11 Best Upcoming Appsumo Deals of July 2024

Looking for best Appsumo software lifetime deals? I got you covered. Below are some of the best blogging and productivity tools offering lifetime licenses on Appsumo

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Best Appsumo Deals of the Day

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WordHero AI writer

WordHero is a powerful AI writer that's a great alternative to the all-beloved Jasper AI, but with a lifetime deal.

Writing effective sales copy and marketing content is the key to attracting and winning today's customers.

However, content writing can be a time-consuming process. By using an AI writer like WordHero, you get to brainstorm and generate tons of content in a matter of minutes.

With WordHero content generator, you can:

  • Create social media copy and captions
  • Create sales copy based on proven copywriting frameworks such as AIDA, PAS, Feature to Benefits, etc.
  • Create product reviews and product descriptions.
  • Explore various marketing angles for promoting your products.
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SiteGuru is an all-in-one SEO platform that simplifies and optimizes your website's SEO strategy. It provides a comprehensive SEO audit that highlights areas of improvement, yielding actionable steps to enhance your site's rankings. 

It combines data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to monitor your SEO performance, pinpoint potential ranking keywords, track pages that have dropped in search results, and suggest ways to boost the click-through rate from Google. 

Key Features

  • Comprehensive SEO Audit: Gives a detailed report on your SEO performance and areas needing improvement.
  • Actionable To-Do List: Instead of overwhelming users with numerous issues, SiteGuru offers a manageable list of tasks that can help improve rankings and increase traffic.
  • Data Integration: By merging data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics, SiteGuru provides a comprehensive view of your SEO performance.
  • SEO Goals: Helps you optimize pages for your most crucial keywords and monitor their performance.
  • SiteGuru Insights: A dashboard that tracks your site's organic performance over time.

For just a $69 one-time fee, you enjoy unlimited users, one website, and up to 500 pages.

Additional Info

No installation is required on your website, and the tool can function with any platform, including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and others. SiteGuru is designed for users of all skill levels, with reports that are easy to understand and a friendly support team ready to help out.

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Adilo is a video hosting platform that offers a range of dynamic tools to help you boost engagement, increase conversions, and keep your content secure on the cloud.

That's right... never pay monthly fees for video hosting again, or use a free but ad-filled YouTube platform for your educational and paid video content, ever.

Whether you're a content creator, online coach, or videographer, Adilo has the features you need to take your video content to the next level.

Outstanding features:

  • Video creation -- record screen, camera or both
  • Totally ad-free
  • Customizable video player to suit your branding (cohesive viewer experience)
  • Fast SD, HD, and 4K video and audio hosting
  • Powerful SEO settings to boost rankings for your video content
  • Interactive features such as the ability to add chapters for easy navigation, playlists, and video channels
  • Lead generation capabilities: add lead capture forms, CTAs, maps, and HTML forms directly into your videos.
  • Integration with popular ESPs and other tools such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, GoToWebinar, Zapier, Aweber, etc. allowing you to fully automate your lead generation strategy.
  • Boost accessibility with auto-generated captions and subtitles in multiple languages of your choice.
  • Protect your videos from being stolen with Adilo's multi-DRM anti-piracy technology and dynamic watermarking system
  • Retargeting suite for installing Facebook or Google ads pixels inside videos

Adilo provides the tools you need to create compelling video content. Take advantage of the AppSumo lifetime deal and unlock the full potential of your videos with Adilo.

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Creasquare is an AI-powered platform that makes it easy to generate engaging content and write compelling captions and hashtags for your social media content. You can create graphic designs, videos, and copywriting content. 

It also allows users to schedule their content across multiple social media platforms in one place and provides an AI content writer to generate captions, a creative studio to create and manage assets, and a content calendar to plan and visualize upcoming posts.

Createsquare key features:

  • Access to millions of royalty-free assets, templates, illustrations, and music
  • An AI-powered content writer that generates engaging captions, hashtags, and product descriptions in over 20 languages.
  • Huge library of design elements, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and layouts with over 100,000 customizable templates.
  • One-click background remover from images
  • Social media scheduler to easily schedule and automate posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • First-comment scheduling, thumbnails, and mobile previews to optimize your content for each platform.
  • Visual calendar for a comprehensive view of your upcoming posts, allowing you to reschedule, delete, and organize content.
  • Support for multiple workspaces and color-coded calendar organization.
  • Consideration of different time zones to ensure posts go live at the perfect time for your target audience.
  • CSV, PDF, and Excel exports for easy reporting and data analysis.
  • Support for Instagram and LinkedIn carousels, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and custom report downloads.

With Createsquare AppSumo lifetime deal, you can say goodbye to the hamster wheel of content creation and hello to a streamlined and efficient social media strategy.

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Magic Bookifier

Magic Bookifier is an AI-powered tool designed to make the process of content creation simple, efficient, and profitable. This innovative web application transforms audio transcripts into high-quality, engaging eBooks with just a single click. It's not only about transcribing the audio, Magic Bookifier goes above and beyond, rearranging disorganized thoughts, expanding on your ideas, retaining crucial information, and fortifying your arguments.

