43 Profitable Home Decor Niches for Blogging in 2024

Home decor niches for blogging
Are you passionate about home decor and want to start a profitable blog? Discover over 40 home decor niches in our comprehensive guide. Whether you’re an experienced blogger or just starting out, these sub-niches will help you showcase your expertise and attract a dedicated audience. Find your perfect home decor niche today!

Are you passionate about home decor and looking to start a profitable blog? 

Home decor is a thriving blog niche with endless possibilities for bloggers to explore. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into 40+ home decor niches that you can consider for your blog. 

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting, these sub-niches will provide you with unique opportunities to showcase your expertise and attract a dedicated audience.

Introduction to home decor niches

What is home decor?

Home decor is the art of arranging and embellishing the interior of a home to create a beautiful and functional space. It can include furniture, rugs, curtains, artwork, lighting, and other accessories. 

The goal of home decor is to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to live in.

There are many different styles of home decor, from traditional to modern to eclectic. 

The home decor niche

A home decor blog niche refers to a specialized area or theme within the broader field of home decoration that a blog focuses on. It is a specific aspect of home decor that appeals to a particular audience or fulfills a unique need. 

Such a niche could be a specific style, such as modern, farmhouse, or coastal, or it can be a specific room in the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

By concentrating on a home decor sub-niche, you get to offer specialized content that sets you apart from others in the field.

As a home decor blogger, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge, insights, and innovative ideas with a vast audience.

How to find home decor niche ideas? 

You can explore different sub-niches within the home decor industry by considering styles, themes, or target audiences. 

Research current home decor trends, analyze popular hashtags on social media platforms and browse home decor magazines and websites for inspiration.

A screen shot of a Keysearch dashboard with extensive information related to home decor niches.

Now, if that sounds tiring already, simply jump into a keyword tool like Keysearch (the most affordable alternative to tools like Semrush and Ahrefs). Enter your main keyword, eg. home decor, and explore the resulting keywords.

Is the home decor niche profitable for blogging?

Yes, the home decor niche is a profitable topic for blogging and not just a creative outlet. 

It is a large and growing market, with people always looking for new ideas and inspiration to transform their living spaces into beautiful and functional havens.

If you can create a blog that provides high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience, you can build a successful blog that generates income from advertising, affiliate marketing, and other monetization methods.

Why choose home decor as a blogging niche?

The home decor industry is booming, and there are several reasons why it makes for an excellent niche for bloggers:

  • Evergreen demand: Home decor is a timeless subject, with people constantly seeking new ways to enhance their living spaces. This ensures a consistent demand for content in this niche.
  • Wide audience range: Home decor appeals to a broad demographic, ranging from homeowners and renters to DIY enthusiasts and interior design professionals. This allows you to cater to a diverse audience.
  • Visual appeal: Home decor is inherently visual, making it ideal for showcasing stunning imagery and inspiring ideas. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for sharing visually appealing content.
  • Profitable monetization options: Home decor offers various monetization opportunities, including affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, display advertising, and even selling your own products.
  • Passion and creativity: If you have a genuine passion for home decor, blogging in this niche allows you to indulge in your creative side and share your expertise with others.

Profitable sub-niches in home decor

Now that you understand the potential of the home decor niche, let’s explore sub-niches that you can consider for your blog:

1) French country design

The romance and rustic elegance of French country design could be your calling if you’re drawn to warm and welcoming interiors. 

Imagine guiding your readers through rooms filled with weathered wood, distressed metals, and soft color palettes. 

You can explore the beautiful blend of old and new, where ornate details meet comfortable living. By focusing on elements like provincial prints, fresh flowers, and vintage-inspired furniture, you could attract readers seeking a touch of European countryside in their homes.

This niche also invites storytelling, allowing you to weave narratives around country kitchens, garden-inspired rooms, or sunlit breakfast nooks. 

