165 Creative & Stylish Fashion Blog Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

Creative Fashion Blog Ideas
It’s not always easy to be creative, especially if you are a fashion blogger. There are thousands of other blogs just like yours. To stand out, here is an extensive list of fashion blog ideas to write about

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fashion and lifestyle blogger, this list should help get your creative juices flowing. 

These fashion blog ideas should be enough to give you topics to write about over the next couple of months.

Fashion Blog Ideas for Blogging

Here are 165 fashion blog topics you could write about as a fashion blogger, under different fashion sub-niches:

General Fashion Blog Ideas

There are several general topics you can cover around fashion, from outfits of the day to a journey through your wardrobe. 

For more blog ideas, have a look at the list below:

  1. Outfits of the day
  2. Wardrobe ideas for the everyday woman
  3. My wardrobe tour: take your readers on a journey
  4. What’s in your closet? List out all the items that you own and talk about why you like them and how they fit into your life.
  5. How to dress for your body type (and why it matters).
  6. What’s hot this season? Talk about what styles are trending and why they’re popular right now.
  7. How to create a year-round capsule wardrobe for all seasons
  8. What’s in and what’s out: the must-have trends of the season
  9. Fashionable things you can do with your hair
  10. How to remain a fashionable parent
  11. The latest trends and styles in fashion
  12. Fashion trends of (current year) for ladies
  13. Fashion trends of (current year) for kids
  14. Fashion trends of (current year) for teens
  15. Fashion trends of (current year) for men
  16. New shoe trends for summer and spring
  17. 5 fashion trends you don’t like

Fashion Blog Topics for Shopping

Shopping is a huge topic for fashion bloggers to explore. You can write listicles on products, offer shopping advice or even compare fashion products across different stores. 

Here are a few fashion shopping topics we found interesting and profitable:

Shopping Fashion Blog Ideas
  1. How to shop for clothes online: Ultimate Guide
  2. 7 tips for buying clothes online
  3. The best places to shop online for women’s clothing (and why those sites are so great!).
  4. My favorite places to shop online for clothes
  5. The best places to buy jewelry online
  6. The best places to buy designer shoes online

Fashion and Sustainability

In the fashion industry, sustainability is a hot topic. New research on the environmental impact of clothing and textiles is published regularly, with concepts such as eco-fashion, green-fashion, and slow fashion starting to grow in popularity.

But for many people, sustainability is still an abstract idea, something that’s nice to think about but doesn’t have much to do with their lives. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way — you can start taking steps towards a better future through your fashion blog to educate your audience on the need for sustainable fashion.

Below are a few blog ideas for your sustainable fashion blog.

You can write about any of these topics or combine them into one post.

  1. How to choose stylish clothing that’s also sustainable
  2. How to recycle old clothes into new ones
  3. The best eco-friendly fabrics and materials for clothing and accessories
  4. How to make your own jewelry out of recycled materials like cans and bottles
  5. The ultimate guide to ethical fashion
  6. Embracing the concept of slow fashion
  7. 15 best slow fashion brands that will you over
  8. Ditching fast fashion for timeless clothing
  9. Slow fashion purchasing habits
  10. What impact does buying fast fashion have on our environment?
  11. 10 coolest ethical fashion brands
  12. How a no new clothes challenge could heal our relationship with fashion
  13. 11 sustainable fashion documentaries and short films to queue up your watch list
  14. 17 sustainable fashion blogs for conscious fashionistas
  15. What happens when we throw away clothes?
  16. Sustainable summer dresses for eco-friendly style

Fashion and Dating

We all know that sometimes, often, picking what to wear on a first date can be an uphill battle. Luckily, as a fashion blogger, you come in handy at such critical times.

For fashion dating topics, here are a few suggestions:

  1. First date outfit ideas for women with photos
  2. First date outfit ideas for men with photos
  3. How to dress up for a date
  4. 11 gorgeous date night outfits ideas 
  5. What you need to know when dating a fashionist
  6. What you need to know when dating a fashion blogger
  7. Working a casual fashion date 
  8. How to dress for your first date
  9. 10 fashion tips for dating
  10.  How to make a good first impression the fashion way

Fashion and Accessories

Fashion accessories are an important part of our looks. They can help us create a complete look, or come in handy as statement pieces.

As a fashion blogger, it’s imminent you cover fashion accessory topics on your blog. 

