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Jarvis AI Review: Write Full Blog Posts and Tantalizing Sales Copy with AI Automation in Minutes

For a tool that is rated 4.9/5 by over 1000 customers, Jarvis better live up to its expectation.

Does it? 

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Well, let’s find out. In this Jarvis AI Review, I purposely decided to show you the ins and outs of generating AI content rather than focusing on the generic info… those ones, I have stashed them in the FAQ section, in case you want to know who founded Jarvis or why Dave’s personality is represented in the Jarvis representation

In this Jarvis AI Review, I will take you through the Jarvis Experience, so you can decide if it’s worth adding it to your arsenal of tools.

Jarvis AI is used by about 40,000 customers, though an impressive number is given that this tool was launched barely eight months ago, it would be disrespectful to assume that everyone else in the creator’s industry knows what Jarvis is.

So, let’s not do that.

Note: In this Jarvis AI Review, the shortcuts used are for Windows, If you are using Mac, simply use CMD instead of CTRL.

What’s Jarvis AI?

Jarvis AI is an AI content generator that helps to generate sales copy, social media copy and SEO optimized blog posts in minutes. It uses artificial intelligence technology to do this.

Formerly known as Conversion AI, is a powerful GPT-3 powered AI writing assistant that helps content developers and marketers crank up informative and persuasive content for different use cases in minutes.

That’s right! What used to take several hours, or in some cases, days, can now be accomplished in 3 hours or less. We are talking about:

  • Year-long social media copy generated in a day
  • 10,000 words long-form content
  • 2000 words sales page copy powered by the popular AIDA, PAS frameworks. Etc.
  • 100 variants of high converting ad copy
  • Personalized cold outreach emails… no more generic cold outreach templates that even new bloggers can spot from miles away. 
  • Hundreds of content ideas, catchy headlines generated in minus.

In fact, many have described this tool as seeing magic unfolding right before your eyes. Simply feed in your seed keyword, introduction and hit compose. And voila! A powerful copy is written for you in a matter of seconds. 

Little History, Doesn’t Hurt:

Jarvis AI started off as a copy tool, that’s why the brand Conversion AI, made sense in the beginning. However, as users tinkered with the tool, they started asking for more… humans!

We are exceptional at best… So the humans, I mean, we, started demanding (politely) an intuitive editor, and as if that wasn’t enough, many of us wanted to write full-blown articles instead of short and social copy. What do we say, it’s only a few of us who have established businesses with copy needs, the rest of us run media companies, aka, blogs…

So, like a good startup, the Jarvis team listened… We wanted a long-form assistant then, as in, Now, as applied in February 2021. Jarvis read between the lines, understood that we were not gonna give them the luxury of spending 4 months developing the assistant, so as shrewd as Dave and Austin are, they found a faster way to meet our demands. Acquisition! 

That’s right. They found a tool that already had this functionality, acquired it, improved it and integrated it into Jarvis. This single adoption is what, according to me, turned Jarvis on a whole new leaf. Headlime AI happened to Jarvis, and courtesy of which, people are hitting publication way faster than ever, without sacrificing quality over productivity.

Since then, Jarvis has made other acquisitions including Shortly AI

Jarvis AI Pros & Cons

Jarvis AI Pros:

  • Helps you break through the infamous writer’s block by generating ideas and even gives you the direction of your content when feeling stuck.
  • Generate and publish more content in days than you usually do. More content published on the web means more opportunities for you to appear in front of your prospects.
  • Intuitive interface that helps you get started right away without having to go through a bunch of training.
  • Access a comprehensive free academy that takes you through everything you need to create SEO blog posts, sales and social copy with AI
  • 40+ powerful content and copy templates for different use cases: websites, ads, blogs, SEO, eCommerce, social and video
  • Generate content for over 26 languages that Jarvis supports.
  • Jarvis offers a 5-day free trial with which you can generate up to 10,000 words, making it super easy to test drive before committing.

Jarvis AI Cons:

  • Though you don’t need lots of training, to effectively leverage the power of Jarvis, you need to take time to go through Jarvis resources by Jarvis and other creators on YouTube
  • Sometimes you have to do a number of runs before you find a copy that you can use. If you are on a Starter $29 plan, with 20,000 words, this can eat into your budget, limiting content pieces you can create. With BossMode, you don’t have to worry since

Who is Jarvis AI for?

