorials
Life goalsProductivityPomodoro
Asana tutorialsWorkflow automation36. Workplace motivation

30 Lifestyle Blog Niche Ideas

Lifestyle blogging is an interesting niche if you may. It actually feels awkward that am referring it as a niche as there are no two lifestyle bloggers that are the same.

So if you are wondering what lifestyle blogging is, then let me break it down for you:

… It’s a blend of several topics that details one’s lifestyle, personal experiences, explorations and daily habits. Unlike all the other niches, lifestyle niche is a more personalized approach to blogging.

For instance, one lifestyle blogger may choose to blog about people, cultures, travel, beauty and fashion, while another may opt for home living, decoration and DIys

Some Lifestyle Niches for your inspirations:

1. SailingWeight lossBody building
Dealing with DiabetesPersonal fitness Personal styling
Living eco-friendlyCelebrity newsTV shows
Standup comedyTheatre, opera, balletMagic and tricks
Video gamesself sustaining lifestyleOrganization and decluttering
Boating and fishingDancing lessonsKetogenic lifestyle
Vegan lifeMoviesOutdoor games
Eco-friendly livingEssential oilsFarm life
Healthy dietingCrossfit training30. Running and Marathons

Lifestyle bloggers see success on Instagram and Pinterest, and thus two main monetization models that work well here are affiliation. Product lines also do well once you’ve built your brand.

57 Travel Blog Niche Ideas

If you love travelling and making memories, then it’s time to document that journey and start making money online.

You can blog about the best places you’ve visited, review the best restaurants in certain cities or list of travel gear that every traveler needs.

This is a really wide industry and one full of brands that are looking for ambassadors. You can make money through affiliate links, brand sponsorships or digital products

1. BackpackingLife on the roadSurvivalist
City guides for travellersBest restaurants and hostelsUrban hiking
Group travelsFamily travelsHoliday travels
Learning new languages on the roadFood travel: Learning local recipes on the goTravel products recommendations
Travelling for workRV lifeBeing a working nomad
Travel budgetingCultural differencesCamping
Travel deals HikingAirlines
KayakingResortsCruise and Trailers
Travel tips/hacksTravel with familysolo travelling
Life on the roadRestaurant reviewsAdventure holidays
Bestplaces to visit per countryCubaJapan
Italy IcelandCosta Rica
Greece AirbnbHawaii
RoadtrippingHome exchangeBleisure travels
Jungle tourismAncestry tourismBucketlist trips
Destination weddingsDisney ToursVoluntourism
Wellness travel Spiritual travelsGroup travels
Hotels, hostels and motelsCamping gear57. Travel Backpacks

63 Farming / Agriculture Niche Ideas

If your roots are in farming like mine, then you must admit that this is one aspect of our lives that we can’t just give a blind eye. I’m always planning to start my own small garden mainly for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs before turning thirty. That’s six years from now.

If you already have experience and success in trying out some of the farming technique and types, then you can start a blog where you share your tips. Just like DIY niche, farming is quite a popular topic on YouTube and Pinterest.

You can then monetize through online lessons, selling your own farm produce or farm supplies or partnering with brands.

Here is an ultimate list of popular farming niche ideas you can blog on:

1. PermaculturePoultry FarmingTurkeys
Growing tomatoesHarvesterGreenhouse supplies
Organic farmingOrchadsHorticulture
Irrigation farmingSeedler and fertilizersShed plans
Chicken for eggsBroilersTransplanter
Chronometer and Chronograph watchesPoultry medicineFarming tools
Farm wearSprayers and sprinklersRearing ducks
Vegetable gardeningSheep careBeekeeping
Dairy farmingChicken feedHatcheries
Chicken tractor plansAmeraucana chickensBantam Chickens
Tree nursery farmingDual crop farmingAquaponics
Fish farmingMicrogreens FarmingHydroponic farming
Rooftop tea gardenMushroom farmingFlower farms
Fruit growing Fruit pickingLivestock feed manufacturingField crop farming
Honey productionNursery operationRabbit raising
Weed killersSustainable farm consultingMaking compost
How to grow onionsHouse plantsIndoor gardening
HerbsFarming MethodsTrellis
CucumbersHomemade weedicidesStrawberry farming
Hydroponics coursesHomesteadingGardening ideas
Gardening with kidsFarm produce storage63. Business farming

54. Education Niche Ideas for Scholars

Education is a lucrative business to invest in. From reviewing education tech and gadgets to providing particular tutorials on a given field, there is always a niche that is right for you. If you opt for tutorials, then you want to only blog on the field of your expertise. This is the best fit if you are currently doing your masters in the subject or you are a university professor or lecturer.

