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Why You Need to Create with Empathy so They Know They Can Trust You

Tell you what, business streets are not really kind to budding entrepreneurs.

There are barriers, some of which may seem impossible to break at the very beginning:

  • You have to earn people’s trust.
  • People have to know that they can trust you
  • People have to actually trust you
  • Then trust your product

Earning trust may be easy: have a though-out web design, showcase your portfolio, show testimonials….

Getting people to know that they can trust you is a bit hard. They have to know, not just feel or think that they can.

Purchases no longer happen on the feel and think, but rather on knowing.

If you have a great authoritative giveaway and frequently publish blog posts that scream out loud, “Yes, you can trust me,” then you’re a step closer.

But you and I know that trust doesn’t really take place on the site. It’s more of a closed door, conversation, don’t you think?

It’s within inboxes. Let’s face it: Today, trust is what it always has been: Empathy and care.

When it comes to your website and web content, there is only so much that you can do to accomplish that. However, in their inboxes, you my friend, is unstoppable

And am not just talking about giving away lots of valuable info; it’s sparking conversations, it’s talking the language they understand, it’s sharing opportunities as you come across them… It’s showing that you do care. It’s caring.

And the good thing is, you can actually do this without having to show up manually. Because that would be maddening, to say the least.

I mean if somebody sent me a printable that would make things easier for my business, three days after I signed up for their lists, do you think am gonna be like, “oh, another automated email?”

No! Of course not. I’ll go ahead download it, and if I really like, am gonna head over to their shop to see if there’s something else I could use. Same goes to automated lesson sequences.

Your awesomeness should be seen in everything that you do and send, automated or not.

Let’s say you run a blog focusing on homeschooling tips. Your awesomeness will come in handy when:

  • You publish great personalized homeschooling content on your blog
  • Create a short homeschooling guide for firstimers and give it away in exchange of their email addresses
  • Invite them to ask their questions either in a forum or on a Facebook group
  • Enter them into a sequence that introduces them to more personalized lessons about homeschooling
  • Share your personal story around homeschooling: What you did wrong, what you are learning, what you would do differently, what you definitely won’t…
  • Send in a printable that they can use to keep track of the kids classes
  • Introduce them to your homeschooling course or membership program

This process can and should vary from creator to creator, industry to industry, but the intention is always the same:

We are more than earning trust, we are genuinely interested in helping people succeed in what we have set out to.

Your business or a blog is itself, a promise to your prospective readers or customers.

A homeschooling blog is indirectly saying,

“I know homeschooling is hard, but I’m here to help you along the way.”

And so does a printable business, an info-product model and so forth. Even affiliate marketing model.

Ever had a hard time figuring out what plugins to use on your website? Elementor, Divi or Thrive Themes?

Supposing there’s a blog that focuses purely on Plugin Reviews and Tutorials. Even though they might not say it, their promise is:

“When you can’t make up your mind, we jump right in”

Or more succinctly:

“This is where you come,when you can’t make up your mind”

Their business may be purely affiliate marketing, but their empathy shows in how they do their reviews. Have you read a review or a comparison post and ended up just purchasing the right product?

Right product recommendations go a long way in this model.

PS: My Online Business Formula is set to launch in two weeks time. I want to make it as useful as possible to you, regardless of the model you’re operating.

To do that, I need your help , Complete this quick survey for me. It will mean a lot.


I can’t put it better than this: Create with Empathy

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Mysson Victor
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