The strict style guide programmed into the AI ensures descriptive and engaging writing, elevating your content to its highest potential. With the tedious task of manual writing eliminated, authors, content creators, and influencers can now focus more on their creativity and less on the grunt work.

Key features:

Magic Bookifier is packed with unique features that provide value to its users. Here are the key features that stand out:

  • AI-powered transcription: Magic Bookifier uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to convert your audio content into written form.

  • Enhanced content refinement: Magic Bookifier organizes rambling thoughts, expands on ideas, retains crucial information, and reinforces your argument in the eBook.

  • Monetize your content: With the ability to transform your audio content into eBooks, you can monetize your podcasts, interviews, and other audio content.

  • Fast and efficient: This web app is designed for efficiency, allowing you to convert your audio into an eBook with just one click.

  • Support for multiple languages: Magic Bookifier supports several languages, ensuring a wide range of users can benefit from its services.

  • White labeling: Magic Bookifier offers a white-label solution, which means you can use it for your own brand without any external branding.

By converting your audio content into a profitable eBook, you have the opportunity to publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or other eBook platforms.

With pricing starting at a one-time payment of $29, this Magic Bookifier Appsumo deal is hard to pass So, don't wait! Transform your audio content into captivating eBooks today with Magic Bookifier. 

Grab Bookify


Castmagic is an innovative AI tool that transforms the way you manage your podcast production. By converting long-form audio into a wide array of valuable content pieces, it empowers you to focus more on creating and less on the often tedious task of post-production.

Key features of Castmagic:

  • Automated editing and post-production: Utilizing AI technology, Castmagic handles the time-consuming task of editing and post-production for your podcasts. This process dramatically cuts down on manual labor, saving you over 20 hours a week. This efficiency allows you to direct your focus towards creating high-quality content.

  • Transcription and content generation: Castmagic does more than just transcribe your podcast audio. Its AI technology is capable of extracting key topics, meaningful quotes, and hooks. It creates transcripts, summaries, chapter breakdowns, and timestamps that can be used as ready-to-post blogs and social media content.

  • Streamlined process: The platform is designed with user-friendly processes in mind. Simply upload your podcast MP3, select the outputs you desire, and let the AI handle the rest. Your post-production assets will be delivered in no time, allowing you to bid farewell to hours of manual work.

  • Versatile content creation: Castmagic goes the extra mile in maximizing your content output. It is capable of turning audio into summaries, show notes, social posts, timestamps, highlights, bios, key takeaways, newsletters, and more. This functionality makes it an indispensable tool in today's fast-paced digital content landscape.

  • Ideal for various users: Castmagic is an excellent tool not just for podcasters, but also for producers, showrunners, content marketers, and creators looking to streamline their post-production process and expand their content output.

Try Castmagic today and elevate your podcasting and content creation to new heights!

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Reoon Email Verifier

Reoon Email Verifier is a comprehensive tool that helps in verifying and validating your email list with remarkable simplicity and accuracy. The verifier comes packed with a host of features that make it stand out in the competitive email marketing space.

Key features of Reoon Email Verifier include:

  • Bulk Email Validation: Effortlessly upload your email list for bulk verification. The system cleans up your list, checking for validity and accuracy.

  • Email Verification for Various Providers: Reoon can verify emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other domains, ensuring broad compatibility and usefulness across different platforms.

  • Protection Against Temporary/Disposable Addresses: The tool can dynamically detect temporary and disposable email addresses, saving you from wasting resources on these transient contacts.

  • Quick API Validation: Utilize the API to verify users' emails live during their registration in just 0.5 seconds. This feature ensures that the collected emails are valid right from the point of registration.

  • Soft Bounce Detection: The verifier can detect soft bounces, such as full storage or disabled accounts, protecting your sender reputation.

  • Versatile Verification Methods: You can either directly submit your email list for verification or upload it as a CSV file. Both methods ensure efficient and accurate email validation.

  • In-depth Results Analysis: After the verification, an exhaustive analysis report of the email validation results is provided. You can also download the segmented email lists based on the status of the individual email addresses.

  • WordPress Plugin Compatibility: If you are using WordPress, you can benefit from Reoon's WordPress Plugin. This plugin can verify email addresses during form submission, thereby protecting your site from invalid or temporary emails.

Try out the Reoon Email Verifier today and improve the success rate of your email campaigns significantly!

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More notable Appsumo deals to explore in July 2024

Writecream AI Content Generator

Writecream AI LTD

Generate personalized outreach email & LinkedIn Intros in minutes...

Writecream AI Content Generator

Writecream AI LTD

Generate personalized outreach email & LinkedIn Intros in minutes...

Writecream AI Content Generator

Writecream AI LTD

Generate personalized outreach email & LinkedIn Intros in minutes...

Writecream AI Content Generator

Writecream AI LTD

Generate personalized outreach email & LinkedIn Intros in minutes...

Writecream AI Content Generator

Writecream AI LTD

Generate personalized outreach email & LinkedIn Intros in minutes...

Writecream AI Content Generator

Writecream AI LTD

Generate personalized outreach email & LinkedIn Intros in minutes...

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