30 Days Blogging Challenge

To take your blogging experience to a higher level, I invite you to try my premium email course and challenge: the 30 Days Blogging Challenge. For thirty days, you will receive dedicated emails, tasks, evaluations, videos, and opportunities.

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“Checked the Challenge Outline and it looks amazing and intense. Something that today’s blogger would need to succeed.”

~Walter Akolo, founder Freelancer Kenya

What is included in this 30 Days Blogging Challenge:

  • Thirty Great Modules Designed to help you become a pro blogger
  • Custom support during the challenge
  • Free editing and optimization of your posts up to (4 posts)
  • Free Website analysis and feedback

All these for $30 only.

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The Complete Curriculum for The 30 Days Blogging Challenge

Have a look at what you are going to learn. Every day, you will receive a module that comprises the day’s lesson, resources and a challenge that you have to complete

Module 1: Pack and Hype

These thirty days are going to be demanding, challenging and revolutionizing. To make the best of them, you need to get energized and charged up. This is what this module is designed for. We help you pack everything that you will need for the journey.

Module 2: Introduction to the Basics of Blogging

Everything that you need to know about blogging including, domain addresses, business email address, hosting, myths and the beauty of blogging.

Module 3: Minimalism approach to Website Design and Layout

No one loves a cluttered and a complicated website. How do you ensure that your website is classically simple?

Module 4: Authority and Branding

Branding comes in two ways: personal and business. You need to establish yourself as an authority in a particular niche and have a great brand that is associated with transparency, quality and usefulness.

Module 5: Ultimate Content Creation process.

Content creation is both an art and a science. Learn how to create contents that wows your audience and provokes desired emotions, and hence compelling designed actions such as purchases, subscription, clicks for more reading etc.

Module 6: Introduction to Evergreen Content.

This is the type of content that influencers would want to link to, people would want to share with their friends etc. These types of contents are what continue to bring hundreds and hundreds of visitors to your blog each month.

Module 7: Introduction to Long Form Content

How do you come up with 101 ways to stay motivated, or 63 ways to make your blog go viral? Search engines, especially Google love long content that is immensely helpful to users. Your readers also enjoy a post that discusses everything on how to go about it, and they would want to bookmark it. Learn how to create such posts with less effort.

Module 8: Steps to Creating Unique Blog Posts.

Since most of our work as bloggers involve intensive research, unless you are blogging about your own personal life, dealing with plagiarism issues is normally a great challenge. This module details steps to follow to come up with a great unique post that is free from plagiarism.

Module 9: Finding Inspirations for Your Blog Posts.

Coming up with blog post ideas can become a really tiring process, especially when you’ve been blogging consistently for a while. This module is designed to help you easily generate blog post ideas

This Class is currently ongoing and not open for enrolment.

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Module 10: Introduction to the Art of Story Telling.

A story, something that your readers can relate with, when smoothly woven into a blog post enhances credibility of the post, creates rapport and build loyalty with your readers. This module of the blogging challenge is thus designed to help you weave great stories into your great posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the second edition of the challenge with over 30 challengers who have successfully gone through the course. This time we wanted to ensure that anyone who cannot afford $197 could still grab the challenge and hopefully create a real online business through their blog. That’s why we are only charging $30 for this edition’s challenge

The March edition kicks off on 20th March through 20th April, 2018. Enrollment closes on 18th March, 2018

The next edition is coming up on mid-June. We normally run 4 editions of this challenge annually. That is, March edition, June edition, September edition, and December edition

The 30 Days Blogging Challenge will be available at a range price of $97-197

Sure! We review your submissions/completion of tasks provided per lesson and give you a detailed feedback in a typical 2 business days


Module 11: Web Design for Conversion

Your website layout should make it relatively easy for your readers to subscribe. While this could seem really technical, with minimalism tweaks, it doesn’t have to be.

Module 12: Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO is great, and if you are not optimizing your posts and pages for SEO, then you are missing out. We take you through the basics of SEO in this module, Yoast plugin installation as well as set up.

Module 13:  Advanced SEO Guide; SEO in 2018

What does SEO really mean in 2018? Well, it is more of user engagement than links, keywords and meta tags. We take you through the advanced SEO tips in this module

Module 14: Ultimate Content Promotion Guide

Getting your posts to the right audience at the right time is a challenge that many new bloggers go through. This module is designed to provide tips, platforms and resources to increase the number of visitors who visit your site.