If you are a marketer, business owner or content developer with the following traits:

  • You don’t have much time to write quality copy for your social media accounts and blog
  • Your team lacks writers – be it because of lack of training, haven’t hired any due to budget constraints, or simply no one on board who can crank out high-quality content.
  • You are not an expert copywriter and don’t have time to learn the ropes but your team urgently needs to put out highly targeted converting copy for your business needs.

Jarvis AI is perfect for marketers, business owners or newbies who want to create high-quality blog posts without hiring a copywriter on board. It’s also ideal for experts who need to create content rapidly.

You can create really awesome content in minutes.

No, seriously! Look at this content generated by Jarvis AI, using the PAS copywriting framework, unedited:

Jarvis ai review: write full blog posts and tantalizing sales copy with ai automation in minutes

Impressive, right?

Here’s another one for a blog post section:

Jarvis commands generate faq

Pretty cool, huh? But how much does it cost?

Jarvis AI Pricing?

Jarvis AI offers two pricing plans:

Starter plan from $29/Month: This is a limited plan that allows you to generate up to 20,000 words per month. With this plan, you do not have access to the long-form assistant, document management and Jarvis commands. This plan is suitable if you just want to create short copy for use in social media, YouTube scripts or email campaigns and sequences.

BossMode Starting at $59 Month: This is Jarvis power plan that comes with extra features that makes you the boss of the copy. Unlock the compose command so that you can continue running the generator without having to write some more first. You also have access to the long-form assistant and document management. This makes it super easy to create long-form content such as sales page copy and blog posts.

Jarvis ai pricing

What Makes Jarvis AI Better than Other AI Writing Tools?

There are dozens of features of Jarvis AI and Jarvis brand that make Jarvis the industry’s leader, that many customers are raving about, including:

1) Ask Jarvis —Jarvis Commands

Jarvis Commands is a feature shipped with BossMode

Without using templates, you can instruct Jarvis to do literally anything by simply entering the command and hitting CTRL/CMD + ENTER keys. To keep your command lines after running the commands, just use CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + ENTER

Note that after generating what you are looking for with the commands, simply use the regular CTL + J or Jarvis compose button and Jarvis will continue the format started by your commands. For instance, if you were generating an outline, Jarvis will continue generating some more before breaking off to other sections of the article.

How to Ask Jarvis to Build Up Components of Your Blog Post, Step by Step

For instance, if you are working on an article about becoming a freelance writer, make sure you have your proposed H1, i.e, your blog post heading or topic, in the document and you can create sections by simply running the following commands:

  • Generate blog post ideas for the above
  • Generate blog post titles for the above
  • Create a blog post intro for the above
  • Generate an outline for the above

Let’s pause there for a bit. After you have your title generated and chosen, turn it into H1 as hierarchy and formats are crucial to Jarvis. 

Ask Jarvis to Generate Blog Intro

Proceed to generate the blog post intro by running the third command above. 

 Now, choose the most appropriate intro that fits into your topic and your writing style. 

Before proceeding, edit your intro, and break it into different paragraphs as and when necessary.

Jarvis commands write a blog post intro

Ask Jarvis to Generate Blog Outline

Once you are done with the introduction, run any of the following commands to generate an outline

  • Generate an outline for the above
  • Generate blog outline for (Enter Title Here)

Sometimes you might need to do a few runs before getting a great outline. If the outline is not complete, or you just want to add more items, just place the cursor at the end of the last item, hit compose and Jarvis will continue the listicle format, adding in more subheadings.

Tip: Arrange your subheadings in the preferred format, rewriting some for brevity and clarity. 

Once you are done, highlight your outline and format it with H2, to turn them into subheadings.

Generate an outline jarvis ai review

Ask Jarvis to Expand Sections from Your outline.

The next step in your AI content generation process using Jarvis commands is to ask Jarvis to expand the section. 

To do that, move the cursor to the end of the subheading you want to work on, press ENTER to create a new paragraph, and then ask Jarvis to create paragraphs based on the sub-heading.

You can try the following commands:

  • Write a paragraph on (paste subheading one here)
  • Write about (paste subheading one here)

For our case above, we have the following instruction and the output:

Jarvis commands expand headings

For every section, make sure you edit it first so that it’s ready to publish, before moving on to the next. 

This way, you are better instructing Jarvis on the format and the direction/angle of your article or marketing copy. Think of this as cleaning up data (information before the next generation), so that Jarvis has a more accurate data source to base its next predictions on. 

Ask Jarvis to Write a Conclusion

To finish up your piece, generate a conclusion for your article. You can run a Jarvis command like:

  • Generate a conclusion for the above
  • Write a conclusion
  • Run the conclusion template on the above.

