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17 On-demand Things to Sell on Craigslist for Cash


Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

In today’s post, we discuss, in detail, 17 On-demand Things to Sell on Craigslist for Cash. Read on or pin this post for later.

Got those things lying around in the house, and although they are still in great shape, you no longer use them? Maybe you are about to buy a new TV and want to sell the old one first?

Instead of throwing your rarely used things just anywhere for free, why not give them some more life by listing them on Craigslist?

Things to Sell on Craigslist for Quick Cash

Here are 17 on-demand things to sell on Craigslist for cash.

1) Your old mobile phones

Old but still working mobile phones are a great source of extra cash. Many people tend to upgrade their mobile phones every year or even earlier; this is why there are many who want used phones.

Craigslist is a great place to sell old mobile phones because it has millions of users, which means you can reach a lot of people looking for used phones.

In addition to this, the website makes it easy for buyers and sellers to negotiate prices; all you need is a fair price that will make both parties happy.

Depending on the model and condition of the used phone, you could get as much as $200.

2) Your old Computer/Laptop

If you have a perfectly working desktop or laptop, you can sell it on Craigslist for extra cash.

While you can opt to sell it locally, online is a better option because there are millions of people looking for second-hand computers.

You can easily find buyers looking for good second-hand computers or laptops on Craigslist; make sure to include the terms of your selling price and condition so you won't have to deal with scams and disappointments later on.

Many people are looking for a used laptop on Craigslist because they want to save money or cannot afford a brand new one.

People looking to start cyber businesses might also prefer to buy second-hand computers to save on costs.

3) Your Old Watch

Another thing that you can sell on Craigslist is your old watch.

While many people don't like buying used watches, there are still those who prefer getting them for a lower price from other consumers than from stores.

You can easily find a buyer if your watch is in great condition and sells for less than $100.

Although it is used, many people are willing to buy such watches because they have sentimental value or need one but cannot afford the more expensive brands. Brands like Rolex can sell as high as $200 on Craigslist.

4) Your old bike

There are many people who want to get new bikes, but they don't have the budget; this is why looking for second-hand bicycles on Craigslist is so popular.

If you have an old bicycle that is still working fine, but you are no longer riding, then you can easily sell it on Craigslist and get a good price for it.

You don't need to spend money fixing the bike because many people are looking for bikes just to be used as parts; others want them for their children or even as gifts.

5) Your old home appliances

If you have old home appliances that still work, it's time to sell them.

While there are many people who may prefer having a brand new appliance, some still want second-hand ones because they can get high-quality items for an affordable price.

Items such as stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators are very expensive when you buy them new, so people who don't want to spend too much go to Craigslist and buy used ones.

6) Your old furniture

Furniture, especially wooden ones, sells well on Craigslists. From time to time, we have an urge to redecorate our living rooms, which often means buying new furniture. Instead of wondering where to store the old furniture, list them for sale on Craigslists.

You can sell them if they are in good shape or rehab them first; many people prefer buying reupholstered furniture because it is cheaper than getting new ones.

If any of your old furniture has vintage or antique value, this can fetch you a lot more money. People looking for antiques will often be willing to pay top prices, especially if they are only looking for such furniture and cannot find them locally.

7) Your old Books

Are you about to declutter your bookshelves and not know what to do with those dusty old books? Then, why not sell them for some extra cash!

It is very easy to list your books on Craigslist; all you need is the ISBN from each book and some photos. You can also include details such as the condition of your books and how many pages it has.

You will be surprised at the number of people looking for good deals on used books; there are even some who prefer buying second-hand books because they can easily resell them and get more money when they want to sell.

If you have a rare book that you cannot use anymore, you can even fetch $50 for it on Craigslist.

8) Your old Jewelry

Jewelry and lose gems can also fetch you some serious cash if you sell them on Craigslist.

Many people love adding some bling to their outfits; thus, selling your old jewelry on Craigslist will enable you to get cash for it while allowing someone else to get the jewelry they need.

You can list a few details about your piece like where you bought it, how much it cost when you bought it and its condition. People love vintage pieces, so if any of your jewelry is vintage, you can list it for more cash.

9) Your old CDs and DVDs

Old CDs and DVDs can also fetch you some cash. While many people prefer streaming or downloading music, there are still many people who love having physical copies of their favorite movies, TV shows or music CDs.

You can list your old CDs and DVDs on Craigslist. People looking for good deals or even collectors will not hesitate to spend extra money so that they could get a rare or hard-to-find CD or DVD.

10) Your old camera

That dusty DSLR that you bought years back could earn you cash on Craigslist instead of collecting dust on your closet shelves.

Good cameras don't come in cheap, so people are always looking for affordable ones. List your old camera on Craigslist, and with the right description, you can easily find a buyer.

You can also get creative and list other things related to cameras such as flash disks, lenses or even lighting equipment for extra cash.

11) Sports Equipment

You may not need your old sports equipment anymore, but someone else could still find it useful for their game.

Whether you have baseball, basketball or football gear, you can easily sell them on Craigslist. Many people want to purchase used sports equipment because it is much more affordable.

12) Air Conditioner unit

If you have an old air conditioner unit in good condition, you can easily sell it on Craigslist. While some people are looking for A/C units for their new house, others want to upgrade but only need the compressor part.

This means if your old A/C unit has a working compressor and is relatively new, you can get a good price for it.

13) Headphones and earphones

Headphones and earphones are also items that many people want to purchase on the cheap.

While there are many stores online and offline where they can buy high-quality headphones for a fair price, more and more people prefer going to Craigslist to find great deals.

Many of them prefer used headphones because they can get higher quality ones for a lower price.

14) Your old musical instruments

If you have an old guitar or saxophone lying around in your closet, don't throw it away; sell it instead.

Musical instruments are always in demand, and there are many people who may need your old one. Many musicians are looking for second-hand instruments to save some cash; this is why old musical instruments will always sell.

15) Your old printer

Your old working printer can also fetch you some cash. While many people prefer new printers, there are still many printing shops and repair centers that would like to have a second-hand printer.

You can easily sell your old printer on Craigslist, especially if it's in good condition. They don't need the latest model; old printers with excellent working conditions will do just fine.

16) Your old tools

Whether you have a collection of power tools or just a couple, you can still easily sell them on Craigslist.

Fixing things around your home may be expensive, but not when you can get high-quality second-hand tools for less than half the price of new ones.

People looking for second-hand tools know that Craigslist is a great place to find them because the website has millions of users.

You can easily sell your old power tools, hand tools, or even automotive tools on Craigslist.

17) Your old holiday lights

If you have old decorations and holiday lights that are still in good condition, you can easily sell them on Craigslist.

While some people are looking for them for their personal collections, others want them so that they can change their holiday decorations every year.

Either way, you will get a good price if your lights are in excellent condition and you know how to describe them well on Craigslist.


I hope you have enjoyed this list of best and on-demand things to sell on Craigslist. Have you ever sold anything on craigslist? If so, how was your experience? Drop us a comment below

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