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Web Design Service That Makes You Stand Out.

We've been doing lots of changes in both our blogging models and services sectors lately.

This week,  we will be giving 50% off the Mysson Experience.

But what's the Mysson Experience?

Short answer: You will get a website that is close to Mysson.Co

Long answer:

It's a web design service tailored to make you stand out and to turn your website into a money making machine.

We didn't want to design generic websites,  that anyone can overturn overnight and start from scratch. In building Mysson.co,  we wanted to ensure that every brand we take,  gets to stand. That's why our web design package is called the Mysson experience and comes with the full experience

Currently,  we offer 2 packages

# Brand Experience and # Academy Experience


1. #BrandExperience

1. Full branding: We brainstorm your positioning,  colours, tone,  fonts in relation to your industry
2.  We develop and implement systems: Lead magnet,  email marketing integration,  your first welcome series
3. Unique blog post template that serves two purposes: Easy user experience and conversion
4: Set up three main opt-in forms (Exit intent,   on landing pop up and on-click trigger popup)
5: Set up an automation sequence connected to these forms
6: Create and design your first lead magnet for these forms (freebie)
7. Custom design 5 of your pages (Home,  About,  Contact and 2 Services Pages)
8. Work on your copy to ensure it appeals to your target audience
This package comes with premium Astra Pro and Elementor Pro and we continue to add other premium plugins with time. You will be notified when we have purchased new tools.

We want you not to worry about your website working optimally for you,  but rather in creating more content.

This usually goes foe $569 but you will grab it for $279


2. #AcademyExperience

If you want to set up your own learning platform without relying on Thinkific and Teachable,  then this package is yours.

Apart from everything in the Brand Experience,  we will also integrate LearnDash or Lifter LMS to your platform and set everything up so that you have a clean student's area

We will also create a custom welcome dashboard that directs students where to go next.

Remember we offer systems,  so no manual work at your end. We set up checkouts so that students are added to your email list automatically and are tagged accordingly.

So,  if your website is mysson.co,  then your course academy will be mysson.co/learn

Want to see example? thepennymatters.com/learn

Do you have to pay for LearnDash or Lifter LMS?

Usually,  we ask you to purchase LMS separately but this offer comes with full licence of one LMS

For the Academy Experience,  we can only take 3 clients at a time

This offer will go for $479 this week only.

Mysson Experience is not a website as a service (where one hosts and and gives you limited access to your site) You will need your own hosting for full website access.

To grab your offer, let's talk via victor@mysson.co We will start building on a first come basis

Mysson Victor


Freelance SEO content writer and copywriter who creates compelling content for SaaS, B2B, Online Business, and Digital Marketing clients.


Let's connect and start talking about how we can attract more traffic to your website with the right content that breathes authority.
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Mysson Victor
Mysson Victor
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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