Alternatively, simply add a Conclusion section, format it as a subheading by using H2 or H3 tags and then press ENTER to start a new paragraph. On hitting compose, Jarvis will know that you want to run a conclusion template, and thus will generate one for you.

Move on to the rest sections repeating the process above.

Ask jarvis ai commands

More Jarvis Commands to Optimize Your article

Remember that when it comes to Jarvis Commands, you aren’t limited to what you can ask Jarvis to do.

For example, let’s say in writing our article on becoming a freelance writer, I stopped to wonder whether there are highly paid freelance writers. Of course, they are, but I didn’t have time to go search for something that Jarvis probably already knows.

So in the middle of anywhere, I simply write the command below, press CTL/CMD + ENTER, and magically I have suggestions brainstormed for me by Jarvis. 

  • Run content improver on the above paragraph

Is this what they call Dancing With Jarvis?

2) Best Long-form AI Assistant Editor

Another thing that I cannot fail to mention in this Jarvis AI Review is the long-form assistant, which is quite user-friendly and allows for even more features.

With the long-form editor, you can generate long-form copy and SEO blog posts using CTRL + J to generate copy or CTRL+ ENTER to run Jarvis commands. 

Jarvis ai editor

This editor now allows you to do a number of things including:

  • Adding links using CTRL + K, or using the insert link on the top toolbar
  • Format using headings, bold and font size options
  • Italicize using CTRL + I

You can also simply toggle the power mode to use both the long-form assistant and 40+ templates from one viewpoint, making it easier to build up sections making up your blog posts, including AIDA intros, conclusions, outlines etc.

What’s lacking: 

  • Ability to add alternate texts to Images
  • Ability to turn on full-screen mode to minimize distractions when proofreading your article.
  • It only allows up to H3 headings, and there isn’t much difference visually for H3 and the paragraphs type. 

That said, it is still the best AI editor, compared to what others are offering. Jarvis has managed to keep it super simple and clean, and it’s way faster than when using other AI content generators

3) 40+ Powerful Templates

While this feature is not exclusive to Jarvis, its templates are pretty much better at generating copy that is almost usable right away, the first time. Some of the notable templates that I use frequently are:  

a) Copywriting-frameworks powered templates

AIDA: This stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. You can use this to write short sales copy, social media promos, Ads etc. Here is one I generated for my blog management service:

Jarvis ai review: write full blog posts and tantalizing sales copy with ai automation in minutes

Other popular copywriting frameworks-powered templates on Jarvis include Problem— Agitate— Solution (PAS), Before— After— Bridge, Feature to Benefits etc. 

b) Templates for Brainstorming

These templates help you brainstorm ideas when you’re stuck, or when you just looking for a different approach to particular messaging.

Marketing Angles: Use this to add vibrancy to your marketing. This template helps you brainstorm different approaches to communicate your messaging to target customers.

Ai marketing angles

Other Jarvis templates suitable for brainstorming needs include: 

  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Ridiculous Marketing Ideas
  • Video Topic Ideas
  • Business or Product Name Generator
  • Perfect Headline 
  • Blog Outline

c) Jarvis SEO templates

Well, writing meta descriptions isn’t fun… Jarvis helps with that.  Examples include”:

  • Pinterest Pin Descriptions for Pinterest SEO
  • SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • SEO – Product Page- Title and Meta Descriptions
  • SEO – Services Page – Title and Meta Descriptions
Jarvis seo templates

d) Web Content Templates

Content Improver: Use this template to enhance your copy or content. You can easily expand a few lines into several paragraphs with ease. Have a look: 

Input: What is an AI Content Generator 

Output Unedited:

Jarvis content improver templates

Pretty amazing, right? There are other powerful templates that the Jarvis AI team has built to help you crank up content for your website easily: 

  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Company bio
  • Blog post section templates (intros, outlines, conclusions etc)
  • Perfect website sub-headline

e) Social Media Templates

Social Media Marketing is a powerful strategy that can work wonders when done right. However, managing social media on your own is not easy as it involves creating and scheduling tons of content.

With Jarvis, you can now literally create a year’s worth of social content in a weekend.

Creative story: Use this template to create highly engaging stories for your social media audience. I just used this template to see what comes up when I run it for an Ai writing firm, dubbed XDDifference. In the plot field, I wrote:

Ai creative story jarvis input

Notice how I cleverly indicated to the AI the direction I want it to take by informing it what is the truth about the subject being argued upon. Now, Jarvis take it over buddy: 

Ai creative story jarvis results


Other great social templates to use are: 

  • Quora Answers
  • Photo Post Captions
  • Personal Bio
  • Engaging Questions
  • Persuasive Bullet Points

There are a number of others that I have not mentioned in this review, but the above should give you an idea of what you can accomplish with this tool. 

