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What Are The Benefits Of Speeding Up Your Website?

There are a dozen or two benefits of speeding up your website.

So, if your website is operating at a snail’s pace you are making a grievous mistake online. Besides being just plainly annoying, there are several other side effects that this might have on your website’s user metrics and how much people actually enjoy visiting your site.

People don’t like visiting slow websites and are more likely to hit that back button nowadays more than before.


When it comes to website speed, you not only need to optimize your website for faster loading on desktop but on mobile as well. A huge chunk of internet browsing is now done over mobile phones.

If your website is only optimized to service the needs of desktop browsers, you’re missing out on the amount of potential traffic from mobile users.

Users of your website that you obtained via desktop might lose their confidence in your website if they can’t also view it in a satisfactory manner on their phones should the need arise.

How to Improve Your Page Load Speed

  • Clearly plan your website layout
  • Have a clear navigation for better user experience
  • Remove unused or unnecessary CSS and/ HTML
  • Remove the number of display ads using JavaScript on your website
  • Optimize your images before uploading them on to your website using tools such as TinyPNG
  • Use browser caching

Benefits Of Speeding Up Your Website

Let’s now have a look at some of the benefits you get when you optimize your website and websites for speed loading.

Better On Site Experience

We should all face the truth that as far as web-browsing goes, our attention spans are fairly limited due to all of the possible information we can potentially take in during a five minute period on the internet. For this reason, most users do not tolerate a delay of even a few seconds and will readily abandon a website should it take longer than practically immediately to load.

People leaving your website early translates into lost Page-views and lost sales. If you use WordPress on your site, choosing a speedy WordPress host for the UK is crucial as a Brand Perfect survey of 2500 online shoppers found that 67% of respondents from the UK said that they chose to abandon an online purchase they were going to make due to a sluggish website.


Having a slow website is one of the simplest ways to irritate users away from your website.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to user experience page load time affects SEO as Google uses web page load speed as one of its 200+ ranking factors. Slow loading websites result in people bouncing back from your web-page. High bounce rates tells Google that people do not find value they are looking for from your website, and hence low search rankings.

Slowly loading web-pages reduce your conversion rate, page views, and customer satisfaction by percentage points in the double-digit range. Any prudent webmaster should maximize the results of each individual action they put on their web-page.

Increased Sales and Profits

The key to making sales online is having your visitors to hang around, long enough to make a purchase decision. That’s why content marketing is critical. Fast loading websites not only give your visitors great user experience but also help them find what they are looking for faster, hence can easily navigate from your blog page where they landed, to Services and Product pages without waiting for eternity for the single pages to load.

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