13 Best Self Publishing Websites to Publish Your New Book in 2019

Looking for best self publishing companies of 2019 to publish your new book? In this article, we take you through 13 self publishing websites to choose from

Your book is ready. Written, edited a dozen of times, proofread and formatted. Now it’s ready to submit to self publishing websites. As a first time, self-published to be author, you’re cautious as to which self publishing companies to go for.

You’ve put so much time, effort and other resources to see this happen, so it’s necessary that your book gets a short in the book marketplaces.

It’s time to share your work with your readers out there. Meeting up with mainstream publishing companies for the never-ending negotiations over your manuscript can kill your morale to reach out to the audience out there.

But there is always another better way out, right?

Forget the small royalties from major publishing houses and go the self publishing route. Some of the bestselling books on Amazon are self-published, and some have ever since been bought up by big publishing houses.

13 Best Self Publishing Companies in 2019

Below is a list of best self publishing websites you need to check out.

1. Kindle direct publishing  (KDP)

Offered by the Amazon giant, Kindle Direct Publishing is a massive publishing company that offers a great marketplace for your book… Due to their widespread reach and lucrative royalties, the amount of eBook sales made on Amazon is way above the competition

You can also sell Print versions of your book directly from kindle by simply enabling paperbacks when uploading your book files. This way you can serve customers who love paperbacks. Having a paperback version of your book on Amazon is also valuable as it gives your eBook a high perceived value, which increases your sales overall.

To start publishing, you will need to sign in to your Amazon kindle account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create one for free. Then you will need to fill in your tax information before you can add a title.

KDP select is a program by Amazon Kindle where you get to offer your book exclusively on Amazon. If you enroll your book on Kindle select, then you will not be allowed to offer your book anywhere else. With KDP select, you get to have 5 free promotion days for your book every month. Your book will also be available on Kindle unlimited and you will earn loyalties/commissions based on how many pages of your book were read during the period

The global reach, the ability to change and update your book while online and the multiple languages facility, make this self publishing website appear among the best in the industry.

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2. Smashwords

This site is only getting bigger and better. The main aim of Smashwords is to figuratively ‘smash’ the traditional publishing with ‘words.’ Joining is absolutely free. Simply sign up, and you will be ready to get published.

It’s one of the largest aggregator self publishing websites for independent book authors.

There is much more offered at this site that will help you in branding, marketing, and publishing.  You get over 80% or more of the net sale revenues and tools for promoting your creations.

Further, Smashwords provides clear and easy-to-follow publishing guidelines and great resources that will help you get started like a pro.

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3. Lulu Publishing

Among the best self publishing websites is Lulu and for good reason.

Each day Lulu has over 1000 new titles getting published. Not only do they self-publish but they pay attention to the small details of formatting, packaging and pushing your book out there for maximum exposure

Marketing, editorial, proofreading, just to mention but a few are some of the extra packages this self publishing company offers.

Fantastic enough, these folks over at Lulu publishing have written a great give away Marketing Guide which you can download for free.

4  Rakuten Kobo Publishing

Kobo simplifies it all for you by taking you through simple self-publishing steps.

You start by describing your e-book, uploading your content, choosing the relevant rights, setting the price for your work and finally clicking ‘publish’.

Your e-book comes out on the other end in ePub format. In a matter of seconds, your book is out there for the world to read you.

The biggest advantage of getting your book on Kobo publishing is Canada sales. Kobo accounts for 25% sales of eBooks sold in Canada

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5. Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble, formerly known ad Barnes and Noble, is a self publishing company that accounts for almost 3% eBook sales in the United States. It also offers Print on demand (POD) services

Royalties depends on the pricing of the book, and usually ranges from 40% to 65%

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6. Blurb.

Blurb is a very popular self publishing company

There are no more traditional rigid ways of book printing. Their interface inspires confidence in marketing and design skills for one, whilst the variety of what’s on offer is more than you can imagine.

