Simple Tips to Making Money With Email Marketing

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Simple Tips to Making Money With Email Marketing

Email marketing involves building a dedicated and engaging list of subscribers who will help you grow your business as a blogger or online entrepreneur. Making money with email marketing is only possible when you have loyal subscribers to your blog, and a good email marketing software

The point or key emphasis to successful email marketing is working towards earning the trust and loyalty of your subscribers.  Provide the information that will help them in their ventures.  Think of free e-books,  crafting great blog posts, and answering their questions.

Making Money With Email Marketing: What you can promote

  • Your training courses
  • Your digital products
  • Your affiliate products and services

NB: only promote the serviced which you actually use and/ trust

What you need:

  • A subscription form on your blog
  • Integrate it with email marketing services  like Mailerlite

(if you need help setting these two up, send me a message on my contact page right away) 

Mailerlite allows you to send emails (campaigns)  to your subscribers as many time as you can.


  • Do not spam your subscribers
  • Only promote the products you trust
  • Be consistent… If you decide to be emailing your subscribers on Thursday and Saturday, stick to the routine
  • Build trust and then start promotions.
  • Never overdo anything

Yeah… Identify the area you got expertise on, and focus to share that knowledge through training.

To build trust, you need to write great posts on the subject. To do email marketing, you need an awesome email marketing company like Mailerlite

Over to You… 

What do you think about email marketing? What are your making money with email marketing strategies?  Any challenge growing your list?  Then let's talk in the comments section, or you can contact me directly via

Happy blogging!  🙂

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