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You’re there. Scouring the web, in the hope of finding some profitable online business ideas you can leverage on. Searching. The search which never seems to end. Deep down you know you want to create something amazing and start making money online doing what you love. Being of value. And rising

Well, the search is over.

It should be. Because you’re here, and this post not only lists 31 profitable online business ideas in 2019, but also highlights some key action steps to have you started and rolling….

1. Start a Resume Writing Service


Every professional is looking to fine tune their resume, Thus this is one of the business opportunity that you can grab and build a sustainable business around it.

These type of writing services includes an analysis where clients are given guidance to determine their objectives, and define the skill set needed to achieve them.

After that, the next step is selecting an appropriate format and choosing appropriate power words which will appeal to a potential employer, without making the applicant sound arrogant and “too good to be true”.

The key is to effortlessly show your clients’ value proposition in the job market

If you starting off as a resume writer, then these ​resume writing tips can prove worthwhile in the long run.

Pros of Resume Writing Business

  • No significant start-up costs. To start a resume writing business, you need a professional looking website. Click here to get one.
  • Writing Professional resumes is a skill that can be easily acquired. By taking time to read successful resumes online, you will be able to know what works and what doesn’t.
  • It’s an online business which you can run from home.  You are therefore not limited on whom and how you work with. Simply integrate a payment processing surface such as Send Owl to your website and start collecting payments for your services

7 Proven Steps to Start Making Money with Resume Writing

  1. Start a beautiful website and brand your business accordingly
  2. Do deep keywords research to find long tail keywords about resumes that you can easily rank for
  3. Start a blog on Resume writing and publish exceptionally awesome posts
  4. Find local clients to start with and aim on collecting raving reviews
  5. Guest post on popular publications giving  detailed tips on career development, CV and Resume writing as well as life at work /after college experiences
  6. Book your first clients, deliver pure gold and ask for testimonials
  7. Showcase your testimonials on your website and slowly expand your business

Learn From The Best:

Start a Resume Writing Business With This Course
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(2019) Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More

Jane teaches you how to prepare a keyword-rich, targeted resume that gets outstanding results and how to Present yourself powerfully on LinkedIn® and discover other online networking techniques

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2. Launch a Profitable Web Design Business

There is a never-ending need for new websites with quality graphic and user interface/ User experience design. While you’ll have to have an innate sense of aesthetic style and web designing skills, a lot of what goes into quality web design can be learned online.

An awesome platform to fine tune your coding skills is Code School

Once you get designing under your belt, you can start offering your clients website development, too. As a web developer, you’re writing the math of the site.

But you don’t need coding skills to run a successful website design business. Below are seven steps to starting a web design business without coding skills

7 Actionable Steps to Starting a Thriving Web Design Business.

  1. Business Basics. Come up with the name of your agency then purchase hosting from as low as $57 from your first year with Bluehost. Go for a plan that allows you to host unlimited websites as you will need to build sub domain websites for other purposes such as demos etc.
  2. Build a beautiful website by purchasing a professional theme such as Astra (Works well with website builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver and Thrive Architect
  3. Join Thrive Themes Membership that allows you access to over 10 premium plugins which you can use to build high converting websites quickly. Thrive architect comes with over 279 page templates which are highly customizable.
  4. Complement your professionalism with Divi builder if necessary
  5. Build demo sites that reflect the needs of your targeted clients
  6. Make a list of the names and contacts of your prospects and craft better proposals and monitor your campaigns
  7. Meanwhile, add a blog page to your website and start writing detailed posts (content marketing, so is called) to attract your potential clients
  8. Land your first client and do what you do best; ‘wowing’ your client with amicable work.


Learn From The Best:

start a successful web design business
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Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business from Home

Christine Maisel  has built hundreds of websites both for small business owners and large corporations. In her Udemy course she teaches how to start a successful web design business.

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3. Run a Ghostwriting Business

One of the best online business ideas is ghost writing. As a ghostwriter, you are provided with the basic outline of a piece which you will then author in someone’s else name.

This type of writing service is used to produce a wide range of materials in different fields.

For instance, in literature ghost writers write books, manuscripts, reports, white papers, etc.

In journalism, they create articles, blog posts or feature stories.

The theater and film industries use ghost writers to produce screenplays, scripts or even lyrics for songs.

If you have a gist for writing but don’t have a fan base yet, ghostwriting can be a great plan for you. However, remember you are giving a way all the rights and the clients will decide when and how they will use the ghostwritten materials you submit….

It can be painful to see ‘your’ book bestselling on Amazon under someones else name.  Want to continue pursuing ghostwriting idea? Then read on.

Why Start a Ghostwriting Business?

