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Learn everything that pro bloggers know. In this extensive course, you will be taken through thirty different modules including content creation process, lead magnets, email marketing, blog promotion, blog monetization strategies etc.

This course shows you how to build a thriving blog and a business around it.


We all like to blog. That’s who we are. We got something to say, and we say it. We write to express ourselves in a way that is totally refreshing and/light opening to someone else; your reader.

But if you could do more with your blog? Build authority, earn loyalty and earn a living doing what you love; making the internet a better place? You are a creator, and creators are selfless by nature. If you can blog about a topic, chances are higher that you can actually teach it or create a book around it, or simply build loyalty with your readers.

You can build a thriving online business around your blog because the likes of you have.

This is what this course is about. You have bills to foot and a charity to be part of, and your blog can sponsor them in entirety.

Some of the things we will cover in this course
  • Blog traffic guides
  • How to monetize your blog
  • Building your own empire
  • Content creation process: Learn how to blog and write content that your readers would splash coffee over their laptops (accidentally of course) while trying to take notes
  • The architect of blogging; minimalism design and design for conversion
  • Creating visuals for your blog posts such as graphics and stock photos outsourcing

Wait,  Does Anyone Even Make Money Blogging?

Yes, thousands of bloggers bring in six figures in revenues monthly. There is absolutely something they are doing right, which you are not!

They approach blogging as a business

I will take you through the things you need to do to earn credibility and start earning steady income right from your website.

Some of the things you will learn in blog monetization are:

  1. Freelance blogging
  2. Blog monetization techniques
  3. Cold emailing guide
  4. Digital Product creation

Course Outline

About Me

Victor Korir 

Content Strategist and Digital Marketer

About Victor KorirI am the founder of The Penny Matters, a blog website that is geared towards empowering content creators like you, to create and make a living creating content.

I have grown my blog website to over 50,000 page views a month within one year of blogging.

Blogging isn’t easy, and I created this course to help you build a strong brand around your blog, turn it into a business and help you make the internet a better place because that’s what we do!

4 reviews for Ultimate Blogging Pack

  1. Kristine Guest

    This was the most extensive blogging course I have taken so far. The lessons are quite helpful. The support was not that fast but I get this was a self paced course since its lowly priced as well.

    • Victor Korir

      Thanks so much, Kristine. Am glad you enjoyed the lessons. We are now offering support for thirty days after which we would expect that the students have the technical know-how

  2. Mercy

    I took this course when it was a 14 days email course and the modules were eye opening. That was way back last year.

  3. Kanye West

    Great lessons with actionable tips

  4. njugunahnp

    The course handles 30 different topics which are typically everything I needed to start a blog that is both professional and conversion oriented.

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