What are Ezoic Requirements for Site Approval in 2024?

Ezoic requirements for monetization

Ezoic is a powerful platform designed to help you optimize your website’s monetization and user experience through sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

Ezoic levels unlock more features and benefits that allow you to earn more.

As a publisher looking to maximize ad revenue, it is crucial to understand the requirements that need to be met to leverage Ezoic’s technology successfully.

These requirements are set to ensure that both your website and Ezoic’s system can seamlessly work together to improve your site’s performance.

Here’s a breakdown of Ezoic requirements for site approval:

Basic Ezoic requirements

  • Original content: Your site must primarily feature high-quality, original content. Ezoic does not accept sites with plagiarized, thin, or automatically generated content.
  • AdSense policy compliance: Since they are a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic ensures that your site aligns with Google AdSense policies. This means no illegal, adult, dangerous, or derogatory content.
  • Compliance with Google’s policies: Your site also needs to comply with Google’s content policies. For instance:
    • Not encouraging false clicks
    • Not offering copyrighted materials on your site (content, movies, PDFs, downloads)
    • Not generating invalid clicks or impressions
    • Not hosting automatically generated content with no real value
    • Not redirecting users to undesired pages, sites, pop-ups, or pop-unders
    • Not hosting prohibited content such as gambling and graphic media.
    • Not creating empty pages
    • Not keyword stuffing your pages, etc.
  • Traffic: While Ezoic doesn’t have a strict minimum traffic requirement, it’s generally recommended to have a decent amount of traffic to see significant benefits. This is because their system needs data to optimize your ad placements.
  • Content must be in an Adsense supported language

Additional considerations

  • Site design: Your site should be well-designed, easy to navigate, and have a user-friendly layout.
  • Niche: Ezoic works with websites across most niches, but certain topics may have restrictions due to advertiser preferences.
  • Traffic sources Ezoic aims for safe, quality traffic, meaning your visitors should primarily come from organic search, social media, or direct traffic rather than questionable sources like bot traffic.

Does Ezoic require a minimum of 10,000 pageviews a month?

No, Ezoic no longer imposes a minimum traffic requirement of 10,000 monthly pageviews for new sign-ups.

This is courtesy of the Ezoic AccessNow program.

Previously, this threshold was in place to help screen sites for content quality and ad policy guidelines while providing appropriate support during the setup of sophisticated ad configurations using AI technology.

However, Ezoic has removed this limit, allowing all publishers, regardless of website size, to join the platform and monetize their traffic.

Google Adsense

The next question is probably this:

Do you need a Google Adsense-approved account to join Ezoic?

While AdSense approval isn’t necessary to use Ezoic for most sites, Ezoic ensures that sites using their tools are compliant with AdSense policies.

Being a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic maintains quality standards.

Can I use Ezoic if my AdSense account has been disabled?

If your site was penalized or suspended from Google Adsense, Ezoic will not approve your site until the penalty has been lifted.

On the other hand, if you apply to Ezoic without an Adsense account, Ezoic may follow up with a few extra questions when considering your site application:

  • If your site is linked to another Google Adsense account
  • If your site has ever applied for the Adsense program

They may also want you to provide access to your Google Analytics. Don’t worry, this is read-only.

Can I use AdSense and Ezoic together?

Yes. you can use AdSense and Ezoic together to maximize your website’s revenue.

Here’s how:

Ezoic and AdSense Integration:

  • Ezoic provides a feature called Ezoic Mediation that allows you to link your existing ad networks, including AdSense, with Ezoic.
  • When you enable Ezoic Mediation, your AdSense account will compete with Ezoic’s ad partners for the advertising inventory on your website.
  • This integration helps increase overall revenue while allowing your current AdSense account to remain active and accrue revenue.

Applying to Ezoic program

  1. Visit the Ezoic Website: Go to the Ezoic website
  2. Click on the “Start now”: Look for a button inviting you to start using the platform.
  3. You can also directly visit the join page here
  4. Follow the guided application form to fill in your details

Ezoic’s monetization features

Ezoic requirements monetization features

Ezoic provides a suite of tools designed to help publishers maximize their ad revenue and improve site performance.

These features cater to various aspects of website monetization, with a focus on maximizing earnings while maintaining a positive user experience.

Ad Revenue Optimization

Ezoic leverages artificial intelligence to optimize your ad placements in real-time.

It tailors ad locations based on user behavior to help you earn more without compromising the user experience.

By analyzing user engagement and ad performance, Ezoic’s platform can increase your EPMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors) effectively.

  • Benefits of Ad Revenue Optimization:
    • Intelligent ad placement: Ad locations are adjusted based on user data.
    • Improved revenue: Potential to boost overall ad income.

Site Speed Accelerator

The Site Speed Accelerator focuses on enhancing your website’s loading times, which is a critical factor in both user experience and search engine rankings.

Faster site speed can lead to lower bounce rates and longer visitor sessions, contributing to your ad revenue optimization strategy.

  • Overview of Site Speed Accelerator:
    • Accelerate loading times: Quick page displays for better engagement.
    • SEO support: Enhances site visibility with improved load times.

Technical integration

To effectively leverage Ezoic for your website, the technical integration process is crucial for both optimization and a seamless user experience.

The process involves setting up the Ezoic platform with your CMS and designing ad placements thoughtfully through placeholders.

Ezoic platform setup

First, you need to integrate your website with the Ezoic platform.

If you’re using WordPress, Ezoic provides a plugin that simplifies the process. This integration allows Ezoic to work with your site’s existing structure and content management system (CMS) for optimizing user experience and SEO.

Follow the specific instructions for integration:

  1. Create an Ezoic account.
  2. Install the Ezoic WordPress plugin or use the Ezoic Cloud integration method by updating your site’s name servers.
  3. Configure the settings according to the guidelines provided during setup.

This straightforward integration process immediately opens doors to Ezoic’s sophisticated suite of tools designed to optimize your site.

Ad placement and design

After Ezoic is integrated, the next step is the crucial task of placing and designing ads.

  • Develop and place placeholders: These act as potential ad positions on your site.
  • Utilize Ezoic’s Ad Tester: This tool allows for experimentation with ad locations and sizes to find the most efficient combinations that can lead to better user experiences and potentially higher earnings.

Effective ad placement is an art that involves balancing profitability with user satisfaction.

By setting up Ezoic properly, you’re ensuring that your site not only becomes more lucrative but provides value to your visitors without compromise.

Optimization and support

Ezoic offers robust support and optimization features that focus on enhancing both your site’s earnings and user experience through data-driven technologies.

Your access to a user-friendly Ezoic dashboard and a team dedicated to support allows you to leverage machine learning to refine your content and SEO strategy.

Maximizing Ezoic tools

The Ezoic dashboard puts a suite of optimization tools at your fingertips. Here’s how you can make the most of them:

  • Support: Take advantage of the knowledge base and personalized assistance to troubleshoot issues efficiently.
  • Machine Learning: Enable Ezoic’s AI to test ad placements and sizes that balance user experience with revenue goals.
  • Data Analysis: Utilize Ezoic’s Optimization Goals feature to fine-tune your website’s performance based on real-time data.

Ezoic FAQs

How does Ezoic payment scheduling work for publishers?

Ezoic’s payment scheduling for publishers operates on a net-30 basis. This means that earnings for a given month are usually paid at the end of the following month.

In terms of revenue, how does Ezoic compare to Google AdSense?

Ezoic has the potential to increase your website’s revenue when compared to Google AdSense. It uses AI and machine learning to optimize ad placements and layouts. This tailors the user experience for each visitor, ultimately enhancing earnings over time.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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