The book formats they’ve got are stunning as well.

Blurb is also recommended especially for your visual works such as Magazines and photobooks

7. Scribd.

If you are looking for a self-publishing site with more than ‘just publishing’, try Scribd. There is more on entertaining, informative and original written content from every author on the planet.

Read, publish and share documents and written works.

You get to learn a lot from other self-published writers.

This self-publishing site designs your book cover, provides information about your content, publishes and sells your work. 

8 Apple Books. iBooks

This is the second largest books retailer in the world accounting for 10% share in the industry. Its popularity is associated for its major advantage of having direct access to Mac users and iPhones users. Mac users have brand loyalty.

To directly upload your books to Apple books, you need to be a Mac user, if not you will have to use major book aggregators to submit your files such as BookBaby, Draft2Digital, Smashwords etc.

9. BookBaby Publishing

Bookbay is both a publishing company and eBooks distribution website that is appealing to many authors. This is one of the best self publishing companies for new authors because of their easy to use interface, employing a guided approach

Publishing a book on bookbaby involves 7 steps

  • Setting up your project details: Type( eBook, print or both), number of pages, quantity
  • Setting trim size, paper type and cover style
  • Choosing distribution channels
  • Saving your project
  • Uploading your book files
  • Reviewing the proofs
  • Filling out distribution information
  • Finalizing your order

Bookbaby packages include book cover designs, print on demand, custom book printing, professional editing,  marketing services, as well as distribution packages for both eBooks and print books.

Bookbaby however offers packages that are  a bit expensive and may not be suitable for you if you want to print hundreds of books. For pubsling services such as editing, you can find better deals somewhere else. You may want to use bookbaby if you want to print a few copies of your book for your own personal reasons. (25 copies and below)

10. Createspace Paperpack Publishing

Createspace is many best things in one.

It is a book, music and video site for those who want to publish their work.

The company is part of the Amazon group and can easily reach millions of readers, through the Amazon Kindle Store.

This self-publishing site has helped more authors self-publish. With a well-established infrastructure that can’t fail to put you at ease through the speedy process of getting your book online.

Their Print-On-Demand Services is of Top notch quality.

Note: Createspace is now part of Amazon kindle publishing. Though you can still login to your Createspace account, you cannot create new projects. You can now add paperpacks directly from your kindle account.

11. IngramSpark

Ingram Book Company is one of the oldest print books publishers and the largest self publishing companies in the United States with an extensive reach. Ingram developed IngramSpark to include eBooks publishing and distribution unit to their company, powered by Lightning Source

IngramSpark also distributes eBooks to all the top online retailerssuch as Kindle publishing  (Amazon,) Rakuten Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

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12. iUniverse

It’s not just about self-publishing.

iUniverse has an exemplary feature; the live-chat facility, where writers talk of all fears about making the leap into becoming a self-published author.

Further, the author interviews are a useful bonus in deciding whether iUniverse is really the right publisher for you.

The prices might slightly vary depending on the package, yet the value drawn from it is incredible.


13. Book tango

With the rate of online user’s population growth, gradually people will fully embrace reading books online. As a writer, carving a niche in the self-publishing sites is the best way to grow your audience.

Book tango is here to see you through.It is an independent eBook publisher with over 170000 titles available. All you have to do is submit your content, and the rest is up to them.as they will send you full royalties.

Important update: Publishing services and new registration at Book Tango are no longer available.However, if you had already published with Book tango, you can still log in to access your author account and royalties.

Did you find any value from our list of self-publishing companies?

Which self publishing company seems the right fit for you? When in doubt, go for Amazon Kindle, learn how to wade through the competition, and make sure to do a strategic book launch.

Got some self-publishing websites I forgot to include in this list? Great! See you in the comments section.

In a nutshell, getting published nowadays is much easier than before. Here are 25 things you should know before you self-publish your next book. 

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