How to Find Someone’s Email Address Online (Without Creepiness)

Mysson Victor
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I was recently trying to reach a certain company that offers email tracking for a particular partnership with The Penny Matters. However, I couldn’t find any contact email address on their website.

“Relax Victor, simply use their contact form, why the hustle?”

I know right? Well, their contact form was only a support ticket for their paid customers!…. Awkward I know, but either way, I couldn’t relay this message via a web form….

You see I wasn’t reaching the ‘next available agents’. I wanted to have the email delivered right in the inbox of the founder….And that’s the difference.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address

There are several ways that you can use to find someone’s email address online.

1…Search for the domain address using

This is a pretty and perhaps the best email finder platform I have ever come across. You need to create an account with them first. Your free account allows 100 searches per month. You can filter email addresses as either Personal or Generic. You want to go for personal addresses such as instead of a generic one like

How to Find Someone's Email Address Online (Without Creepiness) 1

How to Verify Your email addresses

After finding the email address you’ve been looking for, you want to make sure that it is working. Test it with

I verified without a problem, but when I tried verifying, I got the error. This is so because this email address is no longer functional.

How to Find Someone's Email Address Online (Without Creepiness) 2

Use Google Search Operators.

The easiest though not always an effective way to find someone’s email address is to use Uncle Google. Simply enter the name of the person with ‘email’ at the end. Some of the Google search operators you can use to find someone’s email address are:

  • NAME email
  • NAME contact
  • name email

Try Facebook “About”

When trying to find website owners’ email addresses, the best place to look is their Facebook pages’ About section. Most reputable companies have their contact section filled up with phone numbers and email addresses.

While most companies will put their generic email addresses such as,, some companies use email addresses of their social team eg.

Use Email Permutator With LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extension

Email Permutator is an online tool that returns all possible email addresses based on the contact’s name and domain addresses.

how to find someone's email address using email permutator

From there, you need to verify these addresses to see which one is actually valid. This is where the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes in. it is a Chrome extension that works with Gmail.

After installing the plugin, go to Gmail, compose a new email, and paste all the addresses from your permutation above into the To field



Move the cursor over the email address one by one and observe any popups. Gmail will show if the address is associated with a Google profile, while LinkedIn Sales Navigator returns the LinkedIn profile associated with it. You need to be logged in to your LinkedIn account for this to work.

Head Over to Their Website

If someone has a website, then that is where you need to head to. Once you are on their website, go to their About Us section and see if they have listed their staff there. Then you can use the permutator tool above to find possible addresses by using their names and the domain address.

Some bloggers and companies also list their email addresses on their contact us pages.

Find Someone’s Email Address with VoilaNobert


VoilaNobert is one of the best email finding tools available today. You will need to enter their name and domain and the platform will return email addresses that are currently valid within seconds.

The disadvantage is that VoilaNobert only allows a few searches per day unless you opt for their Paid monthly plan

How to Find Someone’s Email Address by Subscribing to Prospect’s Email Address

Most companies and bloggers send a newsletter to their subscribers either daily or weekly. By subscribing to their list, you get to know how they write their emails so that you can refine your outreach with the right tone. It’s also a good way to build rapport, the first step of warm emailing.

Once you’ve built rapport with the editors, it will be easy to reach out to them and pitch your request or even ask for someone’s email address in the company

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  1. Avatar

    Did you say that LinkedIn sales navigator is a Google extension? Do they have a free one?

    1. Mysson Victor

      Hey Margaret, unfortunately, Linkedin set to discontinue Sales Navigator for Gmail by 18th March

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