Here are a few fashion accessory topics to consider:

  1. 27 must-have fashion accessories
  2. Fashion accessories trends
  3. Fashion accessory reviews
  4. Best fashion accessories for men
  5. Jewelry repair and maintenance tips
  6. 31 unique designer watches for men
  7. Fashion gift ideas for her
  8. Fashion gift ideas for him

Official Fashion Blog Post Ideas

If your blog is dedicated to the official look, then you can use the topics below to inspire what you write about next on the blog.

  1. What not to wear at work: there are rules, and there are ways around them
  2. 27 great-looking office outfits of (current year)
  3. How to dress for a job interview
  4. How not to overdress for an interview
  5. The best outfits for the office
  6. Understanding a casual dress code when meeting with clients
  7. How to accessorize at work
  8. How to look professional when you’re not wearing a suit
  9. How to dress for your job
  10. How to make your office wardrobe more fun and stylish
  11. Workplace dressing tips, including office wear and accessories.
  12. Fashion trends in the workplace, including what’s hot and what’s not.
  13. How to dress for work in different seasons, climates, or countries.
  14. How to dress for meetings or interviews in different industries.
  15. How to find affordable work clothes that fit your style and body type.

Workplace fashion is a hot topic these days. Women want to look professional but still fashionable at work. It’s also interesting to see different office dress codes across industries and companies.

Personal Style Content Ideas

One of the reasons why fashion bloggers love what they do is their freedom to express their fashion styles online, share their favorite brands and products, as well as interact with other fashion enthusiasts.

All these attributes to the personal styling topic and some ideas that fall under this category include the following:

  1. How to style a basic white t-shirt
  2. 7 different ways to layer a scarf with your outfit
  3. How to wear statement earrings
  4. 7 fashion brands that care about your style
  5. The seven fashion rules you live by
  6. Top 10 fashion influencers you admire
  7. Fashion items you wish you hadn’t bought
  8. Fashion items that can’t miss in your bag
  9. Fashion items that can’t miss in your wardrobe
  10. Your most worn items
  11. Your shoe collections with photos
  12. Your bag collection
  13. Your jewelry collection
  14. How to create a specific celebrity look
  15. How you created a specific film character look
  16. How to find your personal fashion style

Fashion Match Content Ideas

  1. Best shoes to wear with every kind of jumpsuit
  2. Fashion is a big part of our lives, and it’s a great topic to write about. You can write about anything from the latest trends, to how to wear your favorite dress or pair of jeans.
  3. How to wear your favorite jeans (and other pants) in 10 easy steps
  4. The best styling tips for every type of dress
  5. How to style your hiking boots with everything from chinos to denim jeans
  6. The best ways to wear floral dresses this summer
  7. How to find a perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape and eye color

Seasonal Fashion Blog and Event Wear Topics

  1. How to dress for a wedding event
  2. How to dress for a formal event
  3. How to dress for a party
  4. 30 cozy sweater outfit ideas for fall & winter
  5. Casual Friday fashion ideas
  6. How not to overdress for a wedding
  7. How not to overdress for a party
  8. Christmas fashion ideas on trend
  9. What to wear for holiday family photos
  10. Fashion tips for summer
  11. What to wear on date night

Creative Fashion Blog Topics for Fashionistas

  1. How to tie a scarf in 5 easy steps
  2. How to make your jeans look new again
  3. How to create an outfit around one piece of clothing 
  4. A round-up of the best fashion trends from Paris fashion week
  5. Key tricks to combine the color orange
  6. Key tricks to combine the color yellow

Budget Fashion Blog Topics

  1. How to look great on a budget
  2. How do you stay stylish on a budget? Share tips on how to look great without spending too much money.
  3. How to style your favorite pieces with a scarf
  4. How to wear bright colors in winter
  5. How to style your favorite pair of jeans
  6. How to dress like a boss without spending a lot of money
  7. The best places to find discounts on designer items

Fashion Blogging

Do you have a blog where you teach people about starting and running a fashion blog? If so, then this section is for you. 