Module 15: Building an Email List like a pro

Email marketing is, and continues being a goldmine. However, building your email list when you are still new to the blogging industry can be really overwhelming. This module is designed to help you get your first 1000 subscribers within three months.

Module 16: Resource: The Only Plugins You Will Ever Need

Plugins are amazing features that come with WordPress. You can literally find a plugin for every problem. however, plugins slow down your site. You would then want to have only the necessary plugins installed and activated on your website. This module is a resource of the free plugins that your blog/website must have.

Module 17: Introduction Guide to Guest Posting.

Guest posting on prominent sites is one of the ways to market your brand, prove your authority and drive massive traffic to your blog. You need to do it right, the first time. Everything about it is covered in this lesson.

Module 18: Freelance Blogging

Want to establish yourself as a freelance blogger that gets handsome pay for every post they write for other sites? Learn what you need, the skills and tips on how to get started.

Module 19: Pitches That Get Replies

Cold pitching is a term famous in the freelancing world. As a blogger, it is crucial that you are skilled in writing pitches that provoke a reply. You could be pitching for collaboration, freelance blogging opportunity or even a feature on their websites. How do you go about it?

Module 20: Introduction to Visual Contents

Visual content is now really appealing, not only to the users of your blog, but also the search engines. However, creating them can be time-consuming, especially when you have to shoot a video, upload it to YouTube and then embed it on your blog. Here we cover tools and tips to get you started on the visual contents ( stock photos, graphics, infographics, videos, animations)

This Class is currently ongoing and not open for enrolment.

To be notified of the next class coming this July, fill in your details below

Module 21: Mastering Canva for graphics

Canva is a great platform to design great graphics for your posts. However, if you are new to the site, you will find it a little bit hard, but as time goes by, you will be a pro designer without spending a dime. This is a step by step guide to get you started.

Module 22: Make Money Blogging

No Google Adsense, no flashing adverts. This module details a step by step approach towards making money blogging while being of great help to your readers, building loyalty and getting referrals from them.

Module 23: How to Create Winning Freebies.

Whether it’s a resource library, a free checklist, an eBook or a free email course, learning to tailor your freebies to the current needs of your readers is what results in higher conversions. This module details tips, tools and awesome resources.

Module 24: Premium Digital Product  and Services Design, Creation and Launch.

Selling your own products is one of the best way to sustain your blog. Given that there are tons of such already existing, you want to ensure that yours is one that readers would pick amidst thousands others.

Module 25: Quality Traffic that Converts

We share several tips on how to get quality visitors, retain them and expand your reach

Module 26: Introduction to Pinterest Traffic.

Pinterest is really a great resource to get your first quality visitors. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest is a search engine rather than a social media platform. Never ever do follow for follow on Pinterest. This module gives you everything to skyrocket your page views within six months of getting started.

Module 27: Introduction to Blog management service.

Now that you are a WordPress nerd and a techie, why not use those skills to manage blogs for cooperates and charge a premium fee? Some bloggers have really used this to their advantage, and in this lesson, we show you how.

Module 28: Faster Website Techniques.

If your website is taking nine seconds to fully load, then you can be really surprised at how many people have left your website without any action. The good news is that, there are a number of things that you can do to speed it up, all shared in your 28th day lesson of the blogging challenge.

Module 29: Your Blog Review.

On this particular day, you will be prompted to ensure that you have implemented most of the strategies discussed in the previous modules. If you need to make changes, then you can go ahead. Then you will submit your blog to be analyzed by our team. You will get a detailed review 7 days after the challenge. (27th April, 2018)

Module 30: Your Six Months Strategy

Wow! The last day of the challenge, and you are no longer the newbie in the blogging industry. Now it’s that time to think bigger, think business. This module is set to help you come up with effective strategies to run your blog for the next six months, and manifest great success, while utilizing all the lessons you’ve learned in this blogging challenge.

This is a seasonal challenge that provides immense support during the course of the challenge. Therefore, we can only enroll a limited number of students per season. Don’t miss out. Grab all these for $30 only

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Mysson Victor, am the founder and content strategist here at The Penny Matters. I started this platform to empower content creators so as to create contents that people would want to read, print out, bookmark and even share with their friends.

This Class is currently ongoing and not open for enrolment.

To be notified of the next class coming this July, fill in your details below

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