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57 Education Niche Ideas for Scholar Bloggers

Education is a lucrative business to invest in. From reviewing education tech and gadgets to providing particular tutorials on a given field, there is always a niche that is right for you.

If you opt for tutorials, then you want to only blog on the field of your expertise. This is the best fit if you are currently doing your master’s in the subject or you are a university professor or lecturer.

Some niches in the Education field such as Edtech, Curriculum and industry news require that you remain informed in all the changes that are happening in the sector so as to always update your content accordingly.


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  1. Presentation Hacks
  2. Google Classroom
  3. Learning Apps
  4. Online learning
  5. Online learning platforms
  6. Education
  7. Adult education
  8. Virtual degree programs
  9. Distance learning
  10. Student engagement
  11. Class engagement
  12. Flipped classrooms
  13. Homeschooling
  14. Homeschooling supplies
  15. Homeschooling parents
  16. Edtech
  17. Cisco
  18. SATs
  19. Passing Exams
  20. Learning Tips
  21. Homework for Homeschoolers
  22. Studying hacks
  23. Graduations
  24. Life after college
  25. College applications
  26. College application letters
  27. Special education
  28. Music education
  29. Math, Geometry and Statistics
  30. Chemistry tutorials
  31. Physics tutorials
  32. Biology lessons
  33. Language lessons
  34. English literature
  35. Composition writing
  36. After college
  37. Children’s psychology
  38. Stage performance
  39. Journalism
  40. Oratory
  41. K-12
  42. Business and Accounting
  43. Lesson plans
  44. College life
  45. Student savings
  46. Education curriculum
  47. Education gadgets
  48. Computer packages
  49. Lesson plans
  50. Laboratory sessions
  51. Laboratory maintenance and supplies
  52. Teacher blogs
  53. Tutoring blogs
  54. Education Tools Reviews
  55. Going back to school
  56. School activities
  57. Class management

Now, If your blog focuses on college student life, then here are the best blog topics for students to explore.

How to Monetize Education Niches:

Display ads may not be the right niche for some but if you are in the Edtech or Ednews, then this may be worth a shot. The best way however is offering online courses, consultations or building membership sites.

Affiliate marketing for some niches such as Lesson plans, Edtech, Tools and reviews as well as laboratory supplies is a profitable venture.

If you are running a teacher blog or a research blog you may try donations, sponsorships and grants. One word, you’re limitless.

Ready to start your Niche Blog?


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