  1. How to start a fashion blog and make money
  2. What is fashion blogging?
  3. Top 20 fashion bloggers every fashion enthusiast should follow
  4. Top 25 fashion influencers to follow on Instagram
  5. Best fashion blogs of (current year)
  6. How do fashion bloggers make money?
  7. 12 top reasons to start a fashion blog
  8. Best affiliate marketplaces for fashion bloggers
  9. 13 best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers
  10. How to make money promoting fashion products on amazon. 
  11. Amazon associates for fashion bloggers
  12. How to use Pinterest to promote your fashion blog
  13. How to use Instagram to grow your fashion blog
  14. Best WordPress themes for fashion blogs
  15. Best WordPress plugins for fashion blogs
  16. 126 creative fashion blog topics to write about
  17. Fashion blogs that make money
  18. How to leverage blogging to grow your fashion brand
  19. How to write a fashion blog post that people read
  20. How to optimize your fashion blog for SEO

Fashion Product Blog Ideas

  1. 7 perfect last-minute holiday party outfits
  2. 21 of the best plus-size dresses on the internet
  3. 17 festive party dresses under $100
  4. Best Amazon prime day fashion deals you can shop ahead of tomorrow
  5. The best shoes for every occasion

Luxury Fashion Blog Post Ideas

Luxury fashion blog posts are always a hit with readers. With so many luxury brands out there, it’s easy to create content that is relevant and interesting.


Here are some luxury fashion blog post ideas to get you started:

  1. Tips on how to buy designer items on a budget
  2. How to wear your favorite designer item in different ways
  3. What’s new in luxury fashion this season?
  4. A curated list of the best luxury brands for women, men, children, and babies
  5. The top 10 luxury designers for women in (current year)
  6. The best places to find great deals on high-end fashion items
  7. The most expensive dresses in the world
  8. The most expensive handbags in the world
  9. World’s most expensive jewelry
  10. An insider’s guide to shopping like a celeb at Chanel or Hermes
  11. How to wear pinstripes like Jackie Kennedy Onassis

DIY Fashion Ideas

DIY is one of the biggest trends to hit the fashion industry in recent years. Whether it’s making your own clothes, accessories, or even shoes, there are so many ways to get crafty with your wardrobe. 

If you’re a fashion blogger and you want to try something new, why not create a DIY series? This can be an incredibly popular topic for bloggers, especially if you have some skills in sewing or crafting.

The great thing about DIY fashion ideas is that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re an expert sewer or a beginner just learning how to use a needle and thread, there are plenty of projects out there that will suit every skill level. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on what types of DIY fashion blog posts to cover, here are a few ideas:

  1. How to turn your old jeans into cute cutoff shorts
  2. 10 x 10 challenge (make 10 outfits from 10 items)
  3. How to tie a cute shirt knot
  4. How to hem your own pants
  5. The ultimate guide to DIY cocktail attire
  6. How to figure out your ring size
  7. How to wear a beanie without looking lame
  8. 7 makeover ideas to DIY your jeans
  9. How to dry-clean your clothes at home
  10. How to walk in heels: complete tutorial

Different Types of Fashion Blog Posts You Can Develop

When building your fashion blog, you can leverage different post types to attract and appeal to different readers.

1) Advice posts

These cover everything from outfit ideas for different body types to how to wear different styles of clothing. 

Make sure to write in a way that your readers understand. Stay away from unfamiliar fashion jargon and use photos to effortlessly convey your tips. 

2) Reviews

You can review clothing brands, fashion stores, online marketplaces, and accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelry. 

The review posts are meant to guide the reader through a critical purchase process of considering options. These posts are usually at the bottom of the funnel, and so best for promoting affiliate offers.

3) Top lists

Listicles are common post types in fashion niche blogs. This is so because most readers are always looking for ideas, so presenting them in a list that’s snackable makes sense.

These posts are also ripe for affiliate marketing. All you need is to list the top, say 10, or 20 products with brief descriptions under each, add corresponding images, and then include affiliate buttons that link out to the merchant’s product pages.

4) A Lookbook section 

You can also make use of user-generated content in your blog by having a section where readers can submit photos of themselves wearing outfits from the sites that you recommend so others can see how they look in real life 

5) Tutorials

This is another popular content type in the fashion niche. You write how-to guides around topics such as shopping, dressing, and making your own fashion products.

Examples could be how to style your dress in 4 different ways, or how to tie a tie.

What to Remember When Blogging About Fashion

The fashion audience is drawn to authentic, honest writing that is well constructed and thought out. So, it’s important to write in a creative, engaging, and interesting manner.

Your fashion content should also be informative and actionable. Provide your readers with relevant, up-to-date information that they can use in their everyday lives, without sacrificing the personal experience touch that this audience is always graving for. 

Final Thoughts on Fashion Blog Topics

Hopefully, the fashion blog ideas above have given you some inspiration on what topics to add to your fashion blog’s editorial calendar. 

Feel free to use them as they are with a bit of tweaking, or just go through them to find some inspiration and then frame your own ideas. 

Remember though, not all of these ideas suit all fashion blogs so this is simply a template that you can edit and tailor to your own style.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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