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How to Get More Likes on Instagram: 7 Ideas for 2022


Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

Struggling on how to get more likes on Instagram and grow your following? This article will help you increase your engagement, get more likes, grow your following, and have a more active following and community.

Instagram as a social media platform has dramatically evolved in the past few years but one thing still remains: likes, hearts, faves, double taps, or whatever terms we want to call it, remains the most important asset on Instagram. 

However, getting more likes nowadays isn’t as simple as in the olden days where it’s mainly about posting great content consistently. Instagram has changed its algorithm in recent years, and so how we get these likes on Instagram also changed. 

So, how can we get more likes on Instagram in 2020? Here are 10 of the most effective tips to increase engagement on your Instagram posts.

1. Content Is Still King

Above, we have mentioned that getting likes on Instagram today isn’t as simple as simply publishing great content. Yet, that’s not saying content is no longer important. Instead, think of the great content marketing strategy as the prerequisite: no amount of tactics and methods can help low-quality posts, period. 

So, how can we tell if our Instagram content is great? Here are a few principles to follow:

  • Be Consistent: have a theme around your content. If you can, pick specific color schemes and aesthetic style. This can help make your posts more memorable to your audience. 
  • Quality Images: professional-looking photos and well-edited images simply stand out. Use professional cameras if you can, and if you use stock images, use high-quality ones.
  • Uniqueness: nothing beats this. Unique, valuable content will ensure your posts stand out from the crowd, and so you’ll get more likes. 

2. Timing is Everything

The key here is to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. One of the most important factors to get more likes is to post when many of your audiences are active. 

Again, this is due to Instagram’s algorithm. When a lot of people engaged with your posts in a relatively short time, the algorithm will brand it a good post and will be ‘pushed’ on more user’s feeds and it might also appear on the Explore page. 

The best time to post, however, can vary dramatically depending on your target audience. You can check this guide by Later for a pointer, but you still need to research your target audience for the best results. 

3. Use The Right Hashtags

The Instagram algorithm has shifted and so hashtag spams simply no longer work. Instead, now we have to do our hashtag research to ensure we are using the best ones according to our niche and objectives. 

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Manual Search: arguably the best approach (although not efficient). Manually search what hashtags your target audiences are using on their posts. Also, check your competitors’ posts to see what hashtags they are using. 
  • Related Hashtags: monitor and analyze Instagram’s related hashtag suggestions. If, for example, you search for #cats on Instagram, it will show you similar hashtags related to #cats. These hashtags are suggested based on what other accounts are searching for and using.
  • Use Software and Tools: there are tools like RiteTag and Hashtagify that can analyze the potential of a hashtag and suggest similar hashtags.

4. Frequency of Posts

If you want to grow your presence on Instagram, then consistency is very important. At the very least, you should post at least once per day. However, when your account grows bigger and reach 10K followers or so, post at least 3 times a day.

Again, the timing of your posts is very important, and Instagram’s new algorithm considers recency. Meaning, new posts are more likely to appear in user’s feeds than older ones. 

While consistent posting is key, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too many posts. Create a content calendar and schedule your post accordingly. Ensure you are not under-posting or over-posting. Again, understanding your target audience is very important.

5. Geotag your Posts

Instagram posts with geolocation tags simply get more engagement than those that don’t. When you geotag your location, the post will show up in the “Places” tab in the Explore and Search sections. On average, Instagram posts with location tags receive 79% more engagement, and so this approach can be a great way to get likes.

Also, remember that location tags also apply to Instagram Stories. Use the location sticker on your Story, so it will get featured on the location Story and you can reach more people.

6. Run Contests

Like-to-win contests are an effective (but not always cost-effective) way to drive engagement. 

The main idea is fairly simple: Post the notification for the contest on Instagram and ask people to like this specific post to take part in the contest. Keep it as easy as possible, and obviously how valuable your prize is, is very important. If you are seeing a decline in engagement or when you find it very difficult to grow your engagement, running these contests can help.

Running your contests and giveaways strategically won’t only generate likes and engagement, but can also increase your reach since it will encourage your followers to repost content and spread the word.

In general, there are only four crucial steps in creating an effective Instagram contest: 

  • Define a consistent and clear theme
  • Choose an appropriate prize according to your budget
  • Decide on an entry method
  • Promote the contest

7. Tag Relevant Account in Your Post

Tagging relevant accounts in your post can potentially improve engagement. The idea is that by using tags, you can increase the reach of your posts. Tag your content with relevant accounts like influencers in the industry, brands, and those who might be interested in the post.

Tagging the post will increase the chance of the post appearing on the Explore page of the tagged account’s followers, and this can be very effective in improving the post’s reach, impressions, and likes.

End Words

These are 7 ideas to help you get more likes on Instagram posts in 2020. You should definitely try them all out: they are fairly accessible to try for anyone and won’t take up too much of your time. Again, the key here is to properly understand your target audience and post content that is going to be valuable and relevant for them.

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