The Penny Matters is a home of content creators who believe that cheap content is not worth their time. Our sole purpose is to power the entire content creation process. We publish highly engaging content on starting an online business, sel-publishing, freelance writing,digital marketing as well as tips and hacks on navigating the blogging world.

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Rather, we are a family of crazy individuals who believe that words, when carefully crafted and jam-packed full with information, have the power to build great connections, leave visible marks, foster loyalty and increase conversions. That’s why our sole aim here at The Penny Matters is to power the content creation process.

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How to Organize Your Week for Optimum Productivity

Freelancing offers a lot of freedom, but the only way to success is productivity. The liberty of freelancing can be the very road which can lead us down to a highly unproductive path. As freelancers, we face many unique problems when it comes to productivity. Unlike...

16 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your First Book

You don’t want to sell yourself so low, do you? An eBook is taken more seriously than a normal blog post, no matter how long it is.  An eBook got some gravitas within it. And given the fact that it carries your name, you would want to avoid anything that will degrade...

Ten Critical Steps to Writing Unique Blog Posts

To stand out from the online noise, you need to establish yourself as a brand. The brand needs uniqueness and value. Today, we look at ten critical steps to writing unique blog posts and avoid plagiarism. Writing Unique Blog Posts Here are quick and simple ten...

63 Ways to Make Your Blog Go Viral

‘Going Viral’ means thousands of social media shares, hundreds of sites linking to it and unusually enormous traffic. But do you really want to make your blog go viral? What are some of the ways to make your blog go viral? Seriously though, who...

Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin

When Bitcoin was first started in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, there were only a few people who thought that cryptocurrency could someday compete with traditional currency. Want to save for later use? Simply pin this post so that you can come back to it later. Most...

Boost productivity as a freelancer in 4 easy steps

You need to boost productivity as a freelancer in order to make the most of your time and skills. Being productive is paramount, though it’s not just about checking boxes off your to-do- list , getting the right tasks done correctly and in the right time frame....

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