How to successfully Write Your First eBook.

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How to successfully Write Your First eBook. 1

But Why write your first eBook?

Imagine the sound of someone flipping through the pages of your new eBook.  What would it feel like, waking up every morning, knowing that you are spicing up the internet sphere with some valuable information packaged as an eBook?

With an eBook, you will be free to tell anyone that ‘I am published.’ That is a sense of pride that comes with accomplishment.

But when will your book be out?

I am pretty sure that this is not the first time you have always wished to write your first eBook. You’ve had this thought a couple of times, and you have always brushed it off, with some flimsy excuses like:

I got some important things to do now.

How to fix: Place great importance on your book and it will make it up your to-do list

I got no time yet, I will write later.

How to fix: Start with an outline and schedule the chapters at the most convenient times. Stick to the schedules.

I really don’t know what to write about.

How to fix: Find out what you love doing, what your blog is about. Then delve into a bit of research on these topics.

However to write your first eBook is not complicated as it seems to be. Producing top-notch content that readers would willingly exchange for their dollars is not rocket science either.

You see, if really want to do something, we will find a way. If not, we will look for excuses. I have been a victim of procrastination before. I would simply push forward anything that would appear to be more demanding at the moment. What this resulted in are piles of uncompleted tasks whose deadlines are long overdue.

The only way to start writing your first eBook is to start writing your first eBook!

There are no hidden secrets. You’ve got to wake up and face the tasks head on. Do not push anything forward, while you can have it done now.

So how do you write Your First eBook?

The art of self-discipline demands that you get down to tasks as soon as they arise. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. get down to planning and writing your book.

Analyze your niche, and choose what you want to write about.

Your expertise comes handy when it comes to producing something epic for your readers. To successfully write and sell your first eBook, you need to choose a topic you are passionate about.

Note that writing an eBook is something that requires total commitment, and so, if you are not passionate about what you are writing about, chances are, you are most likely going to send the drafts into the dustbin and forget about them altogether.

Set SMART goals and stick to them.

Goals keep us on track. Writing an eBook should be taken as one’s dream career sort of, and hence the need to have clearly set objectives for your new venture.

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Set realistic and attainable goals with time limits.

Develop an action plan. The thought of writing your own first ever eBook can be very overwhelming, but when this is broken down to smaller actionable sections, it appears very possible.

For instance you can commit to be writing one chapter of your book a week, where you take three days to research, and four days to write it.

Block out writing time daily.

Set aside at least 2 hours a day to work on your book. The tasks could include researching, drafting and writing. Do not edit your work at this time. Just allow the flow of ideas to go on smoothly without disruptions.

Start with an Outline.

Do not just jump into the hefty task first, without proper compass that will direct you where you should go next. From the objectives you set above, you can use them to generate steps/chapters for your book.

Where applicable, you can also include subheadings. What are you planning to include in each of the outlined chapters.

Set a total word count.

How many words do you want your eBook to sum up to? Depending on the scope of your book, you can have an eBook with as low as 10000 words to as high as 100000 words count. Then clearly state for how long you would like to be writing your book, e.g. two months, six months etc.

Set Weekly Goals and Meet them. For instance, if you have committed to be writing a chapter a week, stick to that.

Go through your work.

If you stick to your goals, chances are your book will be ready in about two months or less time. Duration largely depends on your commitment and the length of your book. After your book is done, read through it again and again, rewrite where necessary. You may also need to reorganize your thoughts.

Find an editor.

Never publish your own work, if it has not gone through the hands of one or two editors. Some errors slip thorough our eyes when we are proofreading our own work, no matter how keen to details we believe we are. Find a third party who is a professional editor to refine your work. You may need to have a budget for this, or you can ask a friend to help out. You can also hire one freelance editor or writer.

Write Your First eBook: Mistakes to Avoid.

You don’t want to sell yourself so low, do you? An eBook is taken more seriously than a normal blog post, no matter how long it is.  An eBook got some gravitas within it. And given the fact that it carries your name, you would want to avoid anything that will degrade your authorship brand. To successfully write your first eBook, you need to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Being Your Own Proofreader.

As a writer, you are the world’s worst proofreader for your own work. Do not hire yourself as your own proofreader.  Find an experienced proofreader, or sweet talk an expert friend. A third eye will be able to spot mistakes which you couldn’t tell as writer.

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  1. Thinking as a Writer and not a Publisher.

As an independent author, you will need to do everything that a publishing house does. Think of how you want your book to perform in the market. Come up with a great team… Cover designer, content editor, managerial editor, copy editor, testimonials in-charge, marketing in-charge, hard-core critique, launch facilitator, etc.

For a writer who wants to write your first eBook, you need to deliver great and competitive product to the market. There are millions of books already published on amazon Kindle alone, how do you stand out?

  1. Choosing a Topic You Think Will Sell Yet You Know Nothing about it.

The rule of the thumb remains: Go for something you are passionate about, otherwise you are going to doom your book before it is even written. Which topics do you often write about on your blog? What interests do you normally post on social media? You get the gist, right?

If your blog is about relationships, why would you go for something like, “Earning Money Trading Forex?”

  1. Convincing Yourself That you are Good Enough, and that you do not need an editor.

Every writer needs an editor. We are rarely 50% when it comes to our grammar and work flow. Some newbies are eager to have their books online, and also want to get away with some editorial fees!

I understand that editing can sometimes be very expensive, especially if you go for the experts in the field. But sometimes you do not necessarily need money. You need connections and good relationships. This way, you can have a pro do it for you for free.

  1. Not Editing and Rewriting their own Work.

Before you submit your book to an editor, you need to review your book a couple of times until you are convinced that your book is worth someone’s time.

Cut off meaningless sentences or even paragraphs. Reorder headlines and chapters until your book gets the flow you desire.

By reviewing and editing your book severally, the content gets to stick to your head, and the message becomes even more clearer.

  1. Being Your Own Book Cover Designer.

You are pretty the worst applicant for this job. Outsource this service from relatively cheap designers on freelancing sites like Freelance, Upwork, Fiverr etc.

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Are you looking to generate passive income by selling eBooks, but don’t know where to start?



Enroll in Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp, Ana’s new online video course, and learn how to write, launch and sell your first (or next) bestselling eBook!

How to successfully Write Your First eBook. 1

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