Mysson Victor: Founder and Ceo

~Mysson Victor~


We didn’t come this far to only come this far,  did we? 


Mysson Victor: Founder and CEO at The Penny Matters


Mysson Victor is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, a caring creative and daring optimist who loves seeing people win. He has passion for people, content, technology and the web.

~ Birth Day: 6th November ~

Being the Founder and the current CEO in our company, Mysson employs his creative and people skills in leading our team of writers to creating insanely helpful content for our readers.

He’s held position at Writers Guild as the content strategist and uses his wit, knowledge and experience in building its online presence.

He’s also launched another company besides The Penny Matters. His entrepreneurial spirit stems from his passion to see people smile and fulfill their dreams.

At the age of 23, Mysson is a force to reckon with. His Dream Possible company will soon be relaunched as the Impossible Labs, which will also run The Impossible Talkshow.

The Penny Matters, since its inception in 2017, has enjoyed so much growth and Mysson Victor credits its success to his amazing team, group of contributors, loyal readers and the amazing grace of God.

When not immersing himself in all things relating to entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Mysson will be probably found spending time with kids, trying new recipes or having a men-men talk with his friends

Best Mysson’s Tips:

  • Give up giving up and start waking up to make up
  • Sometimes it’s okay to be nice to oneself, ’cause in the end that’s all you got.
  • If you can’t stand up for somebody, at least stand up for something.