Whether you’re guiding a do-it-yourselfer through a vintage flea market find transformation or offering tips on choosing the perfect French country fabrics, your home decor niche blog could become a go-to source for those looking to bring warmth and charm into their living spaces.

Potential blog topics:

  • The essential elements of French country kitchen design.
  • How to choose the right textiles for French country style.
  • A guide to French country garden design and decor.
  • Transforming your living room with French country charm.
  • Creating a cozy bedroom with French country touches.

2) Small space living

This niche caters to blogs specializing in design solutions for small or tiny homes and apartments.

This niche is growing in popularity as more and more people are living in small apartments or condos.

3) Minimalist home decor

Minimalism offers more than just a clean and uncluttered look; it’s a philosophy that can permeate every aspect of life.

In this sub-niche, you can explore the nuances of minimalist design, guiding your audience in creating clean, minimalist spaces that promote a sense of calm and serenity. 

Your home decor blog can offer tips on organization, minimalist design principles, and curated product recommendations.

Whether it’s decluttering strategies or choosing the right color palettes, this niche can attract readers who are looking to streamline their lives and living spaces.

Potential blog topics:

  • Creating a minimalist living room: Step by step.
  • Decluttering the minimalist way: Tips and strategies.
  • Choosing minimalist furniture: A buyer’s guide.
  • The psychology of minimalist design: A deeper look.
  • Minimalist bedrooms: Creating a serene retreat.

4) Kids and nursery decor

Designing spaces for children presents unique opportunities for creativity and fun. 

Your blog can focus on creating environments that stimulate growth, learning, and joy. 

From nursery decor for the little ones to designing bedrooms for teenagers, this niche covers various age groups and interests. 

You can engage with parents and caregivers who are looking to create functional and delightful spaces for their children.

Potential blog topics:

  • How to design a gender-neutral nursery.
  • Creative storage solutions for children’s rooms.
  • The role of color in children’s spaces: A guide.
  • Teen bedroom makeover: Step-by-step.
  • Designing playrooms that encourage learning and creativity.

5) Romantic decor niche

The romantic decor niche caters to those who love soft colors, floral patterns, and an overall feeling of romance and elegance in their home. 

Your blog can guide readers in creating cozy, intimate spaces through furniture choices, accessories, and layout. 

Here, you get to engage with readers who seek comfort and charm, helping them infuse their homes with a romantic touch.

Potential blog topics:

  • Ultimate guide to romantic bedroom decor
  • How to choose romantic lighting for your home.
  • Adding vintage touches for a romantic feel.
  • Floral arrangements for romantic home decor.
  • The role of textiles in creating a romantic ambiance.

6) Japanese Zen Design

The tranquil world of Japanese Zen design offers a peaceful and mindful blogging journey. 

By focusing on principles of Zen Buddhism, such as simplicity and balance, your content can guide readers in creating calming spaces. 

Your insights into natural materials, minimal ornamentation, and open floor plans can inspire readers seeking a connection to inner peace and nature.

Potential blog topics:

  • Creating a Japanese Zen garden: A guide.
  • The principles of Zen interior design.
  • Incorporating natural elements in Japanese Zen spaces.
  • How to create a Zen meditation room.
  • Japanese Zen aesthetics: A deep dive.

7) Bohemian style

Bohemian decor embraces free-spiritedness, vibrant colors, and eclectic patterns. 

This sub-niche is perfect for those who love a boho-chic aesthetic with elements like macramé, rattan furniture, and global-inspired textiles. 

Guide your readers in incorporating bohemian elements into their homes, and DIY projects, and where to find unique boho pieces.

Potential blog topics:

  • Layering textiles for a Bohemian vibe: A guide.
  • Creating a Bohemian oasis: Tips for outdoor spaces.
  • Vintage finds in Bohemian design: Where and what to look for.
  • How to blend colors and patterns like a Bohemian pro.
  • The art of personal expression in Bohemian interiors.

