The Mentor You Can Become: Great Mentorship tips to Take Home Today

By Shikanda Hellen.

It was Ben Carson who coined the phrase;

“Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life while many people in this world are dreaming to live your life.”

That is being a role model which gives birth to mentorship.

Mentorship has been something I would brush off when I heard of it. I always thought that personal determination can take you places. When that three year old boy looks at you then asks you what to do to improve his handwriting. He is simply tired of being hit by the teacher for poor handwriting.

Taking that initiative to take him through handwriting lessons is mentorship. He will always thank you for shaping him. The pride will solely be yours.

“That day you say I Do to your mentee is the beginning of a life time engagement of lessons and expectations” –  Hellen Shikanda

Some time back I attended a conference whose theme was mentorship, I figured out how I could get one and be one too. Joining the Dream Possible Kenya team braved my thinking. All I think now is being a mentor and have my own. I don’t mind sharing the lessons I mugged up on mentorship through this article.

What is mentorship and why should we mentor?

Ever asked yourself why climbing plants like the passion fruit support themselves with other trees, walls or even fences? These kind of plants can grow by themselves but will not live long when they do not have support. With support, they get direction and are sure of growing even taller.

That support is what is termed as mentorship. We mentor to give support and make sure our mentees have lived a life we failed to accomplish. Alternatively, live like we are living through our success. Let our mentees learn from the mistakes we made or gaffes we have seen others make in the same field.

What then are the essentials and the basics on mentorship?

You are now the tree that gives support to the climbing plant. You mentor. What do you need to do? The first thing you ought to do is to be passionate in whatever you are doing. Give direction to your mentees that he or she will always want to talk to you.

“The best resources we have been endowed with are the people we motivate and inspire. Once a soul has been inspired we become satisfied and inspired too.”

These are the words I learnt from an esteemed writer and founder of Dream Possible Kenya whose pen name is Mysson Humane. Being a compass to our mentees our directions have to be accurate and straight. This then leads to my next point, the Dos and Don’ts of mentorship.

The Dos and Don’ts of mentorship.

What happens if a farmer cuts down a tree that is supporting a climbing plant? They two plants will die. This applies to mentorship. Once a mentor gives little or no attention to his mentee, he will kill the mentees morale. Consequently, he will kill his passion on mentorship. As mentors we should therefore strive to learn new aspects and improve our cognitive skills to rejuvenate our mentees each day.

Tell the truth.

When your mentee is going in the wrong direction. Feel free to tell the truth. Do not feel bad when your mentee fails in the first exercise of life. Life moves on, go all-out to make him better at the next level of life. Let not challenges deter you from making progress in your mentees life. Always follow up on your mentees evolvement.

Mentorship is a lifetime engagement.

That day you say I Do to your mentee is the beginning of a life time engagement of lessons and expectations. This is affection-less, just brother-sister, or sister-sister engagement where both of you have common goals only that one party is experienced and the other is in the oven of being an expert too. Respect your mentee and they will do that too. Let the attached string be tight. This engagement will therefore live to bear fruits of success.

Experience is important but not the ultimatum of determining mentorship.
Dreams are achieved with hard work. Diligence comes with perseverance and readiness to learn from others. To get an education from others needs someone you look up to. Consequently, a person you look up to is either a mentor or a role model. Readiness to learn with a personal touch breeds successful people through life exchanging lessons of good and bad experiences.

Expertise and knowledge is key.

A life will be changed through you and it starts now. Simple, let us embrace the science and art of mentorship, one day a young mind will say… “If it were not for my mentor…” and you will smile and say, “I did it for us and if I was not inspired where would we be?”

Getting good mentors has never been easy, being one is another whole new journey uphill. Dream Possible Kenya is here to see it happen. Talk to us today

Article by Helen Shikanda, inspired by Evening Talks on Dream Possible Kenya.

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