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7 Different Resume Services That Your Resume Business Can Offer


Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

You’ve started your own resume business but wondering what services to offer apart from the obvious resume writing. Here are 7 different resume services to start offering

Offering resume services is one of the best business ideas that you can start from home. But what services can your resume writing business offer?

As a resume writing firm, you are not limited to the writing part itself, you can offer other services as well to help you sustain and grow your small business

Better yet:

How does a resume writing business make money?

Resume writers charge a fee for their efforts, which typically includes all services. In other words, there isn’t a separate fee+ for the interview, the editing process, etc. Fees should account for both the time and the level of skill of the writer.

1: Resume Grading and Analysis

At times, your clients just need to know if their resumes are broken so they can fix it. Most resume services online offer resume grading as a lead magnet.

By providing detailed advice and recommendations, these companies later gain the trust of their prospects which eventually lead to them buying their resume packages. You can follow this business model or add a price to resume grading depending on how thorough your process actually is.

2: Resume Writing and Improvement.

This is the core service to your resume writing business. Your prospects land on your resume writing website because they were searching ‘resume services’ on Google. This is the service that they come looking forward to buying.

There is quite a competition already, so to stand out, you need to outdo your competitors by delivering stellar resumes and offering an unbeatable customer experience. It’s okay to charge more for resume services if that’s what it takes to provide a winning resume.

3: Resume Builders.

We are in the era of Do It Yourself millennial. Tool builders are becoming some of the bestselling digital products. With a bit of coding, samples collections, and AI, you can build a great resume builder.

Truth be told, developing a resume builder takes time and requires a bit of investment, but once you’ve developed it can generate passive income for your resume writing business with minimal maintenance.

4: Cover Letter Writing

This is another package kit that goes hand in hand with resume services. Finding the right words to complete your resume can be quite a task and hence this is a great business opportunity to leverage.

Writing cover letters is both an art and a skill that employees use of a psychological approach to responding to a job ad. It’s your clients selling proposition, which, together with the resume attached, will hopefully land them a job interview.

This leads us to our final resume writing service that your business can offer: Interview Preps

5: Professional Interview Preps

At this stage, your client has already impressed their potential employers enough to get shortlisted. However, they still got a long way to go in their search for a dream job. Their interviews can be a break or a make to that journey. Interview preps. On average, interviews last for about 40 minutes, but the recruiters normally make the decision to hire or not to hire within the first ten minutes.

By providing professional interview preps, you are preparing your clients with things that they might not be aware of, such as how to respond to particular trap questions such as salary negotiation, presentations and before interview preps

6: Resume Distribution

This is not a so common resume service but is one that people find it helpful. As a resume firm, you collaborate with staffing companies and recruiting agencies that are always finding potential employees for their clients.

You set up a system on your website where a client fills in a form specifying the industry, expertise, salary range, resume attachment and city of work. Your resume business firm will then draft a recruiter letter to accompany your client’s resume. You will then email the two documents to third party staffing agencies and executive search firms.

It is also a good practice to send a spreadsheet of a list of all the agencies where the resume were distributed to and their corresponding contact information to your clients

7. Professional LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Most employers are highly likely to visit the LinkedIn profiles of the job applicants before they can shortlist them for interviews. Also, a staff hunt is now taking place on LinkedIn. Your clients need to be telling the right career story online.

By offering Linkedin Profile Makeover packages on your resume business, you get to service another great need in the job hunt business.

Your Turn!

There you have it. Several services that your online resume writing business can offer. What are your thoughts on these services? Let’s talk in the comments section below

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