Self-Publishing Sites Top Nine Best Places To Self-Publish Your Book

Self-Publishing Sites: Top Nine best places to self-publish your book.

You have just finished writing the last sentence of your Great Book and you are ready to submit to some publishing or even self-publishing sites.

This is a moment to celebrate… You just did it!

The thought is overwhelming. You’ve put so much time and other resources to see this happen.

Now is the time to share your work with your readers out there. Meeting up with mainstream publishing companies for the never-ending negotiations over your manuscript can kill your morale to reach out to the audience out there.

But there is always another better way out, right? Forget the small royalties from major publishing houses and go self-publishing. Below is a list of self-publishing sites you need to check out.

1. Lulu.

Among the best self-publishing sites is Lulu and for good reason.

Each day Lulu has over 1000 new titles getting published. Not only do they self-publish but they pay attention to the small details of formatting, packaging and push your book out there for maximum effect.

Marketing, editorial, proofreading, just to mention but a few are some of the extra packages this self-publishing site offers.

Fantastic enough, these folks over at Lulu have written a great give away Marketing Guide which you can download for free.

2. Blurb.

Blurb is a very popular self-publishing site.

There are no more traditional rigid ways of book printing. The interface inspires confidence in marketing and design skills for one, whilst the variety of what’s on offer is more than you can imagine.

The book formats they’ve got are stunning as well.

In case you have a website with decent levels of traffic, you can even make use of their affiliate program, and earn some commission every time a fellow writer publishes another book.

3. Scribd.

If you are looking for a self-publishing site with more than ‘just publishing’, try Scribd. There is more on entertaining, informative and original written content from every author on the planet.

Thrive Leads: Build Your Mailing List

Read, publish and share documents and written works.

You get to learn a lot from other self-published writers.

This self-publishing site designs your book cover, provides information about your content, publishes and sells your work. 

4. Createspace

Createspace is many best things in one.

It is a book, music and video site for those who want to publish their work.

The company is part of the Amazon group and can easily reach millions of readers, through the Amazon Kindle Store.

This self-publishing site has helped more authors self-publish. With a well-established infrastructure that can’t fail to put you at ease through the speedy process of getting your book online.

Their Print-On-Demand Services is of Top notch quality.

Self-Publishing Sites Top Nine best places to self-publish your book.
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5. Smashwords

This site is only getting bigger and better. The main aim of Smashwords is to figuratively ‘smash’ the traditional publishing with ‘words.’ Joining is absolutely free. Simply sign up, and you will be ready to get published.

It’s one of the largest self-publishing sites for independent book authors.

There is much more offered at this site that will help you in branding, marketing, and publishing.  You get over 80% or more of the net sale revenues and tools for promoting your creations.

Further, Smashwords provides clear and easy-to-follow publishing guidelines and great resources that will help you get started like a pro.

6. iUniverse.

It’s not just about self-publishing.

iUniverse has an exemplary feature; the live-chat facility, where writers talk of all fears about making the leap into becoming a self-published author.

Further, the author interviews are a useful bonus in deciding whether iUniverse is really the right publisher for you.

The prices might slightly vary depending on the package, yet the value drawn from it is incredible.

7.  Kobo.

Kobo simplifies it all for you by taking you through simple self-publishing steps.

You start by describing your e-book, uploading your content, choosing the relevant rights, setting the price for your work and finally clicking ‘publish’.

Your e-book comes out on the other end in ePub format. In a matter of seconds, your book is out there for the world to read you.

8. Kindle direct publishing.

You can never go wrong on self-publishing when Kindle direct publishing is here for you. Again, under the umbrella of Amazon, there’s scarcely anything worth knowing about self-publishing that these Kindle Direct publishing won’t help you with.

First, you will need to sign in to your Amazon account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create one for free. Then you will need to fill in your tax information before you can add a title.

The global reach, the ability to change and update your book while online and the multiple languages facility, make this self-publishing site appear among the best.

9. Book tango.

With the rate of online user’s population growth, gradually people will fully embrace reading books online. As a writer, carving a niche in the self-publishing sites is the best way to grow your audience.

Book tango is here to see you through.It is an independent eBook publisher with over 170000 titles available. All you have to do is submit your content, and the rest is up to they will send you full royalties.

Important update: Publishing services and new registration at Book Tango are no longer available.However, if you had already published with Book tango, you can still log in to access your author account and royalties.

In a nutshell, getting published nowadays is much easier than before. Here are 25 things you should know before you self-publish your next book. 

Your Turn… Got Some More Self-publishing Sites?

How are you planning to publish your next book? Got some self-publishing sites I forgot to include in this list? Great! See you in the comments section.

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  • This is a great read. I am writing a book. This is great for me at this time. My only question is, I have seen that most people write about how to books not much is out there about fiction. Are these sites OK for fiction as well?

    • Victor Korir says:

      Hi Patricia. Congratulations on your book venture. Fictions are actually doing super great on sites like Amazon Kindle. Just ensure your book is worth someone’s time. The hard part is marketing, so also develop a serious marketing strategy before the launch

  • Andrew Paul says:

    Thanks for sharing above list to share content online. All above website were nice. Awesome list!

    • Victor Korir says:

      Hey Andrew, am glad you found this list resourceful. And of course, great to see you here.

  • Krish Agnani says:

    Most of these websites suck and don’t work

    • Charlie M says:

      Not quite sure what you mean. I’ve published something on Createspace and have copies on hand and you can buy it on Amazon. The only thing is that you have to have it formatted complete on a pdf file (when I did it several years ago). I’ve also done lulu and I like its low cost and the fact that you can just download what you have onto their formatted web page. Printing is a bit slow though. It takes over a week for it to go out. Blurb is more expensive but they ship out much faster – a couple of days.

      I was looking for more information like I’ve posted on which site is better!

    • Victor Korir says:

      Great Response Charlie. Thanks so much. In my view, Amazon Kindle is great for eBooks and CreateSpace takes the lead when it comes to Print-On-Demand. I will, however, take time to collect appropriate data and write another post comparing the various self-publishing sites.

    • Charlie M says:

      Though this guy doesn’t like Lulu too much:

      This guy –

      For me, I just “published” some photo books mainly for myself there.

  • HL Dowless says:

    I wish some hardline information regarding marketing would come out, if the stuff that is out would work, we could sell

    • Victor Korir says:

      Hey Dowless, I am currently working on something in that line. I will let you know once I publish it.

  • Ama says:

    Also, check out Donnie Graphics Self-Publishing! They offer awesome start-to-finish self-publishing support for children’s book authors!

  • Darly Harper says:

    Thanks for sharing an informative content related to best self publishing sites

  • Mojisola Olowo says:

    I am writing a non friction story but i do not know what it takes to publish it and how to make money from it. Is it possible i write the story via my blog? Please i need an innocent report.

    • Victor Korir says:

      Hey Mojisola, I want to believe that you are well adverse with what you are writing about, as when it comes to making money from a book, you need quality work. You can find a traditional publisher to publish your manuscript or you can self publish it yourself on sites like Amazon Kindle and Createspace. You can also sell it directly from your website.
      I recommend you use your blog to build an audience that would be interested in your work when it’s finally out. You can email me for further consultations.

  • Jerry says:

    This article is simply superb, Do you people want to explore some new websites where you can sell your books and earn money? I think Showflipper is a better option now a days.