Simple Tips to Becoming a Social Media Consultant

Nancy Muricho
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Would you like to become a social media consultant? Where do you start, and what do you really need?

Social media consultants are very active in almost every social media platform, they know what’s trending and also know who is who. Some people start as a hobby which they do regularly with so much passion but then as time goes by their hobby turns into a career which earns them an income. This is so because they are good at what they are doing.

Social Media Consulting therefore requires one to put in a lot of effort in whatever they do. Consistency is also another great virtue which every social media consultant should have.

Social media managers are hired by big successful companies to carry out social media marketing on behalf of them. As a social media marketer, you can land a full time job managing companies’ and brands’ twitter and Facebook profiles. Also as a consultant they know how to determine the best tactics, posting schedules and content for their target audience.

Social media consultants also do have a number of followers especially on Facebook and Twitter accounts so that they can be followed and gain readers, these are their first audience or customers through writing quality content, the content which will have a solution to solve a problem. They sell their content as an information product where their readers will get all the information they need and answers they are looking for.

Established social media consultants can also earn a living by creating and selling online courses on their area of expertise. You can also regularly offer a promotion or a discount to widen your reach. This will motivate many readers to subscribe to the courses and because it will be affordable the readers will want to learn and also refer other readers like them to the courses.

Selling digital products such as eBooks, PDF reports etc. is also a great way to diversify your revenue as a social media consultant. Always ensure that these products though, are regularly updated to include the recent trends and findings relevant to your niche.

To really break niche, you need to amass a good number of followers. However, quality of your followings should always come first. You need engaged audience. Follow for follow campaigns may not be quite effective. Look for ways to get high quality followers. Share amazing contents on your social media profiles, build an irresistible brand and post regularly.

Harness the power of networking and bench-marking. Read about successful social media consultants   and managers, learn from them and implement some of their strategies.

Other ways include picking someone who has a business, you then deliberate on offering them your services for free to help your client to get to know how to use social media professionally. This way you benefit by collecting relevant statistics about effectiveness of your social media consulting services, and how you can improve them. Your clients will most likely eventually purchase your services if they like them, and even refer other people to you.

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