  • You have great writing and research skills but don’t have an established name or brand
  • You are looking for a great way to make money online as ghostwriting is highly paying
  • You have willing clients who are willing to submit information that will help you in ghostwriting their books
  • You have no problem in someone else’s having credit for your work

7 Steps to Start a Ghostwriting Business

  1. Plan your business. This stage involves deciding business name, the structure, goals and the direction that you want to take your online business
  2. Develop your online business brand. Have your business branding assets developed. Your brand colors, your logo, your website favicon, business mockups etc.
  3. Establish web presence. Have your website professionally designed. Host it with Bluehost or Hostgator
  4. Find your first online business client by asking your friends, colleagues and relatives
  5. Find your potential prospects and develop a working outreach strategy
  6. List yourself in one of the associations of ghost writers
  7. Build a compelling profile on sites like Upwork and Guru and Fiverr
  8. Say everywhere that you are a ghostwriter for hire: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook page bios

Who’s Doing it Right?

how to start a ghostwriting business online business ideas
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There are several ghostwriting agencies out there, but what stood apart was Ghost Writing, Inc. They have a simple website that does what’s supposed to, and their message is quite clear.

What’s done right…

  • Professionally looking website
  • An informative  blog that attracts potential ghostwriting clients
  • Samples and Portfolio pages
  • Great testimonials


Learn From The Best:

Start a Resume Writing Business With This Course
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(2019) Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More

Jane teaches you how to prepare a keyword-rich, targeted resume that gets outstanding results and how to Present yourself powerfully on LinkedIn® and discover other online networking techniques

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4. Start a Money Making Blog

If you have a keen interest in a particular area and feel that you can share valuable or entertaining information with others, blogging is one of the outstanding online business ideas you ought to pursue.

Building a profitable blog requires high-quality content that is regularly posted to keep audiences coming back to your website. A good way of trying out this particular writing career is guest posting on other people’s blogs.

This way you can not only test your skills but also build a good reputation. Some free platforms for blogging are WordPress, Blogger.

Though you might start with free hosts, do not last with them. But first, here are ten things you need to know before you start your blog this year.

Pros of Starting a Money Making Blog

  • A place to learn, experiment and implement. Starting a successful blog requires you to take on new lessons, acquire new skills and network with professionals. You get first-hand information on what works and what doesn’t.
  • Skills acquired will apply everywhere else. Think of the writing and marketing skills honed that will be useful in your career advancement as well.
  • Your earning potential is limitless. As you get towards the top of the learning curve, you will be in a better position to devise new ways and means to increase your reach, and hence higher income
  • You get paid to do what you love.

11 Simple Steps to Start a Money making Blog

    • Decide on your blogging niche. Then niche down even further. For instance, you may want to blog about digital marketing. However, that’s quite broad so you may want to narrow down to seo, or even further, link building.  A super niche blog will help you get noticed easily
    • Decide on your blog name. You may use a name that clearly portrays your blog topic or even use your name if you want to build a brand around it.
    • Check your domain availability using Bluehost Domain checker

  • Buy affordable hosting with Bluehost
  • Install WordPress with Bluehost’s one click WordPress installer
  • Install and activate Astra WordPress Theme and start blogging professionally
  • Create at least three categories and 3 subcategories for each, if necessary
  • Write your blog posts with SEO in mind
  • Develop a content strategy that works for you
  • Have content/editorial calendar and stick to it
  • sign-up for Convertkit and start building an email list from day one.


Learn From The Best:


(2019) Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More

Jane teaches you how to prepare a keyword-rich, targeted resume that gets outstanding results and how to Present yourself powerfully on LinkedIn® and discover other online networking techniques

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5. Publish a Book on Amazon.  Kindle Publishing

Self-Publishing is, no doubt. one of the online business ideas which you’ve contemplated on before, but shoved it down your bucket list because you were afraid. You are afraid, afraid that you might not be ready for the complicated publishing system.

Well, traditional publishing still is a hard nut to crack. The good news however, is that Amazon Kindle makes publishing your new book a seamless process even when you are an utter beginner, with words to your name, and nothing else.

The greatest challenge that many new authors face is penetrating the saturated market and getting their awesome ideas in front of the readers. Planning your book’s launch is the key towards this market penetration. Your secret sauce is to publish a book and aim to get a few hundreds sales in the first week. Sounds like a challenge, right?