8) Eco-friendly and sustainable design

With growing concern for the environment, eco-friendly and sustainable design is a crucial niche in home decor. 

You can guide readers in making responsible choices, from materials to energy-efficient practices. 

Whether it’s green construction methods or sustainable furniture sourcing, your blog can become a hub for eco-conscious living. 

Readers looking to reduce their environmental impact will find a wealth of knowledge and inspiration in your content.

Potential blog topics:

  • How to design an eco-friendly kitchen
  • Sustainable materials for home construction
  • Energy-efficient lighting: Tips and choices.
  • The future of sustainable home design: Trends and innovations.

9) Adaptive reuse and repurposed design

The creativity and sustainability in adaptive reuse and repurposed design present a unique blogging opportunity as there aren’t many bloggers covering this space. 

By focusing on transforming existing structures or repurposing everyday items, you can ignite creativity in your readers. 

Whether it’s guiding them through converting industrial spaces into homes or offering DIY repurposed decor projects, this niche can create a community around responsible consumption and unique design solutions.

Potential blog topics:

  • Transforming an old factory into residential lofts.
  • DIY projects with repurposed materials.
  • Sustainability in adaptive reuse architecture.
  • Finding and reimagining neglected spaces.
  • How to turn everyday items into unique home decor

10) Vintage and retro decor

For those with a love for nostalgia and the charm of bygone eras, the vintage and retro design niche offers a vibrant blogging landscape. 

You can create content around sourcing unique vintage pieces, restoring antiques, or even recreating retro aesthetics with a modern flair. 

This niche can become a colorful playground for your blog, appealing to collectors, DIY enthusiasts, and lovers of whimsical styles.

Potential blog topics:

  • Decorating with vintage finds: A how-to guide.
  • Retro kitchen design: Bringing back the charm.
  • How to mix vintage and modern for a unique look.
  • Finding authentic vintage furniture: Tips and resources.
  • Retro home bars: Design and inspiration.

11) Scandinavian design

If you’re drawn to minimalism and functionality without losing aesthetic appeal, Scandinavian design may be your perfect blogging niche. 

You can explore various aspects of this serene and sleek design, offering tips on everything from furniture choices to natural elements. 

With a focus on sustainability and modern living, your blog could become a go-to resource for readers interested in this influential style.

12) Coastal and beach house decor

Coastal design draws inspiration from the beach and the sea, emphasizing a light and breezy atmosphere. 

This type of decor brings the tranquility of the seaside into homes and revolves around light, breezy spaces, nautical themes, and ocean-inspired color palettes. 

Engage your readers with DIY projects, home tours, or simply guide them in choosing the right coastal furniture. If you love vacation vibes and coastal relaxation, this might be your perfect niche.

Potential blog topics:

  • Coastal bedroom design: Creating a tranquil retreat.
  • Nautical touches: How to accessorize a beach-themed room.
  • Coastal color palettes: Inspiration from the sea.
  • How to choose the right coastal furniture.
  • Beach-themed outdoor spaces: A guide.

13) Tiny homes

The tiny home movement is about more than just small spaces; it’s a lifestyle choice focused on simplicity, efficiency, and often sustainability. 

You can explore this niche by providing insights into design, construction, and living in a space where every inch counts. 

Whether readers are tiny home enthusiasts or simply interested in space-saving ideas, your blog can become their go-to resource.

Potential blog topics:

  • How to design a functional tiny home kitchen.
  • Space-saving furniture for tiny living.
  • Tiny homes on wheels: A comprehensive guide.
  • The challenges and joys of tiny home living.
  • Sustainable practices for tiny homes.

14) Industrial and urban decor

Industrial decor draws inspiration from urban settings, showcasing raw materials, exposed bricks, and metal accents. 

This sub-niche appeals to those who appreciate the edgy, urban aesthetic. 

