71 Education Niche Ideas for Scholar Bloggers

Education Niche Ideas
Education is a rapidly growing niche, but it not yet over-saturated. Use these education niche ideas to find a micro niche that works for you

Choosing a niche is a crucial first step for anyone thinking about starting an education blog. 

With a multitude of topics and sub-topics, the world of education is vast and varied. 

Some niches in the Education field such as Edtech, Curriculum, and industry news require that you remain informed about all the changes that are happening in the sector to always update your content accordingly.

Education niche ideas for blogging

In this ultimate list, we’ll explore 70 education niches for blogging, categorized into nine distinct sections. 

Each category and niche comes with a detailed description, providing you with a comprehensive understanding and direction for your blogging journey:

  • Education tech
  • Traditional and online learning
  • College and post-grad life
  • Homeschooling and special education niches
  • Specific subjects and disciplines
  • Psychology and mental health topics
  • Performing arts and communication
  • Career and financial guidance
  • Teaching and tutoring niches
  • Student life

Educational technology

Edtech education niche ideas

Educational technology encompasses the tools and platforms that facilitate learning in modern classrooms and remote setups. 

These education niches aim to help teachers, students, and educational administrators navigate through the tech options available to them.

1) Presentation hacks

From PowerPoint to Prezi, this niche focuses on how to make impactful presentations. 

Tips can range from slide design to storytelling techniques.

And since it’s 2024, you can explore AI presentation generators such as Beautiful AI, Plus AI, and Tome.

2) Google Classroom

A guide to maximizing the benefits of Google’s education suite. Topics may include setup, best practices, and advanced features.

3) Learning apps

Exploring various apps that facilitate learning for students of all ages. Reviews, how-to guides, and comparisons are typically what you’d cover here.

Some of the platforms to review include Skillshare, VIPKid, Cambly, Outschool, Khan Academy, Duolingo, Coursera, Udemy, etc.

4) Online learning

With remote education becoming increasingly prevalent, this niche would focus on tips and strategies for effective online learning. 

5) Virtual degree programs

A niche focusing on the advantages and challenges of getting a degree online.

Tackle topics such as accreditation, distance learning, course selection, and time management.

6) Edtech

Discuss the latest advancements in educational technology, from AR to AI and beyond.

7) Cisco

A niche focused on Cisco’s educational products and certifications. Ideal for those in the IT education field.

8) Education gadgets

Review and explore gadgets like tablets, smartboards, and e-readers that are shaping modern education.

9) Computer packages

Guides on how to use different software packages for educational purposes, like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite.

10) Classroom technology

Focus on how to integrate technology seamlessly into classroom teaching, including tips for teachers and students alike.

Traditional and online learning

Traditional learning and online education niche ideas

This category covers everything from classroom-based learning to online courses. 

These niches can cater to students, teachers, and parents looking for insights into conventional and remote education systems.

11) Education

A broad niche that covers general education topics and current trends, including pedagogical strategies and the education system as a whole.

12) Adult education

Address the unique needs and challenges that adult learners face when returning to education, such as balancing work, family, and study.

13) Distance learning

Focusing on the methods, tools, and best practices that facilitate learning from a distance.

14) Student engagement

Discuss strategies for keeping students involved and interested in their studies, both online and in traditional settings.

15) Flipped classrooms

Explore this modern teaching strategy where students consume lecture content at home and do homework in class, reversing traditional roles.

16) SATs

Provide preparation tips, study plans, and strategies for acing the SAT exams.

17) Passing exams

General tips and hacks for passing any kind of exam, from managing study time to understanding exam formats.

18) Learning tips

Offer general and specific tips to improve learning outcomes, such as note-taking methods or memorization techniques.

19) Education curriculum

Delve into the structures and contents of different curricula, examining how they align with educational goals.

20) MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Review various MOOC platforms, discuss how to maximize learning from these courses, and provide tips for course selection.

College and post-grad life

College life and post-grad niches

This category dives into the challenges and opportunities that come after high school, from the application process to life after graduation. 

These topics are crucial for college-bound students and recent graduates.