Yet is doable

But first, Here is how to write your first book and get it right from the word go

  • Choose a topic and validate your book idea.  You want to invest your time and money in something that will prove worthwhile in the long run. You can create a survey or use some online idea validation tools to help you reach a conclusion on whether people will be actually interested in your book idea.
  • Visualize your book’s journey and create an outline. Commit to stick with the outline as much as possible. When the going gets tough, you might be tempted to take a shorter route, which often results in your book’s title being a promise unfulfilled.
  • Commit to be writing at least 2000 words a day. Writing daily will help you stay in the flow
  • Format your book according to Amazon’s Kindle guidelines. Alternatively, you can find someone on Fiverr to help you
  • Get it Right with the right cover. Your book cover is the lens that opens up imagined and non-imagined possibilities to your potential readers. If need be, find great cover designers on sites such as Fiverr, 99Designs or go to 100covers.com

How to Launch Your Book and get 100+ Sales

  1. Build anticipation a few months before your boo launch. Tell your friends and family and colleagues about the launch date
  2. Build an author website and list all your books if any.
  3. Enable pre-order on Amazon once your manuscript is ready. This could be a month before the actual launch. Have a special pre-order pricing as well as an incentive
  4. Create a dedicated website as a landing page that redirects people to your Amazon’s n book’s page. Grab a domain name and host with your favorite website hosting. Use one of the Thrive Architects’  beautiful landing page to create your website in an hour
  5. Build an email list (Wit list) You can easily do this using ConvertKit and aim to get your first 1000 enthusiastic readers
  6. On the day of actual launch, set the price to 99 cents
  7. Run a 99 cents promotion on  book promotion sites such as Buckbooks and Robin Reads
  8. Answer a few questions related to your book on Quora and link back to your book’s page on Amazon
  9. Publish 2 or 3 guest posts on related sites with backlinks to your book
  10. Send out emails to your list announcing your new nook a few times during the launch
  11. Post a book excerpt on  relevant Subreddits. Dave did this well with his conversational bestseller.

Best Discounted Udemy Courses to help you With Self Publishing


4. Data mining.

What if you could build an online business around something you’re already doing half the time anyway? You can get paid to research stuff. All you really need is a laptop with good WiFi and a clientele.

Focus on a couple of niches be an expert in those fields. If you specialize in only a handful of information types, you’ll deliver better results.

Think of Content creators, marketers, publishers, attorneys, political groups, and probably a few college students—the potential client list is endless.

Start with very competitive pricing, but as your project load builds with time, you can raise your charges so that you can get paid what you are worth.

6. Drop shipping.

Think Amazon, think Alibaba.

Drop shipping is an online business model where you buy your inventory directly from manufacturers who ship out to your customers without the middlemen.

You could literally get going with little to zero start-up cash. With drop shipping, you make money by taking care of product shipments on behalf of a retailer.

You need to work with them to make sales which will then lead to earning revenue from the delivery of the products

7. Transcription.

If you are good at transcribing, then this online business ideas is definitely best for you.

To do audio-to-text transcription, you need decent transcription software, a good headset and a word processing programme could be Word or Open Office.

The biggest challenge for transcribers is to make out words that are difficult to interpret for various reasons: thick accents, fast speech or background noise, but using Transcribing software programmes like Speech filter, Transcriber Pro will make your work easier.

8.Data entry.

Lots of organization have large volumes of information that need to be recorded online.

You input and manage information into various types of documents. Typical tasks include entering data into existing sheets, creating new data in databases, updating existing records and deleting the records that are no longer of use.

You may be required to work with various data entry software such as Epidata.

9. Social Media Consultancy.

This role is about advising clients on how to increase the number of users visiting their social media channels and how to get them more engaged with the content.

For example, the client might need help in getting more attention for their social media campaigns or increase the number of shares likes and comments on their posts.

10. Affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you are earning commission from selling someone’s else products. You might need to make an initial investment and buy a basic portfolio and marketing materials that you then resell.

However, that does not always have to be the case as there are companies which will provide you with products free of charge, and only take a part of the profit.

You can therefore use affiliate marketing to turn your blog into a business.

I personally recommend that you promote products and services that you actually use. If your site is being hosted by Bluehost or HostGator, then it is high time you grab your affiliate links since they offer up to $65 or more per one successful referral.

11. Forex trading.

The stock market is the type of market in which shares of companies are issued and traded between buyers and sellers.

It can be described as a social network for traders. If you are good with foreign currency, and up to date with the exchange rates, this online business of trading Forex could make you rich if you take time to study it.

Caution: This idea is riskier and should know about Forex trading before you invest your money.

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    1. Well, everything awesome today was nothing a while back. Good writing that you see on the web could have been some bad drafts that underwent some serious rewriting and editing series to make it worthwhile for the readers. Being a ghostwriter demands that you are in a position to deliver pure gold to your clients. Find a niche that you can do well in, and read widely on any related topic. Acquire new skills such as SEO, writing for the web, digital marketing, pitching tips etc.

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