Being your own boss means that you have the power to dictate when and where you work. While freelancing may sound lucrative, it doesn’t necessarily come easy.

70% of content creators like you are freelancers. While navigating through the freelancing world isn’t that easy, we have compiled lots and lots of ideas, resources and tools to help you make money as freelance writer, designer and so on. Stick around, we publish new posts on making money online daily.

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Transcription: Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Transcriber

Transcription: Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Transcriber

The Penny Matters occasionally hold WhatsApp discussions on ways to make money online, and this week’s guest was Amel, who took us through Working From Home Transcription Process. Amel was one of the Ajira Digital trainers who handled the Transcription topic. The other day we had a group discussion regarding transcription as a means of …

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Top Ten Freelancing Sites for Kenyan Freelancers

Where to Work: Freelancing Sites for Kenyan Freelancers. There are several freelancing websites out there for Kenyans, however deciding on which one is suitable for you can really be very tricky. I recommend you start by checking out the following. With time, you can move to higher paying clients and methods such as cold pitching. …

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These 12 Steps Will Help You Create High-Quality Content Faster


I have used these steps to create  100 plus posts for this website