39 Digital Marketing Blogs That Serious Bloggers Read

Run an online business or have a small business venture? Then these digital marketing blogs will give you the hacks and tips to scale faster

Over the past few years, I have come across some of the best digital marketing blogs which have helped me sharpen my digital marketing skills.

While my background is actually in Analytical chemistry (graduated last year), I have been able to start a successful blog full of actionable insights courtesy of these blogs.

In this list, I have compiled a list of my top 40 content marketing blogs that you need to be reading daily.

Actually, think of these as 40 different digital marketing skills that you need to grow your business as every blog teaches specific skills.

Best digital marketing blogs

1) Semrush SEO blog

Digital marketing blogs Semrush

Apart from providing the most robust SEO tool, Semrush also runs great content marketing blogs on matters of Search, SEO, SEM, PPC, and content development.

Have a look at how they strategically venture into newsworthy topics with their Data Studies category which tends to be picked up pretty easily by other creators… Eg their Top ten most popular politicians in social media posts ( Taking this step further with an infographic)

2) Backlinko

When it comes to content marketing, SEO is big. You need to be thinking about how you gonna ensure that your content is ranked on Google for specific keywords.

Backlinko publishes ultimate guides on topics such as SEO tips, link building, Guest posting, SEO tools, and much more.

Honestly, I think if you follow Brian’s blog for a year, learning and implementing his tactics, you will be able to move from a novice to a pro in content development.

3) EnchantingMarketing

Content development is a huge part of content marketing. Writing content that people will read, relate to, and implement should be something to aim for.

EnchantingMarketing’s blog posts will teach you everything that you need to up your content marketing game.

By following the EnchantingMarketing blog, you will learn to write well, write like a human, harness the power of storytelling, write better copy for your pages and services, etc.

4) ConvertKit’s Tradecraft

Content Marketing is a part of the overall digital marketing industry. Content marketing works hand in hand with the other types of digital marketing such as Email marketing and social marketing.

Convertkit publishes great content on email marketing, landing page hacks, conversion marketing, and list-building

5) Persuasion Nation

Persuasion Nation’s blog is jam-packed full of practical tips, tools, and resources to help you plan, create and launch online courses

If you are looking to list build for a pre-launch, develop sales funnels, promote online courses, or do automated webinars then Persuasion-nation’s blog is right for you.

6) Buffer

Buffer, being a social media scheduling tool, publishes great content that helps content creators take back their time, stay productive, and access content marketing resources that they need

With this blog, you will learn marketing trends, predictions, news, and analytics across different social media platforms including Pinterest.

7) Gaps

Gaps digital marketing niches

Case studies are huge when it comes to aligning your content strategy.

Gaps publishes in-depth case studies that will help you refine your content development processes so you can better serve your audience.

These are case studies you will never find anywhere else.

8) Detailed

Detailed is a phenomenal content marketing blog that focuses solely on SEO tips and tools.

While most SEO blogs will give you short not-so-useful techniques that only leave you hanging, Detailed’s posts are so detailed and actionable.

Most of the tips shared are unique and you most certainly won’t find them anywhere else.

And yes, Detailed is run by the same guy behind Gaps.com How he pulls these two together is beyond me.

9) Smart Blogger

Want to learn how to write content that people will read to every word? Then SmartBlogger should be your go-to resource.

You will learn how to create readable blogs, write compelling headlines, use power words, as well as get access to blogging resources to help you in the process

10) OkDork

When you mention Sumo and Appsumo, what comes to mind?

These are huge businesses that actually started small. Sumo is used by millions of bloggers and thousands of creators have subscribed to Appsumo’s product curation newsletter.

Noah, the guy behind these two companies, shares his tips on taking companies from $0 to $500000 worth of revenues through his blog, OkDork

11) Ryan Robinson

Ensuring that your content reaches the right audience is akin to your content marketing success.

Ryan Robinson teaches you the secrets he has used to build a successful blog since 2014. Content development is only a piece of a puzzle, promotion is a huge deal.

12) LyfeMarketing

This is perhaps one of the best multi-author content marketing blogs out there. It tackles various digital marketing topics in depth.

Digital marketing is what they offer as a service, thus they sure know what they are saying.

Topics explored include email marketing, list building, SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc.

13) MarketingLand

To stay updated in the world of SEO, social media, industry news, and trends, Marketingland should be your go-to resource.

The blog covers everything marketing: social, SEO, analytics, SEM, Retail, etc. Their content is well-researched and often backed by data. Press releases help you know what’s going on in the industry.

14) Social Media Examiner

Content creation and curation play a crucial role in your social media marketing strategy.

To fully utilize the power of social media in growing your online business, you need to examine the industry from a statistical perspective.

Social Media Examiner publishes great content on LinkedIn marketing, YouTube marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter marketing.

15) Social Media Today

Social Media Today Niche blog

Everything from Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin to Snapchat and TikTok, Social Media Today keeps you updated on the industry news.

The blog publishes social media news, updates, and tips trends to help content creators align their content strategies accordingly.

16) QuickSprout

Known for its in-depth tutorials, Quicksprout is another must-read content marketing blog

You will learn blogging techniques that work, business promotion hacks, and marketing secrets from experts

17) Ahrefs

If you are looking for a blog where you can learn today’s SEO best practices, then Ahrefs should be your go-to resource

The blog offers practical SEO tips on Keyword research, outreach marketing, extensive SEO tools and tips, website traffic, natural link building, and much more

18) Convince and Convert

Brilliant name! The blog is jam-packed with marketing tips that help creators attract the right visitors and convert them into subscribers and customers.

Topics tackled range from digital marketing, market and podcast research, conversion to social media hacks

19) Search Engine Journal

This is one of the most reputable SEO news websites that publish a couple of articles per day.

