We love coffee, and we are crazy about content. The rare. scarce, actionable and mind-blowing content that provokes action.

Whether you seek to educate, inform, inspire, challenge, provoke action or simply pour your heart out, words can really turn out to be powerful tools. However not everyone has an easy way with words, and even those who do, are constantly honing their skills.

We Are Not  Just a Company!

Rather, we are a family of crazy individuals who believe that words, when carefully crafted and jam-packed full with information, have the power to build great connections, leave visible marks, foster loyalty and increase conversions. That’s why our sole aim here at The Penny Matters is to power the content creation process.

We do so, by empowering content creators like you, to generate, create, design and distribute stellar content that achieves the above four objectives of content creation We believe that Cheap Content is not worth our time, and you should too!

What we Believe in:

  • We believe that knowledge, scarce and rare, is transmitted in form of words as content, and should be cherished and preserved
  • We believe that sometimes it’s okay to call people on their bullshit if that’s the only way to slap humanity back to their systems.
  • We believe we are a hiring and not a firing  company, and we do everything to retain our employees, even when it’s their choice to leave
  • We believe that no company should ever be driven by the urge to increase its cash flows, but rather the urge to empower its customers to think differently and creatively.
  • We believe that a company cannot be built by the in-staff alone and that the users of the platform should be empowered to build it as well.

Meet The Founder

Victor Korir: Founder and Content Strategist.

I am Vickie; a chief believer in the power of words, pen, and ink.  As a 22-year-old Kenyan, born and raised, I have always been fascinated by people’s stories and their innate tendency to fight for their dreams, even when it’s taking them too long.

This creation was born out of the desire to help content creators who had something to say, to say it in a way that connects and resonates with their readers. I believe in the beauty of our dreams, and trust me, things do get better. I promise 🙂

Be an Emily!


Emily grew up believing that she had the entire world under her feet. She doesn’t appear though, like one type of a girl who would smash you right on your face if you mess up with her. Rather, she is religiously confident, composed and with eyes that never stop dreaming.

However, like most people who end up in the blogging industry, things weren’t going as fast as she had anticipated. To meet her blogging costs, which are by no mean feat, she had to find a side hustle. She opted for freelancing, as an article writer.

As if odds were not on her side, she got scammed her hard-earned money several times, and when she got paid, it was nothing but a penny.

Maybe it was time to give up and go find a payday job.

This kind of thought wouldn’t sit well with Emily. She is a fighter, not a quitter. So instead, she rolled up her sleeves, and determined more than ever, she dived in to find everything she could about blogging and freelancing.

That’s when she came across The Penny Matters, a website that helped her with great actionable tips in running a successful blog and maintaining a promising online business.


The truth is, finding a website that is generous with unique and tested tips is hard. The Penny Matters exists to power the entire content creation process and put a smile on the faces of people like Emily.