Is it Possible to Make Money Online? 12 Ways to Do So

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Most people want to create a separate income stream to help them pay the bills. Some are simply looking for an alternative for their current job. If you’re one of them, you may be wondering if it’s possible to make extra money through the Internet.

The truth is that billions of dollars are generated online every day. The funny thing, however, is that “average” Internet users don’t have any idea how or why it’s happening. They have no clue if they could make money online, too.

In this article, you’ll discover ways to start making money online this year. Check them out, scrutinize them, and see if making money online is really possible.

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    1.      Take Advantage of Deals From PayPal

    Today, most people have accounts with PayPal or other digital payment services for sending and receiving money. The good news is that PayPal constantly sends great offers and deals that essentially are ways to bring money to your account balance.

    One such offer is for the PayPal Mastercard. When you use the card to purchase something, you’ll gain a 2% cash back for every item bought. That’s an easy way to obtain free PayPal money since the cashback you’ve just earned will be added to your account balance.

    Read on for more ways to receive easy PayPal money.

    2.      Sell Old Stuff, Like Shoes, Clothes, and Other Fashion Items

    Chances are that you’ve got old fashion items at home that you don’t use anymore–why not earn extra money from them instead of letting them pile up in your closet?  

    Selling your old possessions online has never been easier, thanks to the increasing number of apps and websites that serve as online marketplaces. If the items are just sitting in your closet without doing anything, you better place them for sale online.

    No, you won’t be getting the same price you paid to obtain the items, but, hey, earning a little amount instead of letting them eat space at home is better even if you don’t use them anymore!  Right?

    3.      Check Out Websites That Pay

    There are different websites that pay Internet users for various things, such as testing products, taking surveys, and shopping. Well, you won’t make tones of money but they’re an excellent avenue for earning some extra cash. Here are some of the legit websites that pay:

    • User Testing – This website pays USD$10 for testing other websites. The testing won’t take long and usually is just about 15-20 minutes. Now, you may be wondering why they pay someone for testing a website. The purpose is for the owner of the website to watch someone who’s new to the site try to navigate it. It will help them identify the areas of the website that can still be improved.
    • InboxDollars – You’re going to be taking shopping, surveys, etc. with InboxDollars. You immediately get USD$5 for signing up with them. You’ll also get paid for using their search engine.
    • Swagbucks – Like InboxDollars, Swagbucks is another great platform for earning some cash by taking surveys, shopping, and using their search engine. Instead of just purely surfing the web, you can spend it earning extra cash with Swagbucks as a more productive way of killing your free time.

    If you’re really serious about getting paid for taking surveys, sign up with as many survey sites as possible. Other survey sites you can visit are Survey Club, E-Poll Surveys, and GlobalTestMarket.

    4.      Become a Remote Freelancer.

    If you have one or two digital skills, you can begin a high-paying freelancing career online. As you probably already know, there’s a high demand for remote jobs these days. There are a lot of remote jobs on freelancing platforms, like Upwork and Fiverr.

    The good news is that a significant number of the available jobs don’t really look at your industry’s background or industry level. In the freelancing world, the most important thing is the value that you can provide to the client.

    You don’t have to stop there. When you’ve already established your credential, gained enough experience, and already mastered your craft, you can, then, leverage your work as a remote freelancer to start a remote business. For example, you can build an agency of web designers and recruit clients using job boards. You can gain all the advantages of putting up and running your own company even without building a brick-and-mortar office or workplace.

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with settling with freelancing sites, like Flexjobs, if you’re not ready to start your own remote business yet. The jobs in these freelance websites cover a broad range, including voiceovers, infographics, web design, logo design, graphic design, and many more. They make it possible for you to earn a full-time income online without the need to search for clients.

    5.      Start a Blog

    Out of the millions of blogs on the web today, more than half are just for fun and they die out over time. The rest, however, actually make money. That being said, why not start a blog to earn online?  

    Now, the question is, “How does someone earn money through blogging?”  Well, the use of programs, like affiliate marketing and Google AdSense, makes it possible. Blog owners usually make money off their website visitors by recommending products and through on-site advertising.

    As a blogger, you need to focus on your content creation, content promotion, and growing your audience. Google’s own directory of advertisers will handle and automate the serving of ads through Google AdSense and the monetization of your site.

    6.      Write an eBook

    An eBook can be one simple yet effective way to share your thoughts and ideas, making money while you do so. With platforms like Amazon, publishing your work is easier than ever these days. If you have something relevant and informative to teach people and if you’re really good with words, write an eBook.

    7.      Become an Online Consultant

    Working as a consultant is one of the best ways to earn money online. You can set your own terms and time. If you know how to perform a specialized task that other people don’t, this one’s for you. Doing taxes, copywriting, social media management, and bookkeeping are some of the tasks you can provide consultancy service for.

    8.      Tutoring

    You can also provide remote tutorial services subjects like English, math, and even drawing or singing. You know that people hire tutors for everything these days. You don’t need to meet them in person; you can do it on video conferencing apps, like Skype or Zoom. Set a pretty decent rate per hour, depending on how much experience you have and what you’re teaching.

    9.      Create an Online Course

    Just like writing an eBook and becoming a consultant, creating an online course is a way to make money online just by sharing your knowledge.

    Ideally, you will have to create an online course around a subject you’re an expert on. Monetize your knowledge by selling your course on your website (if you have one) or on websites that offer online courses, like Udemy. If you already have a following, you can even promote your online course through social media.

    Choose your topic and watch other courses that tackle it. Look at the reviews of the course and take note of the aspects of the course that received praise. Also, keep in mind those that gained criticisms.

    Create something better after your research by focusing on content that solves the major complaints while incorporating the positive things that people love. That’s how you can create a course that’s both popular and successful and earn money from it.

    10. Start Dropshipping

    Dropshipping’s popularity is rapidly growing. It’s, no doubt, a viable way to make money through the Internet. Some store owners were able to make six figures selling only one product.

    What’s dropshipping?  

    It’s a business model where an online store owner sells a product to customers while leaving to the supplier the storing, packaging, and shipping of the product to the buyers.

    As a store owner, you need to perform several marketing strategies. You can send DMs or direct messages to potential customers, have an influencer promote your product, or run paid ads on various social media platforms or search engines.

    11. Sell Your Pictures

    Some people search for different kinds of photos they can use for various purposes. They’re even willing to pay for them. If you have well-captured photographs in your memory card, why not upload them to platforms like Getty Images or Adobe Stock?  They’ll, maybe, get bites from buyers and give you another income source.

    12. Start a YouTube Channel

    Build a loyal, strong audience on your channel, and you’ll surely earn a decent amount of money as a Youtuber. Focus on a single niche. You can either create prank videos, teach skills, review products, stream video games, or create makeup tutorials. Once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers, you can officially start monetizing your channel with YouTube ads.

    Is it possible to make money online

    Closing Thoughts

    By now, you already have an answer to your question. Is it possible to make money online?  Yes, it is.

    The methods shared by this post are both long-term and short-term ways to make money online at the comfort of your room or anywhere you like. Go for any quick method if you need cash immediately. If you have the luxury of time, grow your channel or an authority site, and monetize them.

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    Mysson Victor

    Mysson develops strategies and processes that help businesses attract quality prospects to their websites. He creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches. He thinks he's the founder of PennyMatters, is he?
    Mysson Victor

    Mysson Victor

    Mysson develops strategies and processes that help businesses attract quality prospects to their websites. He creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches. He thinks he's the founder of PennyMatters, is he?

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