61-Point Writing Checklist for Optimizing Blog Posts

Mysson Victor
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Before you publish your next blog post, use this blog post as your writing checklist to make sure that you optimize your content both for readers and crawlers.

Writing a great blog post that gets shared and linked to is both an art and a science.

This complete content writing checklist will ensure that you don’t miss out on the little things that make  whole lot difference.

Continue reading or download a printable version below:


Printable Writing Checklist


Now you can download a printable version of this writing checklist by following the link below.

Download your checklist


Checklist for Writing Blog Posts


  1. Deep Keyword and Topic Research
  2. Create a Starter Headline to guide you
  3. Define your post-specific audience
  4. Define your post-specific purpose
  5. Come up with your primary keyword
  6. Use a few Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords
  7. Minimum of 1000 words
  8. Use of Short and Sweet Sentences
  9. Use of active voice in your writing
  10. Action-ability of Your Content
  11. Primary Keyword used in the headline
  12. Primary keyword in image files names
  13. Primary Keyword in Images Alternate Tags
  14. Primary keyword in at least one subheading
  15. Use secondary keywords in the body
  16. All keywords are naturally used (not forced)
  17. Posts Illustrations e.g. analogies, examples
  18. Visual Content: Add Supporting graphics
  19. Proper sourcing and citations
  20. Compress images before uploading
  21. Avoid image copyright infringement
  22. Write an inviting meta description
  23. Include primary keyword in meta description
  24. Primary keyword in the first 100 words
  25. Link to relevant and authoritative sites
  26. Internally link to your best related content
  27. Use clean simple urls in all your posts
  28. Primary keyword in your post url
  29. Restrict meta description to 320 characters
  30. Use power words in your post headline
  31. Restrict your blog title to 60 characters
  32. Aim for 0.5 to 1.5% keyword density
  33. Monitor using Yoast SEO plugin
  34. Have a strong Call to Action at the end
  35. Proofread your post for errors
  36. Write additional 10 or more blog titles
  37. Select the most efficient title
  38. Break your post with subheadings H2 & H3
  39. Optimize for social sharing
  40. Benefits-focused writing
  41. Visually appealing: layout & white space
  42. Right category and right tagging
  43. Set Featured Image
  44. At least one pinnable image
  45. Content upgrade where applicable
  46. Proper blog post marketing plan
  47. Simple and clear language
  48. Optimized for readability
  49. Preview your post before publishing
  50. Click to tweet quotable blocks
  51. Captivating Excerpts if your layout uses them
  52. Offers complete solution to a single problem
  53. Is it Evergreen?
  54. Introduction has a hooking effect
  55. Every word has earned its place
  56. No fluff and bluff.
  57. Benefits-focused writing
  58. Blog post monetization: affiliate links etc.
  59. Affiliate disclosures where applicable
  60. Do a final edit
  61. Schedule for publication and marketing

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Printable Writing Checklist


Now you can download a printable version of this writing checklist by following the link below.

Download your checklist


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