Discover How to Build a Thriving Blogging Business even When You Are Just a Beginner

You are starting off on your blogging journey, and you want to hopefully make money and foot your bills with it.

Then something happens. No one reads your blog, no one signs up, no one buys your product… Does anyone even know that you exist?

Before you know it, a year has elapsed and your web host provider knocks in with ridiculously higher web host renewal fees. You don’t see the point of even renewing your hosting, so you firmly decide to strangle your blog to death.

Does Anyone Even Make Money Blogging?

Yes, thousands of bloggers bring in six figures in revenues monthly. There is absolutely something they are doing right, which you are not! They approach blogging as a business.

Approaching Blogging as a Business


What does a Business do?

  • Valuing their customers
  • Improvising Their Products and Services
  • Listening to Customers Complaints
  • Acting (not reacting) on the feedback
  • Networking, partnering, outsourcing
  • Building a list and Finding leads

Introducing the “Ultimate Blogging Pack: All You Need to Blog Like a Pro,” Formerly, 30 Days Blogging Challenge

For thirty days, you will receive dedicated email modules, tasks, evaluations, opportunities.

All these for just $1 per day…

What is included in this Course

  • Thirty Great Modules Designed to help you become a pro blogger
  • Invitation to Guest Post on The Penny Matters.
  • Free editing and optimization of your posts up to (4 posts)

Learn The Basics of Blogging

From simple to complex blogging terminologies, introduction to content creation process and formats.

Building Authority Online

Blogging Success involves the creation of an irresistible and highly helpful brand.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

We will look at diverse ways to make money with your blog. You do not need a big audience to do that!

Effective Content Creation Strategy

We take you through the 11 steps we take to create content that speaks to the souls of our readers

Want to browse All the 30 Modules?

Scroll down below to find more about the course curriculum and detailed info about everthyhing that is covered in this course.

Backed By Industry Experts


“Checked the Challenge Outline and it looks amazing and intense. Something that today’s blogger would need to succeed. The training covers thirty different skills which is quite impressive, as it is hard to come by an extensive all-in-one blogging course. Walter Akolo

Founder, FreelancerKenya

Graduate Students

Current Students

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Ultimate Blogging Pack: Complete Curriculum

  • Pack and Hype
  • Introduction to the Basics of Blogging
  • Minimalism approach to Website Design and Layout
  • Authority and Branding
  •  Ultimate Content Creation process
  •  Introduction to Evergreen Content.
  •  Introduction to Long Form Content
  • Steps to Creating Unique Blog Posts.
  • Finding Inspirations for Your Blog Posts.
  • Introduction to the Art of Story Telling.
  •  Web Design for Conversion
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced SEO Guide; SEO in 2018
  • Ultimate Content Promotion Guide
  •  Building an Email List like a pro
  • Resource: List of Essential Plugins
  •  Introduction Guide to Guest Posting.
  • Freelance Blogging
  • Introduction to Visual Contents
  • Mastering Canva for graphics
  • Make Money Blogging
  • How to Create Winning Freebies.
  • Premium Digital Product  Creation 
  • Blog Traffic Guide
  • introduction to Pinterest Traffic.
  • introduction to Blog management
  • Faster Website Techniques.
  • Your Blog Review.
  • Your Six Months Strategy

Meet Your Instructor


My name is Mysson Victor, am the founder and content strategist here at The Penny Matters. I started this platform to empower content creators so as to create contents that people would want to read, print out, bookmark and even share with their friends.

Pricing and Payment Plans


p style=”text-align: left;”>The course is now offered at $19.99 only payable via Mpesa or PayPal. Contact us on Whatsapp via +254774758574. 

To enroll, send the amount based on the plans above to my PayPal email or equivalent amounts to MPESA number +254711508815. Once you have successfully made payments, contact the support via Whatsapp +254774758574 or via email

Get the Very Steps We Use When Creating Content

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