11 Awesome Online Business Ideas you can Start Today.


The temptation of starting your own online business can be overwhelming. Some awesome online business ideas are hard to come by.

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The real challenge, though, is to find out which opportunities are specific to your area of expertise or knowledge.

To make your decision-making process a bit easier, here is a list of online business ideas which will help you follow an independent career path suitable for your skills and knowledge.

1. Resumes and cover letters.

Writing effective and grammatically correct resumes and cover letters is a struggle for many professionals.

This is one of the business ideas that can make your pockets hefty if you seize the opportunity.

These type of writing services includes an analysis where clients are given guidance to determine their objectives, and define the skill set needed to achieve them.

After that, the next step is selecting an appropriate format and choosing vocabulary which will appeal to a potential employer, without making the applicant sound arrogant and “too good to be true”.

A good resume or cover letter needs to highlight an individual’s skills, be relevant to the position applied for and have a positive tone.

If you starting off as a resume writer, then this resume writing guide can prove worthwhile in the long run.

2. Web designing.

There is a never-ending need for new websites with quality graphic and interface design. While you’ll have to have an innate sense of aesthetic style and web designing skills, a lot of what goes into quality web design can be learned online.

An awesome platform to fine tune your coding skills is Code School

Once you get designing under your belt, you can start offering your clients website development, too. As a web developer, you’re writing the math of the site.

You can get a pretty good foundation in coding in as little as a few months with inexpensive online training offered by sites like Code Academy.

3. Ghost Writing.

One of the best online business ideas is ghost writing. As a ghostwriter, you will be provided with the basic outline of a piece which you will then author in someone’s else name.

This type of writing service is used to produce a wide range of materials in different fields.

For instance, in literature ghost writers write books, manuscripts, reports, white papers, etc.

In journalism, they create articles, blog posts or feature stories.

The theater and film industries use ghost writers to produce screenplays, scripts or even lyrics for songs.

4. Data mining.

What if you could build an online business around something you’re already doing half the time anyway? You can get paid to research stuff. All you really need is a laptop with good WiFi and a clientele.

Focus on a couple of niches be an expert in those fields. If you specialize in only a handful of information types, you’ll deliver better results.

Think of Content creators, marketers, publishers, attorneys, political groups, and probably a few college students—the potential client list is endless.

Start with very competitive pricing, but as your project load builds with time, you can raise your charges so that you can get paid what you are worth.

5. Blogging.

If you have a keen interest in a particular area and feel that you can share valuable or entertaining information with others, blogging is one of the outstanding online business ideas you ought to pursue.

Building a profitable blog requires high-quality content that is regularly posted to keep audiences coming back to your website. A good way of trying out this particular writing career is guest posting on other people’s blogs.

This way you can not only test your skills but also build a good reputation. Some free platforms for blogging are WordPress, Blogger.

Though you might start with free hosts, do not last with them. But first, here are ten things you need to know before you start your blog this year.

6. Drop shipping.

Think Amazon, think Alibaba.

Drop shipping is an online business model where you buy your inventory directly from manufacturers who ship out to your customers without the middlemen.

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You could literally get going with little to zero start-up cash. With drop shipping, you make money by taking care of product shipments on behalf of a retailer.

You need to work with them to make sales which will then lead to earning revenue from the delivery of the products

7. Transcription.

If you are good at transcribing, then this online business ideas is definitely best for you.

To do audio-to-text transcription, you need decent transcription software, a good headset and a word processing programme could be Word or Open Office.

The biggest challenge for transcribers is to make out words that are difficult to interpret for various reasons: thick accents, fast speech or background noise, but using Transcribing software programmes like Speech filter, Transcriber Pro will make your work easier.

8.Data entry.

Lots of organization have large volumes of information that need to be recorded online.

You input and manage information into various types of documents. Typical tasks include entering data into existing sheets, creating new data in databases, updating existing records and deleting the records that are no longer of use.

You may be required to work with various data entry software such as Epidata.

9. Social Media Consultancy.

This role is about advising clients on how to increase the number of users visiting their social media channels and how to get them more engaged with the content.

For example, the client might need help in getting more attention for their social media campaigns or increase the number of shares likes and comments on their posts.

10. Affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you are earning commission from selling someone’s else products. You might need to make an initial investment and buy a basic portfolio and marketing materials that you then resell.

However, that does not always have to be the case as there are companies which will provide you with products free of charge, and only take a part of the profit.

You can therefore use affiliate marketing to turn your blog into a business.

I personally recommend that you promote products and services that you actually use. If your site is being hosted by Bluehost or HostGator, then it is high time you grab your affiliate links since they offer up to $65 or more per one successful referral.

11. Forex trading.

The stock market is the type of market in which shares of companies are issued and traded between buyers and sellers.

It can be described as a social network for traders. If you are good with foreign currency, and up to date with the exchange rates, this online business of trading Forex could make you rich if you take time to study it.

Caution: This idea is riskier and should know about Forex trading before you invest your money.

Your Turn…

Got amazing online business ideas you wish to share? See you in the comments section below.

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41 thoughts on “11 Awesome Online Business Ideas you can Start Today.”

  1. I like the drop shipping idea, it’s something that can take off quite quickly. I think if you’re creative and able to make art like music, videos and illustrations, then putting that work on the internet can allow you to showcase and sell your creations.

    1. Thanks so much. I agree, drop shipping can really be a good fortune if done correctly. Selling your creations is a brilliant idea as well. Loved it. Thanks for a very helpful comment. 🙂

    1. Thanks Patrick.

      There are several freelancing websites where you can offer resume and cover letter writing services. One of those sites is Fiverr.

      Kindly check out this post for more places.

      And let me know how it goes. #cheers.

    1. Thanks so much Leah. Yeah, try them out. Drop shipping is really great if you take time to understand what your customers need, and how they need them

  2. On women's mind

    I really like the list for online business ideas especially for stay at home moms like me can take benefit of it by trying one of them.

  3. sara lafountain

    These are very helpful suggestions. I have already implemented a few of them, but now I have a few more ideas from you.

  4. These are great ideas. Prior to blogging I worked successfully in transcription. Both of these helped me stay home with my kids and make an income.

  5. Good suggestions for starting a home-based business. The problem I have is where to start and training for such a business? Do these come with training? Do you need a mentor?

    1. Thanks Richard.

      When it comes to online business, you don’t need a physical location to start. Depending on the type, having a mentor is a plus. However, there are tones of information out there if you just look hard enough.

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