Search Engine Journal blogs on topics such as search optimization, search marketing, PPC, Digital Experience, and Analytics

20) Animalz

Animalz digital marketing blog

Funny name but an authoritative content marketing blog.

Animalz works with various companies to elevate their content marketing strategies and shares their experiences, results, and tips on the Animalz blog

21) Saleshandy

Saleshandy is one company that believes in producing powerful content.

Their email marketing blog is full of insights and actionable tips. Whether you are looking for email headlines, cold emailing, and prospecting tips, list building, or email series hacks, this blog is your must-read.

22) Gleam

Gleam’s blog is all about growth.

Whether you are looking to grow your online business, bootstrap your journey, build your list, or improve your content marketing campaigns, then you need to dash here once in a while.

Most of the topics covered fall under email marketing and business promotion hacks.

23) Sprout Social

Social media is still huge, but no longer as easy. You need to organically grow your growth and only attract the right audience. This is why niche Facebook groups are seeing the limelight at the moment.

Sproutsocial’s blog shares quick-to-implement social hacks that make a whole lot of difference

24) Crowdfire

Crowdfire blog provides tips and tools that you need to grow your social media accounts and develop highly engaging content

25) Jeffbullas

Jeff is a known internet marketer and his internet blog sees over 500, 000 visits a month.

Internet Marketing is a wide niche, but JeffBullas.com finds a way to cover as many of them as possible

If you are looking for a blog that will help you grow your own website, then tips from JeffBullas will come in handy

26) Alice Keeler

While we all have access to awesome tools such as Microsoft and Google apps, not all of us know how to make these tools work for us for our content marketing needs

Alice Keeler is an online educator who shares practical tutorials on how she uses tools such as Microsoft Online, Google Forms, and Classrooms to enhance her classes.

27) Rankmath

With less than 5 articles published, you bet that the Rankmath team is putting everything they’ve got into their content.

Rankmath is now my go-to SEO plugin and their blog is quite exceptional. If you’ve ever wondered about Google schema, FAGs pages SEO, etc, then you need to visit this blog

28) Copyblogger

Copyblogger digital marketing niches

Copyblogger is the king of copy. Their approach to content development is quite unique. Their focus is on writing more relatable content that empowers their readers

With Copyblogger, you will learn to write sensational headlines, and relatable content, use storytelling approach, and much more.

29) Copyhackers

Arguably one of the best copywriting blogs existing, Copyhackers publishes in-depth guides on copywriting backed by research, data, and personal experience.

Even if you are not a typical copywriter, you need to add this to your list of blogs that you read weekly.

Copywriting is a skill that you will eventually have to learn, one way or another. So commit to reading their blogs once a day, and your content creation will start taking a U-turn.

30) Mui Tsun

Now, I have been following Mui Tsun for almost 2 years now. Apart from having an elegant website, Mui’s blog is full of snackable content that touches on topics that every online entrepreneur relates to.

If you’ve ever doubted your expertise or ability to teach, or are even afraid of selling, then this blog will boost your confidence.

Mui addresses these concerns from a point of understanding.

31) Saleshackers

This is one of the most authoritative sales blogs that focuses on sales strategies, research, and the use of technology in marketing

Sales is something they do, so it is at the very core of their blog topics. If you want to learn actionable sales hacks that will skyrocket your online business growth, then the Saleshackers blog should make it to your reading list.

32) Jill Konrath

Jill is undoubtedly a renowned Sales expert, who has authored various books.

If you want to navigate complex sales and improve efficiency, then you need to read Jill Konrath’s blog.

Her blog posts often include her own personal stories, thus making them quite relatable.

33) Blinkist Magazine on Medium

If you want practical success stories and tutorials, you will find Blinkist on Medium. Founders go to Medium to show how they help clients through their companies.

That aside, I found Blinkist Magazine to be full of insights and practical guides that will help you hone your digital marketing and stay productive.

34) Tyler Basu

Tyler Basu blog

Tyler Basu understands the scope of content marketing, having worked with big companies taking them to 6 figures in revenues.

His blog is all about practical ideas, case studies, and personal experiences around product launches, promotion, and scaling

35) CMO.com

Now run by Adobe, CMO is a powerful blog that addresses complex marketing experiences.

Stay informed on emerging technology, marketing trends, and stats around marketing.

36) Anastasia Blogger

I recently started pinning on Pinterest and now average 50, 000 monthly viewers on Pinterest and around 1000 clicks to my website every month.

Mastering Pinterest SEO happens faster than with Google SEO. If you want to see the results of your content marketing strategies, then you need to add Pinterest Marketing

I couldn’t think of anyone but Anastasia of Anastasiablogger when it comes to whom to learn Pinterest strategies from.

She drives 300, 000 pageviews to her blog from Pinterest alone. That being 90% of her traffic, we can say that her blog runs on Pinterest. By utilizing great pins, awesome descriptions, and smart scheduling with Tailwind, she manages to run her blog without running mad, haha

37) Blogtyrant

Blogtyrant, now owned by the guys who run WpBeginner, is an authoritative blog that teaches everything about blogging.

The blog is centered around blogging tips, SEO and traffic, content creation, making money, and email marketing. The blog posts are digestible and easy to implement.

38) Active Growth

If you love to thrive theme’s blog, then you will love Active Growth.

Authored by Shane Melaugh, Active Growth is full of insights that will help you scale your info product business quickly.

39) Orbit Media

Orbit Media Blog

Orbit Media is a web design and development studio that also runs a very powerful blog. The team publishes great blog posts on marketing, online business, and design hacks.

I hope these blogs will help you fine-tune your marketing strategies as well as develop better content for your own blog and for your clients

If you loved these blogs, make sure you let your friends have a look as well. We love pinning great things on Pinterest, maybe you should too.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson
Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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