I will host you!

No, we don’t do that at PennyMedia. And I will tell you why.

A friend of mine called me yesterday saying that she wanted me to re-do her website because she had fallen out with her former designer and they were not in talking terms.

Now, I think that is unprofessional. Even if you disagree with your client, they shouldn’t have a problem moving to another seller because you now hoard their site.

Here is the thing about entrusting someone with your sites hosting:

Life is dynamic, and unexpected. If someone falls sick today and becomes unreachable or even the worst, recovering your site can be almost impossible.

When someone hosts your website, oftentimes, it means they house you under their own shared hosting, thus you won’t be given the Cpanel details.

The funny thing is,

You don’t always need Cpanel, until you do. And when you do, you either have access or you don’t.

Yes, you will have the WordPress admin logins, but if you mess things up, you will need to contact the person who hosts you.

Now imagine if they are unreachable?

Even if someone promises to host you for a year, I still advise that you get your own web-hosting.

Buy your domain yourself, don’t let someone do it for you. It’s easy to handover money and let them do the tough work for you, but this can be costly.

So if someone purchased domain on your behalf, make sure you that the domain registration details are updated to your own.

We always prefer having all of our domains registered under one known domain registrar such as Namecheap and point them to our hosting provider such as Bluehost or Siteground.

Now you know. I hope you take charge of your website, instead of leaving its fate at the hands of your website designer.

And sorry, PennyMedia can’t host you, because your site is too valuable to be left in our hands.

We build it, rebuild it, update it, and even manage it, but we want you to always access your cpanel, move it to another host or even bring in a new developer, without having to phone us, because sometimes, life happens, and phones fail to work.

Do you have your full access to your website backend and Cpanel?

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