Create better content, and design highly converting websites…

….Be Found; Be Understood.

Create better content, and design highly converting websites…

….Be Found; Be Understood.

 Ultimate Blogging Course

…is Now Free

[limited time offer]

Thirty Free Lessons to Take Your Blog from just an experience to a thriving blogging business that foots your bills. ($99 worth of value)

What if you could do more with your blog? Build authority, earn loyalty and earn a living doing what you love; making the internet a better place? You are a creator, and we the creators are selfless by nature. 

You can build a thriving online business around your blog because the likes of you have already. This is what this course is about. You have bills to foot and a charity to be part of, and your blog can sponsor them in entirety.

Want a Sneak Peak? Look Inside:

Ultimate Blogging Course Mockup The Penny Matters

Some of the things we will cover in this course
  • Blog traffic guides
  • Digital Products Creation
  • How to monetize your blog
  • Building your own empire
  • Content creation process: Learn how to blog and write content that your readers would splash coffee over their laptops (accidentally of course) while trying to take notes
  • The architect of blogging; minimalism design and design for conversion
  • Creating visuals for your blog posts such as graphics and stock photos outsourcing

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