Some niches in the Education field such as Edtech, Curriculum and industry news require that you remain informed in all the changes that are happening in the sector so as to always update your content accordingly.

1. Presentation HacksGoogle ClassroomLearning Apps
Online learningOnline learning platformsEducation
Adult educationVirtual degree programsDistance learning
Student engagementClass engagementFlipped classrooms
HomeschoolingHomeschooling suppliesHomeschooling parents
Passing ExamsLearning TipsHomework for Homeschoolers
Studying hacksGraduationsLife after college
College applicationsCollege application lettersSpecial education
Music educationMath, Geometry and StatisticsChemistry tutorials
Physics tutorials Biology lessonsLanguage lessons
English literatureComposition writingAfter college
Children’s psychologyStage performanceJournalism
OratoryK-12Business and Accounting
Lesson plansCollege lifeStudent savings
Education curriculumEducation gadgetsComputer packages
Lesson plansLaboratory sessionsLaboratory maintenance and supplies
Teacher blogsTutoring blogsEducation Tools Reviews
Going back to schoolSchool activities57. Class management

How to Monetize Education Niches:

Display ads may not be the right niche for some but if you are in the Edtech or Ednews, then this may be worth a shot. The best way however is offering online courses, consultations or  building membership sites.

Affiliate marketing for some niches such as Lesson plans, Edtech, Tools and reviews as well as laboratory supplies is a profitable venture.

If you are running a teacher blog or a research blog you may try donations, sponsorships and grants. One word, you’re limitless.

Ready to start your Niche Blog?

45 Blog Niche Ideas for Specific Skills Development

Listen up,

We are beings in the process of becoming. In other words, we are always learning, evolving and developing. This therefore means that niches that help us in this intricate nature will always be profitable.

Since this is skills-based, the best way to monetize these niches is through digital products and online courses. Membership sites do really well.

For instance, I have been a paying customer of Skillshare for over 3 years now, taking over 15 classes every month on the skills that I wish to perfect as a person and as a business owner.

By the way, am giving all of my readers a 60 Days free access to all Skillshare courses if you use my link. Otherwise, you will get 14 days free trial.

Click here to get 60 Days free access to Skillshare and start learning. You can also earn money by recommending courses created by other creatives as well as the gear needed to learn a particular skill.

Profitable Skills Development Niche Ideas:

1. Dancing lessonsDrawingCustom illustrations
WatercoloringLanguage learning: Rapid language Learning
Surfingspeaking skillsPublic speaking
PoetryWriting stylesLearning Piano
Stage performanceSound mixingDjying
How to play a guitar Mind readingCalligraphy
Basic self defenseNetworkingPlanning and organizational skills
Ventriloquism InstrumentationDance studios
Speed readingGraphic DesignArt studios
Digital IllustrationsMastering CanvaMastering Adobe Photoshop
Learning appsLearning onlineUpskilling
Mastering ExcelMastering Google DocsBusiness automation
Survival skillsGood Habits Development45. Sculpting

96 Profitable Technology Niche Ideas for the Tech Savvys

For some, tech is the music to their souls. If this is you, then tech blogging could be your thing. This is the industry that requires you to have a vast amount of knowledge in the specified sector if you want to write compelling and highly relevant content.

