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How to Plan Your Week so as to Get Things Done

Listen my friend,

We’re in the business of getting things done. You owe it to yourself and to your business to ensure that those tasks are accomplished, on time, within schedule.

That’s the only way to get ahead. If you postpone task A, you’re more likely to stall task B, until you get the energy to do task A.

Successful bloggers, tutors, coaches, freelancers and other online entrepreneurs show up every day and focus on getting something done.

These guys don’t swallow a magic pill. I know this, because there’s none.

You’re a solopreneur, nothing moves until you do.

Your business depends on you to create an outreach list of prospects, send compelling pitches, write content, develop branding assets, revamp the website, create lead magnets, set up systems and pretty much everything else

These are the things that you know you should be doing to grow your business and have that freedom of working from home.

However, going from ‘knowing’ to ‘done’ can only be accomplished when you start viewing these monumental objectives as an agglomeration of tiny actionable tasks that can be accomplished individually in an hour or so.

The best way to do this, is to start planning your weeks. Sunday afternoon is the best time to do so. Simply pick one of the things that need to get done, break it down into actionable tasks and spread these throughout the week

For instance, you can settle on creating a lead magnet for your blog this coming week. Now, this is a huge task that you can keep postponing for months unless you decide to break it down as follows:

  • Monday: idea generation. You spend the better part of the day going through analytics, re-analyzing your audience avatar, looking at what competitors are doing etc. The goal is to find a relevant lead magnet idea and format by the end of the day that will resonate with the audience you want to attract.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Create your lead magnet. Most lead magnets will take you a few hours to put together, others can take a day or two. Is it a checklist, a short guide or email course?
  • Thursday: Creating marketing assets. Use this day to create your op-tin forms, display them and link them to your welcome sequence. You will also need to create a landing page and make sure the url is something short and easy to remember. This will help you when you need to share this page on the go.
  • Friday: Launch and start promoting. Create a pin image, a mockup and other assets that can help you visually display your lead magnet. You can pretty much create anything nowadays using Canva. You can schedule a few posts using your social media scheduler to go out to your channels.
  • Your week is done, and one huge task is off the table. Trust me, if you accomplish everything by this day, you will be a step closer to that dream of yours.
  • If you like, you can then spend the better part of the following week creating blog posts that aim to promote your lead magnet, or move on to another big task, such as creating an outreach list, following the same approach above.

I’m wishing you the best this week. Let me know how things go…


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Mysson Victor
Mysson Victor
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