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Media Consumption Statistics [Infographic] in 2020

If you think you know how people are consuming data then you might be surprised. The media consumption statistics in the infographic below may shock you.

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What is Media Consumption?

Media consumption, sometimes referred to as media diet, is the information taken by an individual and methods used to take these information such as watching films, reading books, listening to podcasts, radio etc

Media consumption statistics thus is the data derived over time by observing and analyzing ways that people use to consume data against variables such as generations, age, class etc. These statistics are very vital for today’s digital marketers in helping them know what type of content should they create and which distribution channels to use for different target audience

Media consumption habits

Media consumption statistics help us derive media consumption habits which are instrumental in decision making process for many content creators and marketers. Let’s now have a look at this infographic by BroadBandSearch to understand these consumption habits in details


Media consumption habits infographic

Millenial Media Consumption

The most interesting media consumption trend was that observed for millenials. You might think that it got to do with age, but that’s not necessarly true. Media consumption for millenials has got more to do with life stage at which an individual is at. Millenials do not have that much free time, that’s why their video consumption tend to be lower than those of older generations, as responsibilities add up.

Millenials are joining workforce, settling down, saving for homes, climbing their career ladders, starting families etc.

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