WordPress Customization

Why do you need a blog?

Everyone is a seller. We are all selling something to someone at any particular point in time. We are always bargaining our prices through.

This explains further why you need to be where your buyers are, as a seller. Internet receives billions of visits every hour and if you are crafty enough, you can use this platform to reach out to them. It could that free book you want downloads from, a blog post that you want people to read or sometimes you simply need their time.

Probably you are using or rather planning to use Blogger or WordPress Like Me here, or even Tumbr, or Medium. Though they might sound easier, they are not always kosher.

Free blogs do not give you the control, ownership or the branding options that you need, and the Google indexing are not also pretty high.

We will help you move your WordPress.com blog and self-host it. Get inspired right away

Free Blogs Do Not Give You The Control, Ownership Or The Branding Options That You Need, And The Google Indexing Are Not Also Pretty High. We Will Help You Move Your WordPress.Com Blog And Self-Host It. Get Inspired Right Away


  • We will professionally move your website from a free WordPress.com to your own self-hosted platform
  • If you do not have a hosting yet, we will give a candid advice on how and where you should buy your own hosting
  • You will have Your own professional domain and email address ( eg yourname@yourwebsite.com)
  • We will move all of your articles and pages from your old blog to your new website website
  • (Your blog posts are your sweats, and you shouldn't lose them!)
  • We will install a cool premium theme for you for free… Mostly from Studio Press and Theme forest
  • We will tweak and customize your new blog/website to fit your own tastes and preferences
  • We will build a candid brand based on colors, fonts, look and feel.
  • Kindly note that all the contents are provided by the client.

Work with Mysson.

I’ve written articles that rank  number one on Google as well as provided insightful full content strategy and website SEO audit for several clients.

Let’s write the best content for your business that attract the right audience and results in conversion.