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36. Productivity Niche Ideas for Organization nerds to Start Blogging About

We all wish that we could get more things done every day. For instance, I have been planning this content for months now. I wanted to write a great post and since I knew it was gonna be a massive list, I put it off. Magic however happened when I created a Trello board, planned out the structure and started tackling each section day by day.

Productivity is all about the mindset, systems and tools that one needs to accomplish certain tasks in their lives. I’m starting to really think about the systems that I need to put in place in order to grow PennyMatters, since for a while now I have been stalling.

If you think you can help me, then I believe productivity is in your DNA. Start a productivity blog and let’s connect.

  1. Time management
  2. Productivity planners
  3. Getting things done
  4. Productivity at work
  5. Employee productivity
  6. Productivity for CEOs
  7. Freelance productivity
  8. Business automation
  9. Productivity tools
  10. Productivity tools for freelancers
  11. Productivity tools for solopreneurs
  12. Working from home productivity
  13. Productivity tools for work from home moms
  14. To-do lists
  15. Bullet journals
  16. Morning routines
  17. Time management for moms
  18. Time management for students
  19. Minimalism
  20. Time management for kids
  21. Life hacks
  22. Organizational hacks
  23. Speed reading
  24. Memory boost
  25. Team communication
  26. Productivity techniques
  27. Productivity systems
  28. Mastering Evernote
  29. Mastering Trello/ Trello tutorials
  30. Notion tutorials
  31. Life goals
  32. Productivity
  33. Pomodoro
  34. Asana tutorials
  35. Workflow automation
  36. Workplace motivation

You can monetize this niche by promoting productivity software, running online training and eCourses as well as writing and publishing eBooks on getting things done.

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