As a tech blogger, you can niche down further to three types of tech blogs:

  • Tech news
  • Tech Reviews or
  • Tech tutorials

Tech news articles are short while Tech reviews and tutorials are more of in-depth and evergreen content. To avoid burnout, choose a super niche that you are knowledgeable about and that is less competitive

1. Smart watchDronesBest Android Phones
Android HacksIOSMac
WindowsExcelGoogle sheets
Cloud computingCRMSoftware development
Mobile apps developmentOnline ProgramingPython
Coding LanguagesVirtual realityMachine learning
Artificial intelligenceRoboticsAugmented Reality
AR ProductsCredit card processingATMs
Tech gadgetsComputersLinux
Smart homesBusiness automationsIntegrated marketing
Software integrationsWordPress DevelopmentEthernet cables
Google glassAndroid appsAlarm clocks
Best gaming laptopsCSS TutorialseReaders
Game consoleJava TutorialsIOT
iPhone AppsSmart glassesSmart TVs and Speakers
SmartphonesPowerpoint tutorialsPowerbanks reviews
SpywareMicrosoft office tutorialsWearable tech
Laser Printers3D printersC++ Tutorials
Coding made easyCoding for womenCoding for kids
Tech industry newsTech conferencesAdvertising
CybersecurityWebcamsRecording video tutorials
Video recording toolsLivestreaming hacksLivestreaming software
Advanced analyticsGoogle analytics trainingDatascience
Health techSoftware engineeringManufacturing
Manufacturing plansVideo gamesData intelligence
Amazon web servicesRemote accessNews tech
Tech reviews (laptop, software, phones)Antivirus reviews blogNokia
TechnoSamsungiPhone news
CydiaVPNAir Purifiers
Home automationVideo editing hardware96. Ethical hacking

How to Monetize:

If you run a tech blog then you definitely wanna join Amazon affiliates since you will be reviewing lots of products that are available there. With the help of plugins, you can do feature comparisons across different products.

Display ads are also a good option since Tech keywords do have high CPC metrics

48 Blog Fashion Niche Ideas for Fashionistas

1. Women's FashionMenswearLuxury designs
DIY fashionPlus size fashion Petite fashion
Designer shoesDesigner suitsAmazon fashion finds
Jewelry and AccesoriesAffordable fashionTrending in fashion
ItalianGerman fashionCasual looks
Tall girl fashionOfficial/business wearMaternity fashion
GothicOutfits of the day OTDDSpecial occasion wear
Disney fashionFashion for kidsFashion lessons
Fashion designFashion schoolsHandbags
Vintage lingerieDesigner/Vintage HatsSummer wear
Winter wearContemporary fashionFashion online shopping
Fashion look booksPersonal stylingHandmade fashion
EyewearFashion body imageFashion models
Luxury for lessFashion commentaryCelebrity fashion
Local designersFashion product reviews48. Hoodies and Sweatshirts

30 Blog Niche Ideas for Beauty Niche Bloggers

1. Creams and CosmeticsFair tone beauty productsHairdo/ Hairstyles
MakeupPersonal stylingPedicure
ManicureBeauty routines Body care
Beauty salonsDIY beautyBeauty rooms
EyelashesEyelshes extensions Hair extensions
Beauty tips for different skin tonesNatural beautyNo makeup looks
Beauty product reviewsHome made beauty treatmentMakeup supplies
Beauty suppliesBeauty brandsStarting a beauty line
Face brushesCelerity makeup looks
JewelryWedding rings30. Makeup tables

51 Blog Niche Ideas for Dating, Marriage, and Family Life

1. Couple LifeCatholic datingChristian dating
Dating, courship and intimacyCouple transitionMoving in
Single LifeDivorceMeal planning for busy couples
Marriage lifeLife after divorceHome Decor
Long distance relationshipSecond marriagesWedding planning
Family planningMaternityNew parents
Family LifeManaging a big familyFamily meal planning
Online datingRelationship boundariesMeeting Families
Trust and JealousyRelationship coachingWedding cakes
Wedding flowersWedding traditions and anniversariesDating advice for women
Weddings on a budgetWedding wearWedding planners
Dating advice for menReigniting PassionGet your Ex Back
Bi-racial datingPolygamous relationships Monogamous relationships
Dating In Twenties Dating In ThirtiesDating In Forties
Dating in fiftiesPenpalsForeign Friendships
FriendshipFinding new friendsToxic relationships
Dating for introvertsMatchmaking Roleplaying
Trust issuesAbusive relationships51. Vows renewal