21) Graduations

Discuss everything related to this important milestone, including ceremony tips, post-grad opportunities, and career planning.

22) Life after college

Explore the transition from student life to the professional world, discussing topics such as job hunting, networking, and financial planning.

23) College applications

Guide students through the stressful process of college applications, including essay writing, interviews, and choosing the right school.

24) College application letters

Dive deeper into crafting the perfect application letter or essay, discussing style, content, and formatting.

25) College life

Cover the different facets of college life from academics to extracurriculars, dorm life, and balancing work and study.

26) Student savings

Provide tips and advice on how to manage finances while in college, including budgeting, scholarships, and side gigs.

27) Study abroad programs

Explore the logistics, benefits, and challenges of studying in a foreign country.

28) Going back to school

Discuss the dynamics and challenges of returning to school for further studies or career change, focusing on adult learners.

29) Gap year

Explore the pros and cons of taking a year off between high school and college, including possible activities and travel opportunities.

30) Educational leadership

Discuss the roles and challenges of leadership in educational settings, including administrators and student leaders.

Special education and homeschooling niches

Homeschooling and special education are unique forms of education that cater to particular needs. 

They offer alternative paths to traditional classroom learning.

31) Homeschooling

Cover the basics, the legalities, and the daily grind of homeschooling, and how parents and students can make the most of it.

32) Special education

Focus on educational programs designed for students with special needs, discussing classroom strategies, teaching aids, and government policies.

33) Learning disabilities

Discuss different types of learning disabilities, how they impact education, and what teachers and parents can do to help.

Specific subjects and disciplines

Each academic subject has its unique requirements and challenges. This category offers specialized advice for teaching and learning individual subjects.

34) Math, geometry, and statistics

Explore different techniques for teaching and learning math and its subfields. Discuss educational tools, apps, and curriculum options.

35) Chemistry tutorials

Offer guides, experiments, and tips for both learning and teaching chemistry, aiming to make the subject more approachable.

36) Physics tutorials

Delve into the complexities of physics with tutorials that make the subject more understandable and engaging.

37) Biology lessons

Discuss various topics in biology, from cellular structures to ecosystems, offering lessons, experiments, and educational resources.

38) Language lessons

Provide tutorials and resources for learning various languages, from English to Mandarin, including grammar, vocabulary, and cultural nuances. 

You can review language learning apps such as Duolingo.

39) English literature

Cover key texts, authors, and themes in English literature, offering study guides, essay tips, and historical context.

40) Composition writing

Offer guidance on academic writing, including essays, research papers, and creative writing, focusing on structure, argument, and style.

41) Business and Accounting

Discuss the basics of business and accounting education, covering topics like financial management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

42) Early childhood education

Cover the importance of education in early years, discussing pedagogical strategies, developmental milestones, and parent involvement in early childhood learning.

43) Environmental education

Discuss the importance of integrating environmental education into the curriculum. Explore topics like sustainability, climate change, and natural resource conservation.

Psychology and mental health

Psychology and mental health niches

Understanding the psychology of learning and student well-being is critical in education. 

This category covers mental health topics relevant to students and educators.

44) Children’s psychology

Examine the psychological aspects of learning and development in children, including behavioral issues and educational strategies.

45) Educational Psychology

Discuss how psychological theories and principles can be applied to educational settings, affecting both teaching and learning.

46) Student mental health

Focus on the mental health challenges that students may face, offering advice on stress management, counseling services, and maintaining well-being.

Performing arts and communication

Communication skills and the arts offer different avenues for personal development and expression. 

This category aims to enhance these crucial aspects of education.

47) Stage performance

Discuss the intricacies of performing on stage, including tips for overcoming stage fright, projection techniques, and character development.

48) Journalism

Provide insights into the field of educational journalism, including writing techniques, ethics, and the role of journalism in society.

49) Oratory

Offer tips and techniques for effective public speaking and debate, including speech writing, delivery, and audience engagement.

Career and financial guidance

Career education niches

Helping students prepare for the future is one of the main goals of education. This category covers career planning and financial advice for students.