If you’re drawn to exposed brick, metal accents, and rustic wood, this may be the niche for you. 

You can explore loft living, modern industrial touches, and how to balance ruggedness with comfort. Readers interested in an edgy, urban vibe will find inspiration and guidance in your content.

Potential blog topics:

  • Industrial kitchens: A design guide.
  • How to mix industrial with other design styles.
  • The art of lighting in industrial design.
  • Creating a comfortable industrial living space.
  • Industrial furniture: Where to shop and what to look for.

15) Modern and contemporary design

The modern and contemporary design emphasizes sleek lines, open spaces, and a minimalist approach to home decoration and improvement. 

This is the best niche for showcasing the latest trends and modern design ideas. 

In the world of contemporary design, the trends are ever-changing, and the style is always evolving. 

Your blog can become a hub for those seeking to understand this dynamic and innovative world. From exploring new materials to delving into the latest technologies, this niche offers an engaging way to stay at the cutting edge of design. 

The focus on sleek, functional, and sustainable spaces can resonate with a modern audience.

Potential blog topics:

  • Contemporary living room design: A step-by-step guide.
  • Incorporating technology into contemporary interiors.
  • Sustainable practices in contemporary home design.
  • The art of accessorizing in contemporary spaces.
  • How to choose contemporary lighting options.

16) Eclectic and mix & match

The eclectic mix-and-match style is perfect for those who love to express their unique personality through interior design

This home decor sub-niche celebrates individuality and creativity by combining various design styles, eras, and cultural influences to create unique and personalized spaces. 

Your blog can inspire readers to blend different styles, textures, and colors to create harmonious chaos. You can provide insights into balancing different elements and curating a personalized space. 

This niche appeals to those who love to think outside the box and make their home a reflection of their uniqueness.

Potential blog topics:

  • Five essential rules for mixing patterns and textures.
  • Gallery walls: How to mix art, photographs, and memorabilia.
  • Creating a travel-inspired living room.
  • Eclectic bedroom makeover: Before and after.
  • How to successfully mix vintage and modern pieces.
  • Guide to curating unique art for an eclectic home.
  • Blending styles: How to create an eclectic dining room.

17) Mid-century modern decor

The mid-century modern decor, rooted in the 1950s and 60s, pays homage to the design aesthetic of the mid-20th century. 

This sub-niche focuses on clean lines, organic shapes, functional comfort, and retro-inspired furniture. 

With a mix of traditional materials and innovative designs, it creates a timeless and stylish environment.

You can use your blog to educate your readers on iconic mid-century modern designers, vintage finds, and how to create a mid-century modern home.

Content ideas for your blog:

  • Iconic mid-century furniture: A buyer’s guide.
  • How to blend mid-century modern with contemporary design.
  • Renovating a mid-century home: Before and after.
  • The influence of mid-century design on today’s trends.
  • Creating a mid-century inspired living room: Tips and ideas.

18) Farmhouse style

Farmhouse Chic is a blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. 

With its emphasis on natural textures, vintage items, and cozy fabrics, it creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. Think shiplap walls, barn doors, and antique décor.

This sub-niche revolves around rustic furniture, vintage accents, and neutral color palettes. 

Share tips on farmhouse DIY projects, farmhouse-inspired accessories, and creating a warm and inviting farmhouse home.

Example blog topics:

  • Farmhouse kitchen renovation on a budget.
  • How to choose the perfect farmhouse style furniture.
  • DIY barn door tutorial: Adding rustic charm.
  • Incorporating vintage items into modern farmhouse design.
  • Seasonal farmhouse décor: A year-round guide.
  • Designing the perfect country kitchen: A guide.
  • Farmhouse living rooms: How to get the look.

19) Themed rooms

Themed rooms allow creativity in designing around specific concepts like tropical paradises or futuristic spaces.

