17 Most Profitable Low Content Books to Sell on Amazon

Most Profitable Low Content Books to Sell on Amazon KDP
Discover the most profitable low content books to enhance your publishing portfolio and maximize your earnings.

The low content book market is growing exponentially, offering a lucrative opportunity for creators and self-publishers.

For creators like you and self-publishers, the low content book market presents a unique and lucrative opportunity.

These books aren’t about dense narratives or complex plots; they’re canvases awaiting a user’s touch. Unlike traditional books, these require minimal writing and can be produced swiftly.

Most profitable low content books of 2024

Let’s delve into some of the most profitable low content books:

1) Journals and diaries

Understanding the need: At their core, journals respond to a timeless human urge to document experiences. As a creator, understanding the emotional pull of journals can guide your design and content choices.

Diverse niches await: The market is ripe with opportunities. Consider crafting journals tailored for specific needs: travel enthusiasts, gratitude practitioners, or dream trackers. The more specialized your theme, the more you stand out.

Design matters: In a sea of journals, presentation is key. Whether you opt for a vintage, leather-bound aesthetic or a sleek, minimalist look, ensure the design aligns with the intended audience’s preferences.

2) Coloring books

A Canvas for adults: Gone are the days when coloring was just child’s play. Adults have embraced it as a form of relaxation.

As a creator, think of ways to elevate the experience, making it both therapeutic and engaging.

Diversity in themes: A winning strategy involves blending unique themes with intricate designs. From mandalas to pop culture icons, your coloring book’s theme can cater to a wide range of interests.

Add value: Consider accompanying illustrations with interesting tidbits, historical facts, or even short prompts. It’s about creating a richer, multifaceted experience, not just a coloring book.

3) Puzzle and activity books

Brain teasers: Sudoku, crosswords, and logic puzzles have a loyal following. Crafting well-designed puzzles can earn you a dedicated audience.

For all ages: From kids’ activity books to adult brain games, there’s a spectrum to explore.

Stay current: Consider timely themes or trending topics to make your puzzle books relevant and appealing.

4) Blank Recipe Books

Many love crafting their recipes. Offering them a beautifully designed space to document their culinary adventures can be enticing.

Organizational features: Indexes, measurement guides, or seasonal dividers can add value.

Aesthetic appeal: Themes like ‘Family Recipes’ or ‘Holiday Specials’ can cater to niche audiences.

5) Guided prompt books

These books provide prompts to inspire writing, sketching, or other creative endeavors.

Specialized themes: From ‘365 Days of Gratitude’ to ‘Dream Journal Prompts,’ the options are vast.

Interactive elements: Consider adding sections for reflections, ratings, or even stickers.

6) Doodle and sketchbooks

Unleash the artist: Not everyone needs a structured coloring page. Some prefer free space to doodle and draw.

Quality matters: Opt for a high-quality paper that can handle a variety of mediums.

Inspirations inside: Occasionally adding inspirational images or quotes can guide budding artists.

7) Tracking and log books

Daily records: Trackers for habits, moods, fitness, or even reading can be immensely popular.

Motivational boost: Incorporate motivational quotes, progress bars, or rewards.

Functional design: Ease of use, with clear layouts and intuitive designs, can make your tracker a favorite.

8) Educational workbooks

Learning made fun: Be it math, language, or general knowledge, educational workbooks cater to learners of all ages.

Interactive elements: Stickers, progress charts, or reward certificates can motivate learners.

Stay updated: Ensure content aligns with current educational standards and methodologies.

9) Notebooks with quotes

Inspiration on every page: Simple notebooks but with inspirational or humorous quotes on each page.

Themed collections: Think of themes like ‘Mindfulness,’ ‘Entrepreneurship,’ or ‘Literary Classics.’

Design Play: Creative layouts, typography, and occasional artwork can enhance appeal.

10) Line-a-day books

Five-year memories: Users jot down a line or two every day, creating a five-year memory trail.

Time capsule: It’s a slow, reflective process that captures growth and change.

Guided touch: Adding monthly reflections or yearly summaries can add depth.

11) Sticker and scrapbooking albums

Collect, cherish, create: For sticker enthusiasts or those who love to create visual memories.

Quality first: Opt for non-acidic pages to preserve stickers and photos.

Themes and accessories: ‘Travel Memories,’ ‘My First Year,’ or ‘Concert Adventures’ can appeal to niche hobbyists. Consider selling with complementary stickers or embellishments.

12) Mandala drawing books

Centered designs: Mandalas, representing wholeness and unity, are therapeutic to both drawing and coloring.

Guided creations: Offer partially completed mandalas allowing users to finish the design, thereby co-creating the final piece.

Incorporate meanings: Add descriptions or meanings of various mandala patterns, enhancing the user’s connection to their creations.

13) Memory Books

Memory books allow users to document life’s milestones, from a baby’s first year to a golden anniversary.

Prompted pages: Offer structured pages with prompts to help users capture significant details they might otherwise overlook.

Add-ons: Consider pockets for keepsakes, photo slots, or even areas for handprints or footprints in baby books.

14) Pattern drawing books

Allow users to create patterns, be they abstract designs, tessellations, or zentangles.

Step-by-step guides: For beginners, a few tutorial pages on creating basic patterns can be valuable.

Paper quality: Ensure the paper can handle various drawing tools without bleeding through.

15) Fill-in storybooks

Provide story prompts with fill-in-the-blanks, letting users co-create the narrative.

Themes to explore: From fantasy adventures to daily life scenarios, the variety is endless.

Illustrative complements: Add illustrations that align with the story theme, but leave space for users to doodle and color.

16) Affirmation log books

Positive reinforcements: Users fill in daily or weekly affirmations to boost self-esteem and motivation.

Guidance and prompts: Offer suggestions or starter affirmations for those unfamiliar with the practice.

Reflective spaces: Create areas for users to jot down how they felt or any changes they noticed after repeating their affirmations.

17) Music sheet books

For budding musicians: Blank music sheets for composers or students to jot down their musical compositions.

Educational tips: Incorporate brief tutorials on reading music, understanding scales, or writing melodies.

Quality and layout: Opt for a clear layout that’s easy to write on, and ensure the binding allows the book to lay flat for ease of use.


By understanding the nuances of each of these most profitable low content books, you can carve a niche for yourself in this burgeoning market.

The key lies in marrying originality with quality, ensuring that your book not only stands out but also offers genuine value to the end user.

Also, consider venturing into the medium content books market, as it is usually more profitable.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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