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10 Books About Blogging To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Ever wondered how to get 30000 monthly page views on your blog?

We finally hit 30000 page views here on The PennyMatters and I am super excited to share some of the steps that we took.

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In sharing this with you, I hope you get inspired, to never give up on your blog.

How to increase blog traffic

My own version of How Things Spread is this: When you stick at it.

My Blogging Traffic advice?

Focus on things that work, then double-down on them.

If you’ve noticed, The PennyMatters doesn’t have much presence on Facebook pages or even Twitter.

This is because these platforms aren’t doing well for us at the moment.

Our plan is to rethink our engagement strategies in these posts, once we have an established marketing team.

However, you will find me on Pinterest and Facebook groups, where I keep sharing tips and getting ideas from others.

Adding to the mix right now, are Quora and Instagram.

These platforms work very well for PennyMatters at the moment, so we are laser-focusing on them right now.

For your case, Twitter and IG, or even TikTok might be the best platforms. Stick with them.

10 Books about Blogging to Help Boost Your Blog Traffic

If you want to learn actionable strategies on growing your traffic, then I recommend you check out these three books.

1: Boosting Blog Traffic

This is a 100+ pages eBook that outlines actionable blog traffic tips and strategies that many bloggers have used to grow their blog exponentially.

I grabbed this book earlier this year and am now implementing some of the tips gradually.

If you’ve ever wanted to:

  • get over 20000 pageviews a month
  • leverage your existing audience so they can promote your blog for free
  • hack your SEO strategy so you can rank faster
  • have a checklist of 100 places to promote your blog
  • Have an actionable social media strategy or even
  • Master Pinterest traffic in a few pages?

Then this book is for you.

Now my tip: Build an email list. These strategies will help bring people to your website, but they won’t help make them stay, or remember to come back the next day, so they can come back to read more of your posts and even purchase your products and services.

This is what an email list does. I will be sharing more with you about list building in my next book coming next week, so be sure to open my email, as you always do.

2. Making Pinterest Possible

We’ve started seeing growth on our Pinterest account, and this is the platform we are currently focusing on, apart from Google SEO. We now have over 200K monthly audience and 4400 followers.

Making Pinterest possible will introduce you to everything that you need to know about smart pinning, Pinterest SEO and crafting pinnacle images.

Explore this book here

In my next post, I talk about a number of things that content creators should be doing right now. This is a super long post, and one of the items in the list is actually, ticking that ‘always wanna take it seriously’  item off your list.

Most bloggers I know, always have this ‘wanna take it seriously’ thing, and for the majority, it’s always Pinterest. You’ve always had Pinterest marketing strategy in your mind, and hoping to start taking it seriously, one day.

That was me, haha, for over 2 years, but last month, I became relentless about Pinterest, and I’m already seeing some results.

To make sure that you do not miss this epic post, make sure you join our list

10 books about blogging to boost your blog traffic

3: Blog Traffic Secret Sauce

10 books about blogging to boost your blog traffic

This is a 180+ page eBook that will teach you everything you need to turn your blog from a hobby into a flourishing business. Even if you are a new blogger, you do not have to wait a year before you start earning from it. In fact, these are the strategies that Angela used to take her blog from 0 to 18000 page views within 3 months!

She breaks down every strategy that she used to turn her blog into a fulltime business:

  • How to write SEO friendly and user engaging content that gets you noticed.
  • A breakdown into Google Analytics (this used to intimidate me at first)
  • Networking tips: guest blogging and link building strategies
  • Pinterest hacks: How to design viral pins
  • How to attract blog traffic that actually converts

The main idea behind growing your blog traffic is to be able to convert them and sustain your blogging business. If you are getting traffic that do not buy from you, then you may want to rethink how you attract those traffic.

4: Strategies Worth Sharing

Growing your blog goes hand in hand with growing your social media community/ This book is about how to grow your Facebook page to 100,000 followers in under a year.

With a good following, you can start getting noticed easily, even with a declining Facebook reach. Remember, you can switch to engaging post types such as interactive videos and FB lives. This book will help you build a system that will get you new likes on a daily basis

Why do you need to grow your Facebook following:

  • To easily promote your posts
  • To launch your new products
  • To have a great audience to target with your Facebook ads
  • To increase prices for your sponsored blog posts (clients will be willing to pay you more if your social presence is huge)

5: Get Paid to Pin

If you love Pinterest, and use it to drive tons of traffic to your website while scheduling pins using Tailwind, then this book is for you. You can easily monetize this traffic using Affiliate marketing and earn income online.

Dale of Blogging Her Way shows you exactly how you can combine affiliate marketing and smart pinning so that you can make money online. She also shares her pinning strategy that works for her and that you can try for your own blog.

6: Amazon Affiliate Influence

If your blog involves product reviews and recommendations, then Amazon associates is the best affiiate program to monetize your blog.

However, cracking Amazon affiliate is not easy. Most bloggers quit the program after earning $2.54. With the right strategy, you can actually earn $500 from Amazon.

But first, you need to know:

  • What products to promote and why
  • What blog posts you need to be creating that convert really well.
  • Effective product linking strategies

Dale, through her Amazon Affiliate Influence, explores these strategies and more.

7: Affiliate Marketing Strategy eBook

10 books about blogging to boost your blog traffic

This a 50-page ebook that discusses the ins and outs of effective affiliate marketing. By following Chelsea Clarke

Chelsea runs a successful online business sustained by her digital products and affiliate marketing. She shares the strategies that work for her in this book

8: Product Pricing Book

Pricing is something you need to just get it right. A well-thought-out pricing model will help you sell more products. This book is all about product pricing. Whether you are selling online courses or ebooks, this book will help you price it accordingly. These are the strategies that helped Chelsea get to $100K mark

You will learn some of the myths about pricing that actually hurt your sales. Chelsea also shares how you can use bonuses and limited-time offers to boost your revenue

Other Books About Blogging

The truth is, there are several other books about blogging monetization out there, and we may not discuss all of them in this post.

Other books for bloggers that we recommend include:

  1. 300 Email Marketing Tips
  2. The One Hour Content Plan
  3. One Million Followers by Brendan Kane

I hope these tips and the books above help you to map out a viable blog traffic and monetization strategy that you need to continue meeting your blogging costs and having your blog alive.

You can explore our blogging resources section for more tools, eBooks and online programs to help you monetize your blog

Our Best Recommendations:

10 books about blogging to boost your blog traffic

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