50) Career counseling

Discuss the various paths one can take after education, focusing on career options, job market trends, and matching skills to vocations.

51) Vocational training

Cover the various vocational courses and training programs available, discussing their advantages and job prospects.

52) Test prep resources

Provide reviews and strategies for different test preparation materials and courses, ranging from SATs to licensure exams.

53) Scholarships and financial aid

Guide students through the labyrinthine world of educational scholarships and financial aid, providing tips on applications and eligibility.

54) Educational policy

Discuss national and international educational policies, their impact on educational institutions, and potential reforms.

55) Standardized testing

Examine the pros and cons of standardized tests, discussing their role in college admissions and educational evaluations.

56) Student entrepreneurship

Discuss the potential for students to start their own businesses or side gigs. Offer guides on idea validation, funding, and balancing entrepreneurship with academic commitments.

Teaching and tutoring niches

Teaching and tutoring education niches

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or a tutor, this category offers resources to improve your teaching methods and interact effectively with students.

57) Teacher blogs

Share the daily experiences of teachers, covering classroom management, teaching strategies, and personal development.

58) Tutoring and tutoring platforms

Discuss the nuances of one-on-one education, including tutoring strategies and business tips.

You can also explore various platforms that facilitate online tutoring, reviewing their features, usability, and effectiveness.

59) Education tools reviews

Provide reviews and comparisons of educational tools and resources, such as textbooks, software, and online platforms.

60) Lesson plans

Offer templates, ideas, and strategies for effective lesson planning, aiming to make the teaching process more efficient.

61) Laboratory sessions

Discuss best practices for conducting and managing lab sessions, including safety guidelines and experiment design.

62) Laboratory maintenance and supplies

Provide tips on maintaining a safe and functional educational laboratory, from equipment care to supply inventory.

63) Professional development for teachers

Cover the avenues for skill enhancement and career growth for educators, such as workshops, courses, and certifications.

Student life and activities

Student life niches for edu bloggers

This category deals with the non-academic aspects of student life, focusing on extracurricular activities, social engagement, and personal development.

64) School activities

Offer a guide to various school-related activities like sports, clubs, and community service, discussing their educational and social benefits.

65) Student safety measures

Focus on the importance of safety in educational environments. Discuss policies, guidelines, and technologies that can improve school safety, from bullying prevention to emergency response plans.

66) K-12

Discuss the K-12 educational system, covering curriculum, assessment, and transitioning between different educational stages.

67) Study groups

Offer tips and strategies for effective group study, discussing how to set goals, choose members, and solve academic challenges.

68) Time management

Provide techniques and tools for better time management, crucial for balancing academics, extracurriculars, and personal life.

69) Learning communities

Discuss the benefits and challenges of participating in or forming learning communities, either online or in-person. Explore how they can aid in collective growth and problem-solving.

70) Summer camps

Delve into the world of educational summer camps, discussing their roles in skills development, social interaction, and personal growth.

71) Internships and co-op programs

Provide insights into how internships and cooperative education programs can offer real-world experience and a foot in the door of many industries.

72) School nutrition and wellness

Explore how nutrition impacts academic performance and overall wellness. Discuss healthy eating habits, school meal plans, and wellness programs.

How to monetize an education niche blog

Display ads may not be the right niche for some but if you are in Edtech or Ednews, then this may be worth a shot. The best way however is to offer online courses, consultations, or build membership sites.

Affiliate marketing for some niches such as Lesson plans, Edtech, Tools, and reviews as well as laboratory supplies is a profitable venture.

If you are running a teacher blog or a research blog you may try donations, sponsorships, and grants. In one word, you’re limitless.

Ready to start your Niche Blog?


Choosing the right niche for your education blog is crucial for its success.

The topics above offer a broad spectrum of options, each with its unique audience and set of challenges. Whether you’re interested in academic subjects, mental health, career planning, or the arts, there’s something here for everyone.

Tailor your content to meet the needs of your specific audience, and you’re well on your way to creating a valuable resource in the education space.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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