Blog post ideas:

  • Creating a jungle-themed nursery: A guide.
  • Designing a space-themed child’s room: Ideas and inspiration.
  • How to achieve a beach-inspired bedroom.
  • Movie-themed home theater: A step-by-step guide.
  • Transforming a room into a Parisian café: Tips and tricks

20) Traditional and classic decor

The grace and timeless elegance of traditional design offer a rich platform for your blogging. 

You can explore the world of classic European décor, including antique buying, detailed craftsmanship, and luxurious textiles. 

This niche provides a chance to attract readers who appreciate sophistication and historical charm. Guiding them through the nuances of traditional design could set your blog apart in a world leaning towards modern aesthetics.

Potential blog topics:

  • How to create a traditional dining room: A guide.
  • Mixing traditional with modern: Finding the balance.
  • The elegance of traditional upholstery and textiles.
  • How to choose antiques for a traditional living room.
  • Traditional home libraries: Design and inspiration.

21) Luxury interiors

Glam and luxurious decor exude opulence, incorporating luxurious fabrics, bold colors, and sparkling accents. 

This sub-niche is perfect for those who love a touch of glamour in their homes. 

As a glam and luxury decor blogger, you can explore profitable topics such as high-end furniture, cutting-edge technology, luxurious textiles, and bespoke design elements. 

Your blog can guide readers through creating spaces that exude affluence, sophistication, and meticulous attention to detail.

Potential blog topics:

  • How to choose luxury fabrics for your living room.
  • Creating a luxurious bathroom retreat: Tips and insights.
  • The role of art in luxury interior design.
  • High-end home technology: A guide.
  • The psychology of luxury design: Understanding the appeal

22) Smart home and Hi-tech decor

Smart home and hi-tech decor revolve around integrating technology seamlessly into home design. 

This sub-niche appeals to those who appreciate convenience, automation, and futuristic elements. 

You can use your blog to educate your readers on the latest smart home technologies, smart home design principles, and creating a hi-tech home that fits their lifestyle.

23) DIY home decor

DIY home decor allows individuals to unleash their creativity and personalize their living spaces. 

This sub-niche focuses on sharing DIY projects, upcycling ideas, and budget-friendly decor solutions. 

If you love creating, building, and designing the DIY and craft decor niche might be your perfect platform. 

From simple crafts, step-by-step tutorials, and repurposing tips, to home improvement projects, your content can empower readers to take design into their own hands.

Potential blog topics:

  • DIY floating shelves: A step-by-step guide.
  • Creating beautiful wall art with everyday materials.
  • 10 easy DIY home decor projects for beginners.
  • How to repurpose old furniture: Ideas and tutorials.
  • Seasonal crafts for home decoration: A guide.

24) Outdoor and garden decor

Garden decor is more than just planting flowers and trimming hedges; it’s about creating an outdoor space that resonates with beauty, serenity, and personal taste. 

Whether your readers have a sprawling garden or a tiny patio, this niche offers endless possibilities for creativity. 

You can explore various themes, from formal garden designs to whimsical fairy gardens. Use your platform to offer insights into choosing decorative elements such as statues, water features, lighting, and furniture. 

You can also guide your readers in creating gardens that become extensions of their living spaces, offering comfort, enjoyment, and connection to nature.

Example blog topics:

  • How to choose garden ornaments that reflect your style.
  • Creating a water feature in your garden
  • The art of container gardening: Designing with potted plants.
  • Designing a garden path: Materials, styles, and ideas.
  • Lighting your garden: Tips for creating a magical ambiance.
  • Creating a themed garden: From Zen to Tropical paradises.
  • DIY garden decor projects for all skill levels.

Other home decor niches for blogging.

Now instead of focusing on themed niches, you could just blog about decorating a specific area such as a kitchen or bathroom. 

