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How to Win any Competition

How to Win any Competition: Self Case Study Winning $1000 in Fiverr Contest

Late last year I received an email from Fiverr Affiliates announcing the eCommerce contest that would see three winners bag $2000, $1000 and $500 respectively. My first thought was, “well this is too much a competition,”

However, I decided to give it a shot for two reasons: Winning any amount could really help me sort my growing bills of running PennyMatters, and two, I could finally commit to creating a great content to promote Fiverr, something that I had been postponing for a while.…

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Top 5 B2B Marketing Strategies That Works in 2021

Top 5 B2B Marketing Strategies That Work in 2021

If you are in a B2B market, then you know that closing a sale may not be as easy. Sales cycles may be extremely long, and often purchase decision often involves several individuals.

Thus, simple marketing strategies that work well with B2C markets do require modification if they are to be applied in the B2B markets

In this article, I share several b2b marketing strategies for 2021, which I believe, if applied correctly can work wonders eventually.…

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How to Start an Online Business from Home in 9 Steps

How to Start an Online Business from Home in 9 Steps

When someone mentions online business, what often comes to mind is this rather intimidating notion of being a CEO of a fully-fledged company that’s making millions in annual revenues.

The truth however is, anyone selling products and services online is an online entrepreneur: You own an online business if you:

  • Offer freelance services to clients such as freelance writing, design, virtual assistance, transcription, proofreading, editing, WordPress development, tutoring or any other service that can be offered virtually
  • You sell your own digital products such as eBooks, eCourses, planners, Printables, artworks etc.
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