48 Parenting Blog Niche Ideas

1.ParentingKid craftsToddlers
Raising teensBlended familiesBaby sign languages
Busy momsNewbornsRaising Boys
DisciplineRaising TwinsSingle parenting
Yoga for kidsRaising GirlsAdoption
Lunch kits/BackpacksBirthday partiesCool moms
Fashion for kidsFatherhoodorganization hacks for moms
PregnancyBaking for kidsHomeschooling
First parentsKid lifeExcercise for kids
Working momschool and bullyingChildcare
Birthday partiesBaby clothes, Baby blanketsBilingual parenting
Styles of parentingCo-parentingFoster parenting
Minimalist parentingNatural parentingKids mentl health
organization for kidsParenting product reviewsWorking mom life
Teaching kids to read and writeKids printablesColouring supplies
Starting schoolPrintables for parents48. Printables for parents

36. Baby and Maternity Niche Markets

Another industry that is really booming right now is the baby products. Parents with babies or those expecting are constantly looking up the web for every advice they can get from experienced parents.

Before, this used to be a task dedicated to the senior relatives, but with the advent of technology and urbanization, most young parents find themselves miles away from people whom they can rely on for advice.

1041 profitable blog niche ideas to make money blogging

If you want to start a blog centered around this niche, then you must be a passionate parent otherwise this can be really a daunting task unless you will be relying on freelancers to create content for your site.

The best way to gain traffic to baby and maternity blogs is through social media accounts such as Pinterest and Instagram

Your content will largely be around product reviews, secret hacks, and how-to tutorials as well as best of list posts.

1. Baby AdoptionBaby foodBaby clothes
Baby bathingBaby strollersBaby beds
Prenatal vitaminsBedwettingBaby sleep
Baby showersBaby giftsBaby gear
Baby sittingBreast feedingBaby development
Baby nurseryBaby allergiesDaycare
Potty trainingMother-daughter matching outfitsBaby dresses
BedtimeNappy changeNewborn skin conditions
Winter trainingMaternityMaternity clothing
Baby productsBaby toys36. Baby items and stores

You can easily monetize blogs in these niche through affiliate marketing and sponsorships as well as writing guides and creating tutorial videos.

Selling your own physical baby products is also a profitable model to adopt. Towards the end of this post, I will show you three ways you can sell physical products by either outsourcing from manufacturers or through dropshipping.

57 DIYs Blog Niche Ideas

This section is yours if you are handy and love making your own products while at home. Anything from kitchen tools to wood working are quite profitable topics since you can promote your own Etsy and eBay shop products.

These niches tend to get lots of traffic from Pinterest, so you want to make sure that you have optimized your Pinterest account so that you can start seeing results as early as possible.

Apart from writing tutorial posts, DIY audience are more into videos, which really is a plus for you since you now have a guaranteed extra source of traffic: YouTube. From simple animations to quick tutorial crafts videos, YouTube can really scale your DIY blog very quickly as you continue building a growing audience.

The best way to monetize this niche is to sell or promote craft supplies, Display ads since you will be getting tons of traffic and selling your own eBooks and courses

Examples of Profitable DIY Niche Idea:

Tiny Houses / Tiny HomesHome DecorTiny house design
PaintingPaper toysVegetable carving
Weaving5 minute craftsHomesteading
Upholstery suppliesBraceletsDIY Kitchen
DIY FurnitureDIY FashionCalligraphy pens
Stuffed animalsKid toysSoap making
DIY couchesCross stitchingRemodels
DIY Solar Water heating systemsMaking candlesKnitting patterns
Art suppliesDrawingAir brushes
Floral DesignLapidaryCarving
NeedlepointFarmhouse decorWoodworking
Paper makingPorcelain dollsCalligraphy
Home schooling toolsSewingCard making
DIY JewelryEmbossingEngraving
Wall artModern decorDécor for cheap
Drawing animesHome renovationsEasy juicing
Gift wrappersDIY GiftsDeck plans

60 Wellness Niche Ideas (+ Physiological Health)

Wellness Niche is one of the most profitable niches that cut across various scopes including mental happiness and physiological disorders.

