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White Label SEO Software: Grow Your Digital Agency Faster and Efficiently


Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

In today’s post, we discuss, in detail, White Label SEO Software: Grow Your Digital Agency Faster and Efficiently. Read on or pin this post for later.
White Label SEO Software

Operating a digital agency entails back and forth communication with clients. If you have one or two clients, this may not seem to be a lot of work. However, once you hit 2-digit clients, this work becomes tedious, and without a system in place, you end up frustrating your clients and tremendously affecting your retention rate.

The good news though is that there are several white label SEO tools built for agencies like yours that enable you to better manage your workflows.

What is a White Label SEO Software?

A white label SEO software is an SEO tool designed to be customizable so that customers can easily set up their own branding and deliver reports that do not bear the provider’s brand.

Thus, with a white label SEO tool, you can deliver reports, analytics, or even dashboards that embody your own branding. This is crucial since, as an SEO agency, you are focusing on building your own brand and reputation and sharing this with a certain company isn’t something you want to do.

Why White Label SEO Software?

Helps you retain clients: Tools such as performance reports, dashboards, and audit tools assure your clients that real work is being done on their websites and that notable results are being recorded, albeit in bits. If clients know that they are getting value for their investment, then they are more likely to renew their subscriptions.

Streamline your workflows: Running a digital agency can be tedious, but the right SEO software can make your work easier. It does so in two ways. One, by saving you time since tedious tasks such as monthly reports and SEO audits can be completely automated. And two, because SEO software gives you great insights to that then inform the next steps.

Bring All of Your Reports in One Place: SEO data are all over, from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, social media to other third-party tools. Now imagine having to log in to each of these tools separately for every client you onboard. This can drive you crazy. Luckily, SEO software enables you to seamlessly and painlessly integrate with various data streams so that you can analyze everything from a single point.

Enjoy a spectrum of features: Everything you need to work on your deliverables all in one place, from tracking your tasks, monitoring performance, analyzing backlinks to full SEO audits.

Tailor-made reports: You can deliver tailor-made reports to your clients, depending on the goals of the project that you are working on. Do not overwhelm your clients with reports that they clearly do not need. Remember, these reports will inform them of the next steps, so set up their dashboards so that their experience is unique to them only.

White label Clients Experience: White labeling ensures that your clients think only of your brand and not your SEO software provider. When sourcing for SEO software, go for the one that is fully white-labeled. From SEO audits, reports to performance dashboards. Since dashboards are the client’s frontend, your provider should give you an option to host them on your own domain or subdomain, e.g., ‘clients.yoursite.com’. This ensures that everything points to your own branding.

Types of SEO Tools that can be White Labeled.

You can purchase a complete SEO solution that contains all the major features that you need or opt for specific functionalities instead. For example:

  • Reporting tools: Your digital agency clients depend on your reports to enable them to ascertain your efforts. A great reporting tool should give you flexibility in that you or your client should choose what reports need to be displayed since each client’s goals are different. Also, your reporting tool should be big on automation. For example, it should allow you to send auto-generated weekly or monthly performance reports.
  • Analysis tools: These tools integrate with major data streams such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console and provide different functionalities for sorting and analyzing displayed data based on various metrics. For instance, data types such as keyword research, backlinks, and organic searches can be analyzed. A good analytics tool will also enable you to do effective competitor analysis.
  • PPC Tools: If your agency offers PPC ads management services, then you need PPC tools that help you pull data from popular networks such as Facebook ads and Google ads, analyze performance, and display insightful reports for you and your clients.
  • SEO progress and performance dashboards: White label dashboards usually display various outputs from different tools, giving your client at a glance an overview of your performance across different metrics. This is the single place where clients can keep track of their reports, analyses, and performance indicators. Your tools should be highly customizable and highly visual.
  • SEO audit tools: These tools are great in generating leads for your digital marketing business. Go for a tool that offers extensive audit reports that are easy to explore and offer actionable insights to work on.

For an agency, you are likely to need all of the above, so instead of purchasing each individually, consider an all-in-one SEO software that meets your clients’ demands.


Running a digital agency efficiently requires the use of the right SEO tools that can be white-labeled. I believe that the information I have shared in this article will help you choose the right white label SEO software that meets the needs of your agency.

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