4) Growing Community of 41K Jarvis Users

Jarvis AI is an AI writing company with the largest and fastest-growing Facebook community of about 41,000 active members sharing tips and tricks on how to use the tool.

What I love about this community is the selfless sharing of great and actionable tips.

Jarvis facebook group community

People here are sharing everything, from:

  • How they are using Jarvis to crank up thousands of words in content every week
  • Other tools they are using in conjunction with Jarvis
  • Jarvis Recipes they’ve developed themselves
  • How they are using Jarvis to make more money etc.

To learn more about this community and the instructions on how to join, click the button below.

PS: Anyone can join the group. You don’t have to be a Jarvis user to be part of it.

5) Jarvis Recipes

Content creation involves a series of steps. For instance, when writing an article, your process will look like this:

  • Write SEO Title
  • Write an introduction
  • Write a blog outline
  • Write section content based on the outline
  • Write a blog conclusion

Of course, you do have processes for content research, editing and formatting, but Jarvis Recipes are for content writing only.

Now, we can use Jarvis commands to generate content based on the steps above, but having to write a command every time can be tiring, especially when you are following the same steps when writing particular content types.

This is where Recipes come in. You can convert your processes into recipes and click to run with just one click. In your dashboard, you have default Jarvis Recipes that you can run, or have access to community recipes created by other super-users like you, or even create your own.

Example Recipe

One of the most used recipes is Blog Post Recipe. Simply hover on it and click ‘open recipe’ to be taken to the details page. 

Jarvis recipe commands

On this page click ‘Run’ to use it to create a new document for you. 

Jarvis recipes

On clicking Run, the tool duplicates the template, uses it to create a new document. You will then be redirected to this document with the commands prepopulated. 

Jarvis recipe commands imported to new document

Simply enter your details in the parenthesis, place the cursor at the end of the command line and press CTRL+ENTER to run the command. Start from the top and move on down the page.

6) Powerful Integrations

Jarvis integrates with some of the most popular writing and proofreading tools to make your content production faster and seamless. 

Grammarly: Jarvis now has an in-built grammar checker powered by Grammarly. You no longer need to use browser extensions or transfer your content to Google docs to use it. 

Copyscape: With Jarvis, you now have access to the world’s best plagiarism detector tool built into it. You also get to enjoy 20% off Copyscape credits when you add credits through the Jarvis dashboard.

Surfer SEO: Writing comprehensive content optimized for On-page SEO is a must if you want to rank for target keywords. Surfer makes this possible. If you are a Surfer user, then you can optimize your content right from the Jarvis document editor without having to copy-paste it into the Surfer editor.

Jarvis AI FREE Trial

Is Jarvis Free?

Not really. This tool has way too many associated costs to be offered for free. Though it doesn’t have a freemium model, Jarvis AI offers a 5-day free trial when you signup using my affiliate links.

With this link, you also get 10,000 words to use during your free trial, for free.

How to get Jarvis Free Trial

  • First, visit this free trial link to claim 10,000 words
  • Click on the button that says “Claim 10,000 Words Free”
  • You’re then redirected to a signup page. You can sign up with one click using Google.
  • Select your plan and enter your CC details to start your free 5 days trial.  Starter plan for short copywriting or BossMode to unlock more features such as documents, long-form editor, folders and Jarvis commands. Choose BossMode as the trial allows you to use premium features such as Jarvis Commands and long-form editor for free. You can always switch plans anytime. 
  • Click on the button that says “Start free trial.”
  • Congratulations, you are now a Jarvis user with 10,000 credits to generate 10,000 words of content for free. 

Understanding How Jarvis AI Works

Jarvis AI uses GPT-3 technology ((Generative Pre-trained Transformer — 3) to create unique and persuasive copy based on what it learns from your seed keyword and the data it’s been fed to. This innovation utilizes Natural Language Generation to turn computerized info into compelling stories.

Final Verdict

Jarvis AI, though still lacking in various features that will make it super easy for content creators to be truly productive, is a great AI writing tool that you can use to create high-quality content in a matter of minutes. I believe this Jarvis AI Review has given you a glimpse of what you can accomplish with it. Now grab your offer below and get started with AI writing.

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