If you are planning to blog on this topic, you need a vast amount of knowledge in the health sector. Some health-specific niches may require that you have certification.

Always state that your site is not giving professional advice on matters health and that your readers should seek medical advice.

You may not also be able to run Facebook ads on some of the health topics, so this is something to take note of.

That said, there is a vast majority of affiliate products and brands that you can partner with to make money from your wellness blog.

Featured Wellness Niche ideas

1. MeditationYogaMental health
Intellectual wellnessMassageFinancial wellnessEssential oils or diffusers
Work/family/faith/career balanceDetoxingWork from home wellness
Occupational wellnessFinancial wellnessSocial wellness
AromatherapyWellness coaching Herbl medicine
Handling depressionOvercoming AddictionMassage therapy
Wellness retreatsWellness workoutsDietary supplements
Aging and senior health Children's healthSelf acceptancePhysical health
Holistic healthWorkplace WealthLiving intentionally
Spiritual healingStress reliefQuit smoking
DiabetesDeath, pain and lossAdolescence
SkincareFatigueTeeth whitening
ADHD Aging and LongevityAllergies
CholesterolFat lossSleep
Weight watchersAcneBody building
Mind dietKosherJuice fasting
BulimiaBinge eatingPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sleep apnea Personality disorder60. Obesity

63 Food Blog Ideas for Foodies

1. Family meal planningFamily mealsWines and champagne
Exotic cusineHome recipesCooking
Quick mealsTeaHome Decor
Casual dinesBaking for kidsKitchen
CookwearDinnerwearHealth eating
Pressure cookingGrillingVegan foods/recipes
Food recipesRestaurant reviewsItalian dishes
Baby foodSlowly cookingPizzas
Farm fresh producePastasTapas
Recipes for busy momsRecipe for people with peanut allegiesRecipes for college students
Wild gameRecipes for budget-consciousBelief-based niches
Bread recipesBreakfast recipeSmoothies
Cooking for oneCocktail recipesCroc pot cooking
MediterraneanAppetizersLow carb
Korean recipesBritish recipesAir frying
Sugar freeGluten-freePaleo diet
DessertsSaladsFor allergies
Pet foodOrganic ketoFun food
Italian recipesChinese recipes63. Tofu

30 Photography Blog Niche Ideas for the Lovers of the Cam

If you are a veteran photographer who’s been shooting nature, people and anything really, then try creating a photography blog. This is a really profitable niche when done right.

When choosing a niche, find one that is on demand but less competitive and start churning out great content to attract your ideal audience.

You can then monetize this site by recommending photography gear such as best cameras, lenses, lightings etc. from site like Amazon.

Creating and selling online courses on various photography topics should be your ultimate goal as this is a more profitable business model in this niche.

DSLRWedding photographyFood photography
Nature photographyPhotography brandsBackdrops
LightingLensesphotography tips and tutorials
Mirrorless photographyStudioFilm documentaries
Photography basicsOnline Photography classesPet photography
Photo editingAdobe photoshopBusiness photography
VideographyAdobe LightroomExotic photography
PosesShooting hacksTravel photography
Fashion propsStill lifeEngagement
For instagramPhotography inspirationsPhotography styles

34 Gaming and Sports Niche Markets to try

Sports industry has grown beyond golf, soccer and athletics. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you may find this industry appealing to you.

You can monetize Sports niches by recommending sportswear, running a sports clothing line or displaying ads on your site. If you are an expert in a given sport, then you can put together a training or even a membership site targeting people who want to learn that specific game.

