The Importance Of Social Media In Our Daily Lives

Imagine a world where there’s no internet or social media platforms.

You have no idea what’s happening in the next country, much less on the other side of the globe. If a beloved family member or friend decides to immigrate to another country, chances are that will be the last you see or hear of them. The city, or village, you’re living in, is all you knew, and all you’ll ever know for the rest of your life… unless you decided to travel into the world of the unknown.

That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? That was the way people lived their lives before the invention of the internet and social media platforms.

The Introduction Of Social Media Into Our Lives

With the emergence of social media, it’s become easier than ever to catch up on the events happening, not just around your country, but all over the globe. People in Egypt are up to date with everything going on in the U.S presidential elections, and everyone in South Korea is aware of the breathtaking nature found in southern Africa.

Individuals all over the globe share their travel experiences, reviews of their favorite restaurants and bars, and the can’t-miss touristic sites anywhere, at any time. And just because your relative or friend traveled, that doesn’t mean, that’s the end of your relationship. You still have daily chats with them in high-quality video calls, so you don’t miss a single thing going on in their lives. Social media has definitely made the whole world a smaller and warm city.

Importance of Social Media In Our Daily Lives

In this digital age, we find that social media has great importance in everything, literally. No matter if it’s personal life or professional work, social media platforms have become an integral part of how we operate.

1. Catching Up With News and Important Events All Over the World

With the advancement of technology and social media platforms, the delivery of news has adapted big time. Long gone are the age of big newspapers and printed magazines, everything is becoming more and more digital. While some of them are still printed, the vast majority of people get everything they need from the internet now.

2. Socializing with Family and Friends

Social media has made it easier than ever to be in contact with your family, relatives, and friends. You can create an event to gather the people you love or share with them your small and big achievements. You have countless opportunities to meet new friends online and maybe even meet them in person later, opportunities you would have never gotten otherwise. Some people even meet the love of their life through social media!

3. Building a Professional Network

Building and expanding your professional network has also become much easier through social media. You can have long discussions about careers, business ideas, topics, and potential opportunities.

4. Online Marketing and Sales

No modern business is complete without its online Marketing and Sales department. In fact, it’s one of the most important channels to present your business and maintain your persona, one that will affect your credibility in front of clients and customers if not well-maintained.

This is where social media comes in. According to Social Media Daily, the fastest way to connect business with customers (or potential customers) is through social media marketing. Businesses should ensure to keep their brand-awareness, through a solid base of online reach that will boost statistics. Thus, creating a fan base, which eventually increases traffic and conversion.

5. Testing Out The Market and Consumer Behavior

Many companies understand the golden opportunity that social media presents in getting to test the market and analyze their behavior. In fact, this is the future of business that business intelligence companies are mining. By collecting the data of the current market and analyzing it, you can predict almost everything coming your way in the future, and plan out the best way to exploit it in yours.

6. Group Projects Communication for Students

Students no longer have to put their projects on hold until their next meeting. They can communicate, divide the workload and follow up with each other through the platforms.

7. Projects Management

There are many social media platform that makes project management easier than ever, giving full reports and documentation of every step, every task, and every detail of each member on the project. Many platforms, even provide you with help in planning out every aspect of your strategy before starting with the execution.

8. Team Building and Communication

Many people feel more comfortable behind the screens of phones and laptops. Social media has made it easier for such introverts to connect faster and more comfortable with their teams, providing an opportunity for workmates to get to know each other personally better.

9. Following New Trends & Discoveries

Social media has opened the doors for every new trend to be global, and for every great discovery to boom all over the screens every country, city, village, street, house, and room in the world.

10. Every Form Of Entertainment

You can never miss out on any form of entertainment, thanks to all of the news, videos, pages, apps, and subscription channels you follow on social media.

A Big Universe At Your Fingertips

The invention of social media platforms has changed the life of the whole planet. Not only the planet, but you can also experience the events happening in space the moment they’re happening -all from the safety and comfort of your house. It has definitely made our lives and communications easier and opened every sort of opportunity to grow, innovate and dream for the future.

How do you think the future of social media will be like? Let us know in the comments section below.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The PennyMatters is a platform dedicated to helping creatives be more and do more with their creations. We provide content on branding, online business, freelancing and publishing
Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The PennyMatters is a platform dedicated to helping creatives be more and do more with their creations. We provide content on branding, online business, freelancing and publishing

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