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Tips And Tricks To Get Customers For Your Cleaning Business

Like any trade, a cleaning business won’t thrive without enough customers. Sure, dedication, hard work, and skilled workers are significant elements. But all of these aren’t enough to keep a business afloat. As such, it’s essential that you’re constantly looking for ways to attract more clients, regardless if you’re offering residential or commercial cleaning services.  

One good thing about a cleaning business is that there’s already a market you can explore to make it grow. Places and things get dirty over time, thus requiring professional cleaning. This is where your company gets in the picture. The challenge lies in how you can expose your business to potential clients so they can start availing themselves of your services.

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Upselling your cleaning business 

Running a business involves a great deal of marketing and promoting. In your case, remember that you’re not only competing against other cleaning companies in town but also, you want to convince people that getting your services is better than doing the dirty work themselves. Finding the right clients will require more than a bit of legwork and clever tips and tricks to attract new customers to your cleaning business.

Marketing may eat up a chunk of your time as you run the trade, but it’s worth every effort (and penny) if you think about the benefits you can gain from it. You may have heard of some entrepreneurs turning to automation and innovations that can help them manage their time better. Cleaning businesses like yours can also greatly benefit from this idea. One excellent option you can consider is using software and apps such as Jobber to streamline your workflow and help attract new customers. 

In addition, such software also features booking and invoicing options via the app, which makes it easier and more convenient for clients to get a hold of your services when they need to. A seamless and professional business approach like this gives an impression that you’re a reputable company. As a result, consumers are highly likely to trust or try your business.

More marketing tips and tricks 

Spreading the word about your endeavor should be among your priorities as the owner. If you think you’ve tried multiple strategies that you know and are still not getting the results you want, it might be high time to look for more ideas to grow your cleaning company. To help you out, you can check below for some marketing tips and tricks you can try:

Get a business website

If you already have an app or software for your business, it doesn’t mean you’ll forget to get a website too. A sleek-looking and fully functioning platform for your cleaning company can help attract digital customers who are constantly searching the internet for everything they need. If you know how to optimize your content and website, those potential customers can end up browsing your page. Make sure it’s worth their while by providing fresh content, helpful tips, and quality service that they’ll appreciate. (1) (6)

Tap into the power of social media 

Among your strongest markets would be social media, where most people spend their time socializing and looking for services or products they need. Sometimes, even when they need something, they can be inclined to buy, especially if the ads are convincing and striking enough. You can utilize social media tools such as Facebook ads where you can pay for your content to be visible to your target audience. (2) (3)

Moreover, social media is also a great avenue to interact and engage with your customers. They can easily send you a message, react to your posts, and share your ads if they find them compelling enough. What’s more, you won’t need to shell out much from your marketing budget to upsell your services on social media. (4)

Don’t forget about traditional marketing methods 

Online marketing may be all the rage now, but don’t forget that traditional methods can still be as effective as long as you utilize them well. Conventional methods may be even more powerful if you’re targeting a specific area or neighborhood since you can market person to person. You can consider handing out flyers or other printed materials that showcase your cleaning business, especially if you offer residential services. (5) 

Final thoughts 

You may have existing clients, but it doesn’t mean you should stop your marketing efforts. Getting new customers for your cleaning business should be an ongoing process that needs constant innovation and creativity. To start, you can look into helpful software and apps that customers can easily use and interact with.

Setting up an optimized website for your cleaning business is also an effective strategy to boost your online presence. Tap into the power of social media, but don’t forget about traditional marketing methods as well. Considering these tips and tricks could go a long way in growing your company. 


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