​Is it the Right Time to do Business? Why You do not Have to Wait… 

​Is it the Right Time to do Business

Is it the Right Time to do Business? Running your own business could prove to be a draining business than you ever imagined…. It’s no mean feat! The key is to stay motivated and patient,  but how?  Apart from my upcoming blog,  The Penny Matters,  I also run a talents appraisal and a mentorship organization, […]

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Building Self-Confidence: Seven Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Building Self-confidence

Whether it is addressing an unfamiliar crowd, making an impromptu speech, selling your products and services to potential customers and clients, appearing in an interview or even going for a date with your fiancée, you will always need to exude a certain level of self-confidence. Confidence gives you control over some daunting situations. Stand in […]

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The Mentor You Can Become: Great Mentorship tips to Take Home Today

By Shikanda Hellen. It was Ben Carson who coined the phrase; “Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life while many people in this world are dreaming to live your life.” That is being a role model which gives birth to mentorship. Mentorship has been something I would brush off when I heard of it. I […]

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Breaking the Barriers of Mentorship; Becoming that Mentor

When it comes to the realm of mentorship, self-drive  takes the lead. It is a field that calls for something more than dedication, commitment, donations or even passion. Serious mentors will tell you it’s not a walk in the park, true mentors will whisper, “It depends!” Typically, we are living in a world that is […]

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