These monetization techniques also apply to Gaming niches as well. Amazon affiliates is also a goldmine for sports and gaming niches especially if your micro niche involves products and reviews

Motorcycle racingLong jumpKitesurfing
GolfingBull fightingBaseball
ChairleadingChess tutorialsCycling
Sports newsSports techSoccer
TournamentsEsportsFantasy football
GymnasticsHockeyHorse racing
How to… for beginnersJerseysNetball
OlympicsSports medicineTable tennis
Knife throwingKnife throwing targetWheelchair basketball
Games for the DisabledGames for womenVideo games
FIFAWomen’s golfTrack and field
WindsurfingsurfingSports nutrition
Sports educationMorning fitnessBody exercises
Team sportsOutdoorIndoor sports
Water sportsTennis skirtsTennis equipment
SlingshotsCricketPC Games
PlayStationGaming ReviewsMobile Games
Play store GamesIOS GamesTop games
XboxOnline free gamesPortable gaming consoles
MinecraftMinecraft tutorialsGaming gear
Rare video gamesComputer gaming headsetsCall of Duty COD

45 Pet Niche Ideas for Dog, Pets and Birds Lovers

Do you love everything about your pets? Then you can blog about dogs, cats or rabbits and the related niches. From dog food, bakeries to dog training and dog walking, you have various topics to tackle here.

You can monetize these niches by putting together training tutorials, manuals eBooks or promoting your own pet company. Pet companies could deal with pet foods, training gear, dog walking, pet sitting services or even medicinal help

You can easily find great affiliate products to promote from Amazon and other relevant affiliate sites.

Specific dog breeds
eg Golden retrievers
Dog foodDog clothing
Dog healthcareDog groomingDog training
Dog walkingDog hunting trainingDisabled dogs
Dog adoptionDog housesDog rescue
Breeding dogsPuppiesDog toys
Dog holiday costumesBest Dogs for RVsBest dog breeds for kids
KittensTrue dog storiesDog friendly lodgings
Specific cat breedsCat scratching postsGolden retrievers
Specific birds speciesBird housesDog bakeries
Cat toysBird trainingCat food
Bird feedingCat healthcareAquarium care
Specific fishBeekeepingFreshwater aquatics
Assistance dogsHome remedies for dogsRabbits
Police dog trainingBest dog breedsBest dog breeds for girls
Dog product reviewsDog whisperingPet training certifications

Cars and Vehicles Niches

If you have a knack for automobile industry, then you can make money by starting a blog around latest vehicles and earn money through sponsorships and display ads

RV AccessoriesSports CarLatest vehicles
Car loans and financingVintage carsCar repairs
Personal carsCar insuranceBest pickup trucks
ScootersRacing carsVans
Luxury carsOff-roadFamily
Heavy duty vehiclesEconomyAffordable vehicles
Driving LessonsCar tiresBest used cars
Ice cream trucksCar auctions Car chargersCar batteries
Car maintenanceBuying a used carLimousines
Specific car brandsBusesPassenger vehicles

Steps to Selecting the Right Blogging Niche

The golden rule is that the narrower the niche the better. You can choose to focus on copy-writing, internet marketing, teenage dating, farming for business, investment tips, book reviews, resource reviews, inspirational blogging, mindfulness, meditation, online business, political analysis, etc.

1. Identify Your Passions and Interests.

You want to blog about the things you enjoy doing and writing about. By choosing to follow your passion, you set yourself up in the right lane.

Make a ten-item list outlining interesting topics which you are passionate about and arrange them in the order of importance.

2. Consider Your Knowledge/Skills

Do you have the right skills and/or knowledge about the industry? What skills do you have and how can they be used in the niches above to give you a competitive edge.

3. Determine who is going to be your ideal audience.

Having a great and detailed audience profile can help you narrow your niche further. Some of the questions you need to answer in order to come up with your right audience profile include?

  • Whom do you want to write to?
  • Is he a man or a woman?
  • What stage of life is he is at now?
  • Is there a specific age bracket that he must belong to?
  • What challenges is he experiencing right now?
  • What is his bigger goal/dream?

4. Identify some of the problems you can solve.

For instance, you can decide to start a blog on writing tips. You have a wider audience and equally higher competition. On the other hand, you can decide to start a blog on writing tips for novelists. 

Inspired by the list above, identify the problems you aim to solve in each of the industry. This is the big ‘why’ you want to enter the industry. Is there someone else solving this particular problem, and how good (bad) are they doing it?

