Simple Tips to Write an eBook That Achieves its Purpose

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When I wrote my first book, Talking Humans to Humanity, I had no idea what the kind of mission I had just ventured into.

While I enjoyed the writing part of it, I had no idea that marketing it was going to be a great nightmare. To keep things going, you need to write an eBook that would be irresistible in the market.

Writing is easier, marketing is the hardest part of self-publishing!

Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind as you continue penning down that great killer content, which you even envision that it’s gonna be a world’s Bestseller… as James Altucher would say

Top three Reasons Why You Should Write an eBook

There are several reasons why you would want to write an eBook, but here are the main ones, as suggested by some famous experts in the field like Chandler Bolt.

1. An Authoritative eBook Spices Up Your Personal Brand

Think of what it takes to think of writing a book, eventually writing it, marketing it to finally have it as a talk of the day by your targeted audience. If you believe in your book, you are not going to rest until it gets downloaded, read and reviewed by those you specifically wrote it for.

As an author, your brand is established and you are automatically positioned as an expert in your field.

If you decide to write a book giving tips on blogging, SEO strategies, building email lists, etc. then your brand will be established around the blogging niche.

2. eBooks are Great Sources of Income to Bloggers and writers.

Whether you gonna have it published on Amazon Kindle, Smash words, Create-space, Book Baby, Lulu or even your own website, revenues will always find their way to your bank account!

Come to think of this, you need money to sustain your blog and to improve it, to pay bills and to treat your soul mate, right?

3. eBooks are Great Giveaways Incentives to Grab Your Readers Email addresses.

Email marketing is becoming a very important strategy to sustaining your blogs, both for continued and assured percentage of traffic to your website, and as customers for your own products and services or affiliated ones.

In this case, you are willing to give away your great eBook for free, in exchange for their email addresses. And just because it is a giveaway, do not offer junk! Loyalty is hard to build, yet so easy to break. You don’t want a high rate of unsubscribes, do you?

Before You Write an eBook ….


Think as a publisher, not as an author.

From the onset, you have to envision and be crystal clear on where you want to take your book. Also, do a thorough and effective research on self-publishing. I highly recommend visiting The Write Life‘s category on self-publishing to get more inspirations.

Use keywords such as ‘How to Write an eBook,” to find tips from experts. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, do you?

What are your goals, why now?

Below are some of the questions you should ponder about before you start writing your book?

What problem am I going to solve in this book?

  • Who are my target audiences?
  • What don’t they know, which I know and which they should know about this niche?
  • Is this something I love?
  • Where will I sell or offer my book?
  • What are similar books in this niche, and how competitive and authoritative are they?
  • What are my marketing strategies?
  • What Connections do I need to make before launching my book
  • Who should be my accountability partner?

Things to Do Before, When and After Writing Your Great eBook.

Build Connections:

Marketing is going to be a hard part, get prepared.

Find authoritative brands in your niche, comment on their blogs, follow, tweet their stuff, be their friends and let them know what you do.

Also, with time, let them know that you would be releasing your new book soon and you would love to gift them a copy! Most of them will read, and even review it on their blog if they sure love it.

If they love it, they might send an email with download link to their subscribers! That’s like paying someone $10000 to do that!

Have an accountability partner (s).

Writing could sometimes get tiring, and you might be tempted to throw your killer eBook to the fire when you are just about to climax.

Having an accountability partner will help put that dire needed pressure on you, and you will not rest until you fulfill your promises.

A good way to do that is to let a word out. Post it on social media, let your relatives and friends know that you are working on a book project.

Go ahead even farther to let your subscribers know that you will be releasing a new book soon. Blog about it.

Think like a publisher, not a writer.

By this I mean apply the principle of prudence. Time is an important resource, and so if you are using it to venture into something that is not going to achieve its purpose, you better don’t.

Businesses work as a team… who is going to be your editor, cover designer, a hard-core critique, launch facilitator etc?

