To stand out from the online noise, you need to establish yourself as a brand. The brand needs uniqueness and value. Today, we look at ten critical steps to writing unique blog posts and avoid plagiarism.

Writing Unique Blog Posts

Here are quick and simple ten practical steps to avoid plagiarism while writing your blog post.

1: Search Google using the keywords or topics provided

The first step to writing unique blog posts is definitely a deep and thorough research. You need to know what others are writing or have written about the keyword of interest.  There are several keyword tools you can use.

After identifying  your keyword of interest, go to Google homepage and type in the keyword

2: Open up all the links on the first page of the Google search

The second step to writing unique blog posts is to open all the results on the Google Search Result first page. You have to open them up in different tabs definitely.

3: Skim read through each article writing the main points.

The whole point of writing unique blog posts is relevance in your own approach. The truth is, coming up with a wholly new content that’s not found anywhere else is nearly impossible.

So, you will need to borrow ideas from other experts. Simply skim through each of the articles that you have opened, picking the points that you think are the most important for your readers.

Note them down on a sheet of paper, or your notebook or your Evernote app.

4: Compile a Great List

From your main points, you would want to come up with an awesome list of points. You will note that some points are common, as noted down from each article.

Focus on the inclusion of the rather uncommon points that seem to offer great insights as well.

5: Do not use one source

This is a red line. Do not cross it. Use as many sources as possible, as this gives you new insights and perspectives necessary for writing unique blog posts that your audience will find helpful

6: Map out the structure of your post

Arrange your key points on the order of importance and relevance, from the most to the least. Decide whether you need to break your points into sections or not.

7: Add to the list what you already know

Add to the list the points you already know about the discussion. At The Penny Matters, we normally ensure that for ten points post, at least three of the points have to be the ones we have brainstormed/ experimented ourselves.

I think that’s a really good approach. You should give that a try.

8: Start writing your blog post from the scratch.

This step is critical. The time of referencing is over. Now, it’s time to flesh the skeleton of your posts. Write under each point, providing great insights that are inspired by your understanding of the subject, and data and research you’ve done.

9: Do not copy paste anything!

Write notes then put them in your own words. If you copy paste, then definitely you are not writing unique blog posts, are you?

10: Edit your article for any grammatical errors.

The final step of writing unique blog posts and avoid plagiarism is to proofread your work, correcting any glaring grammatical errors, rearranging the floor if necessary and inserting relevant images.

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Ten Steps to Writing Unique Blog Posts

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    Thank you for the advice very practical I wish I would see you and have a discussion on the blogging technics I have so many topics to write about but how to start is the problem.

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