5. Carry out extensive research about your competitors.

Let’s pick it up from the point above. Identify anyone else solving/trying to solve the very problem you are solving. What is their target audience, and how established are they? Assess the competition in each of the topics you listed on step one.

A competitive niche implies that a profitability, but a hard one to break into. Consider the possibility that you can still win in this competitive niche if you decide to enter it nonetheless.

Best indicators include:

  • Low-quality content by your competitors
  • Lack of resources and content diversification such as videos, eBooks, infographics
  • Lack of transparency and personal touch. If your competitors approach is faceless and overly corporate, you can adopt an authentic and transparent approach  and break through the industry
  • Determine the profitability of the niche. How relevant will it be in the future? What are some of the ways you can make money from it?

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How to Monetize Any Niche Idea

When starting a blog, there is always the question that lingers at the back of the mind of every blogger: How will I make money from my blog?

Truth be told, the main model that you choose will largely affect how you write and promote content. Well, you can adopt all the models, but there will always be one or two that your efforts will tend to skew towards.

To make money from your niche blog, you will use the following monetization tecniques:

1: Offering your own digital products targeted at your niche audience.

This means creating products that you can sell on your website digitally. This model is the most profitable when done right.

Examples of these products are:

  • Online courses
  • eBooks
  • Printables
  • Software templates
  • Paid webinars
  • Membership sites subscriptions etc

2: Affiliate marketing

This is where you are paid a commission for every sale that you refer through your affiliate links.

This is the quickest way to start monetizing your blog since all you need is to determine the best profitable product that your audience will most benefit from, and that is being offered at the pricing plans that they can afford. Unlike your own digital products, you don’t have to spend time creating it or building credibility since it’s already an established products.

You can find affiliate products to promote by:

  • Inspecting products that your competitors are promoting
  • Accesing a database of extensive lists of affiliate programs. These lists usually go for $27-47. To start you off, try Ana’s Affiliate Marketing Masterlist that has over 600 Affiliate pograms spanning over 17 niches
  • Join affiliate networks such as Impact Radius, Share a Sale, Awin, Rakuten, CJ affiliate etc.
  • Going to the specific brand’s website and checking the footer for links with anchor texts such as Affiliate program, partner program, become an ambassador, referral program etc.

3. Display Ads

Depending on your niche market, you can make tones of money while running Google Ads on your website. This is essentially so if your blog receives tones of traffic.

If you choose this as your primary model of monetization, then you want to ensure that you are in the niche that gets lots of traction from Pinterest, YouTube and Google. Think DIY, Foods, Travel, Recipes etc.

The aim is to get accepted in premium Ad networks such as Mediavine and Thrive since Google Adsense and do not pay as much

4. Freelance Services

You will most likely start off as a freelancer before your blog can generate passive income to sustain your blogging needs. Some of the freelance services you can offer include:

  • Virtual assistance
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Content writing
  • Freelance design
  • WordPress Management
  • Social media management etc.

5. Physical Products

This is another model that you can adopt to monetize traffic that you get from your website. There are three ways to sell your own physical products:

  • Amazon FBA. Amazon handles shipping of your products so you don’t have to worry about the processing.
  • Dropshipping. This is where you sell third party products without ever handling inventory. A good platform to start a dropshipping business is Shopify in combination with Oberlo
  • Selling Directly. Here is where you handle the products and is responsible for order processing and shipping. Here you can choose to sell via your own site, through Etsy store or eBay.

Choosing your main monetization models should solely be informed by your niche idea stats and reports from surveying your competitors.

Don’t worry about not knowing which model to choose as you are not tied to one model for the rest of your life. You may start off with Display ads, switch to Affiliate marketing and then finally fall in love with Digital Products as your audience begin to grow and you become a brand.

My friend, you are ready to start a blog and make money online. You can signup for affordable Bluehost hosting here or click the button below to read my ultimate guide to starting a money-making blog.

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1041 profitable blog niche ideas to make money blogging
Mysson Victor
Mysson Victor
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