Choose a topic you are passionate about…

To offer value, you need to have that value within it. There are hundreds of thousands of niches to choose from, go for the one you are passionate about.

Do a thorough research on the topic and scope you want to handle.

Before you write an eBook, you need to have the statistics right. Read similar books and eBooks, visit blogs on your niche, find newspapers and reports.

After writing your book, you might want to do further research on how to effectively market your book as well as outsourcing

Block out Writing Time.

Simple Tips To Write An EBook That Achieves Its Purpose

While you might feel agitated writing when you don’t feel like, you have to learn to adjust accordingly if at all you want to see your book published.

Set aside time which will be specifically used for writing the book each day, and focus on doing nothing but just write it. This is not the time for formatting, editing or research.

It is the time to write! When it comes to writing, you need to Practice the Art of Self-Discipline.

How Long Should it Take to Write an eBook?

My first book took me approximately three years to have a complete manuscript ready for publishing. I started writing it while I was in high school, all the way through college.

However, a book doesn’t have to take that long! My next book is approximated to take about eight weeks, and am thus looking forward to having it published online in mid-March.

Write an eBook in 2017

On my view, though, ever since I published my first eBook, book writing shouldn’t take too long. This is so because it stands to lose the psyche and euphoria that comes with the striking thought of I want to get Published!’

However, the duration also majorly depends on the length of the book and the amount of research you need to do before and while writing your book.

Simple Tips to Write an eBook That Achieves its Purpose.

Though there is no a one-size-fits-all formula or approach to book writing, I am a strong believer in learning from the mistakes and experiences of others.

However, do not be afraid of venturing in new horizons… Over my few years in the book and blogging industry, I believe that these little tips will help you create a book that will be a must-read.

Time to spice up the internet sphere, let’s get started.

1. Carefully Choose your Niche for Your Book!

Is your book going to be a fiction or a non-fiction? Why the choice? Perhaps it’s gonna be a non-fiction because you want to offer some tips on dating, relationships, blogging, business etc? What scope?

The choice of your niche should be around what you enjoy doing? If your blog is about relationships, then writing a book around that niche will be far more effective than crafting one on ‘Trading Forex Internationally.

2. Create Something Others Don’t Easily get it for Free!

The point is to remain authentic, genuine and unique. Offer value, that’s what your readers and customers will be willing to exchange them for their dollars and email addresses.

Don’t just write an eBook, write a unique and irresistible one.

Do a serious research, get personal and maintain a friendly conversational yet professional tone.

3. Craft a Great Book Title.

Your book title says a lot about the content, it’s an eye to your book.

The ideal title is one that encapsulates the main concept conveyed in the book in just a few words. While choosing a book title, you should also consider the title whose domain name has not been taken.

Sometimes, later on, you will need to create a website for your book for more exposure. If you are new to blogging, then I suggest you read my latest post: Ten Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog in 2017

4. Write Your Book Paying Keen Attention to Your Target Audience.

Your readers are the ‘Coca-Cola’ of your writing company. Major on them, write to them. I want to pick up and read a book which addresses ‘me’ and not just the general masses.

In other words, know your audience well. Know what they are lacking, and provide to them in the book. Quench their thirst and they will be your loyal subscribers.

5. Lead Your Readers Back to Your Site.

If your book will be downloaded on self-publishing sites like Amazon, then you are 100% sure that you will never know who did download your book, and never will you lay hands on their email addresses.

One simple trick is to offer a freebie on your website which is related to the contents of your book.Then on the front of your book, include a provocative call to action sentence like:

“Thanks for downloading this book. As a gratitude, I am offering you access to my FREE REPORTS ON…. Click Here to get it Now!”

Your Turn?

Thanks for reading through this post and for leaving a comment below, which I know you will…

Are you currently working on your book? How is the going, the challenges, and the fun? Feel free to let me know in the comments section… Or planning to write one? I will be glad to help.

Leave a comment in the comment section below and I will get back to you, or head over to my Contact page. See you right then, 🙂

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