Here are more home decor niche ideas:

Room-specific niches

  1. Living Room Design
  2. Bedroom Furnishing
  3. Bathroom Renovation
  4. Kitchen Decoration
  5. Home Office Decor
  6. Outdoor Patio Design

Specific elements and accessories

  1. Wall Art and Murals
  2. Decorative Lighting
  3. Throw Pillows and Cushions
  4. Area Rugs and Carpets
  5. Window Treatments (curtains, blinds, shades)
  6. Plant Decor and Indoor Gardening
  7. Ornamental Mirrors
  8. Candles and Fragrance

Cultural and regional decor

  1. Indian Ethnic Decor
  2. French Country Style
  3. Moroccan Home Decor
  4. Japanese Minimalism
  5. Southwestern Decor

How to start a home decor blog

Now that you have explored various sub-niches within the home decor industry, it’s time to start your own blog. Here are the essential steps to get you started:

  1. Choose a domain name: Select a domain name that reflects your blog’s focus and is easy to remember.
  2. Web hosting: Sign up for a reliable web hosting service like Bluehost to ensure your blog is accessible to visitors. You also get a free domain, and installing WordPress is just one click away.
  3. Select a blogging platform: Choose a user-friendly platform like WordPress to build and manage your blog. Bluehost allows you to easily install WordPress from within your dashboard so you can get started right away.
  4. Design your blog: Customize your blog’s appearance with a visually appealing and user-friendly theme. We love building all of our blogs and websites using Elementor.
  5. Create engaging content: Start creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. A powerful AI writer like Blog Assistant can help 
  6. Optimize for SEO: Implement SEO best practices to improve your blog’s visibility in search engine results.
  7. Promote your blog: Utilize social media, email marketing, and networking to drive traffic to your blog.
  8. Engage with your audience: Interact with your readers through comments, social media, and email newsletters.
  9. Monetize your blog: Explore various monetization options such as affiliate marketing, display advertising, sponsored posts, and selling your own products.

Ready to get started? Use our link to get 60% off annual web hosting.

Monetizing your home decor blog

Home decor blogging offers several opportunities for monetization. 

Here are some popular methods to generate income from your blog:

a) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate links.

To get started, join affiliate programs of home decor retailers, such as Amazon Associates, Wayfair, or Etsy, and recommend products that align with your niche and audience’s interests.

b) Display advertising

Display advertising involves placing ads on your blog and earning revenue based on the number of ad impressions or clicks. 

Sign up with ad networks like Google AdSense or Mediavine to start displaying ads on your blog. 

Also, be sure to optimize ad placement and design to maximize earnings without compromising user experience.

c) Brand Collaborations

Collaborate with home decor brands and businesses for sponsored posts, where you promote their products or services in exchange for compensation. 

Just ensure that sponsored content aligns with your blog’s niche and provides value to your readers.  

Building strong relationships with brands can lead to long-term collaborations and increased earnings.

A good work-from-home course that I recommend taking to boost your earnings is Making Sense of Sponsored Posts.

Check it out here

d) Sell your own products

Leverage your expertise and creativity by designing and selling your own home decor products. 

This could include handmade items, digital products like printable art or design templates, or even e-books and online courses. Create a dedicated online store via Sellfy or use platforms like Etsy to showcase and sell your products to your audience.

e) Online courses and consulting

Share your knowledge and skills by offering online courses or consulting services in areas like interior design, home staging, or DIY projects. 

Develop comprehensive courses or offer one-on-one consulting sessions to help your audience achieve their home decor goals. 

Platforms like Teachable or Udemy can assist in hosting and selling your courses.

What is the biggest market for home decor? 

The United States has one of the largest home decor markets globally, with a growing interest in interior design and home improvement. 

Other significant markets include Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

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Picture of Mysson
As an SEO freelance writer for hire, Mysson creates compelling content in online business, SaaS, and Digital Marketing niches for clients just like you. Hire Mysson for powerful business storytelling, crispy copy for service business or insightful articles that spark online conversations, attract links and boost conversions. Connect on LinkedIn @Mysson

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