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103 Travel Blog Name Ideas for Your Inspiration


Our content is free. We sustain the blog through affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you purchase recommended products through our links, without any additional cost to you. Learn More

So you’ve decided to start a travel blog but don’t have a name yet? Here are 100+ travel blog name ideas to help with brainstorming
Travel Blog Name Ideas

Having the right name for your bog is very important.

You can't just pick any name at random and expect it to work. It needs to be catchy, relevant, and memorable.

In this article, I have listed 103 travel blog name ideas that you might find helpful when naming your new travel blog.

Of course, your first step when naming your blog should always be to conduct creative brainstorming sessions with yourself (or with friends and family) to come up with an original name idea. An AI writing tool like Jasper can help

However, if you're struggling for inspiration, here are 103 travel blog names to get your creative juices flowing.

Creative Travel Blog Name Ideas

  1. The Travels of…. (your name)
  2. Adventurous Lyne
  3. Glacial Travel
  4. By the Globe
  5. Authentic Wanderlust
  6. Born to Wander
  7. The (Your Name) Diaries
  8. On the Road Again!
  9. Travel Tales of…(your name)
  10. Pulchritude 
  11. A Blog of Many Things
  12. Travel with…(your name)
  13. Global Vagabonds
  14. Luxury Traveler
  15. What's Your Secret?
  16. The Blonde Abroad
  17. Nomadic Stay
  18. Stacy the Nomad
  19. The Traveling Troubadour
  20. Solo Traveler with a Sense of Humor
  21. Odyssey Narrated
  22. My Life on the Road
  23. Where Do I Go Now?  
  24. Lee Abroad
  25. Reflections in the Window Seat
  26. Moments by the Lake
  27. Traveling Souls
  28. The Adventures of …
  29. Voyages Abby
  30. My Serendipities
  31. Luckies on Travels
  32. Traveling Wonder
  33. Catching Cars
  34. Narrations of…
  35. Travel with Lolo
  36. The Chronicles of…
  37. Tower of Dolls
  38. Road to Rome
  39. Life on the Run
  40. Vegas and Beyond
  41. Lenses of…
  42. Tales of a Wanderer
  43. After My Bucket List
  44. Destination Traveller
  45. Cheapest Destinations Blog
  46. One Way Ticket Blog
  47. Travel Purity
  48. Neither Here Nor There
  49. Nobody's Home
  50. The Travel Flies
  51. A Journey Within
  52. Nomad Beacon
  53. Thousand Miles Away
  54. On Second Thought
  55. Unbound Travellers
  56. Endless Journeys
  57. Nomadic girls
  58. Roaming Roots
  59. Is That Seat Taken?
  60. Cocooned Wanderer
  61. Taipei to Tokyo
  62. Scattered on the Road
  63. Onward and Sideways   
  64. Flat Tire Traveler
  65. Rolling Horizons
  66. Be There in a Minute
  67. Vintage and Nomad
  68. From Afar with Love
  69. Fantastic Voyages
  70. Road Less Travelled
  71. Tell Me Everything
  72. Europe Up Close
  73. Africa Visits
  74. Traveling Mamas
  75. Eastbound
  76. Uncovering Paradise
  77. Journey to the Unknown
  78. A Universe in Us
  79. Take Me Anywhere
  80. North of Here  
  81. Uncovering Taiwan       
  82. Enigma Explorers        
  83. Somewhere Over the Rainbow    
  84. Almost There Traveler
  85. Next Stop Traveler
  86. Just A Little Bit Further
  87. Just A Girl and Her Blog 
  88. What I do for Love
  89. World on My Back
  90. Beyond Borders Blogger     
  91. Lost in Transitions
  92. Travel Through Life
  93. On the Move Adventurer
  94. Girl on the Move
  95. Pure Trouble    
  96. Stray Dog and Her Blog
  97. Sail Away With Me
  98. Twilight Traveler
  99. For the Love of Travel   
  100. Almost Fearless   
  101. A Little Bit of Sass
  102. Keeping Memories Alive
  103. The Traveling Curator

Picking a Travel Blog Name     

1. Pick an idea that focuses on what motivates you to travel

You don't necessarily have to choose a name that reflects your own traveling style, but it's helpful if the blog theme is something that resonates with you. This way, you'll be more motivated to keep writing.

The Adventures of… (your name) |       The Blonde Abroad | The Traveling Troubadour

2. Pick a name that's short, creative and memorable

You want a name that's short and easy to remember. Make sure the name you choose is also relevant to your niche, descriptive of what your blog is about and has some personality.

Adventures by Alice | Journeying Onwards | Moms on the Road | Catching Cars

3. Create a list of words that describe your traveling style

If you're struggling to come up with an idea, you can use a list of positive descriptive words (such as adventurous, relaxed or stylish) and combine them.

Glacial Travel |       Authentic Wanderlust | The Travels of…. (your name)

4. Think outside the box if your chosen blog name is already taken

If you want your blog name to be memorable, it's helpful to use descriptive words that are unusual. Challenge yourself and come up with some alternatives if the one you initially chose is already being used by someone else.

Bucketlistly |       Your Travel Destination | Just A Little Bit Further

5. Take note of your location when you're traveling

It's a good idea to incorporate your traveling destination into your blog name if it's relevant. Popular examples include Wanderlust and Lipstick, which both convey the idea of travel.

Cosmopolitan Travel |  Why Go Italy |  Tales of a Wanderer

6. Think about the story you want to tell

You might also want to consider choosing a name that conveys the tone or subject of your blog. For example, “A Universe in Us” is more poetic and mysterious than a straightforward name like “Travel Chronicles.” It's really up to you which one you choose, but it's helpful to use a blog title that inspires your readers.

Ideas and Tales |  Flat Tire Traveler | Imagine Us Here

7. Think about how people will search for your blog online

Choosing a name that's easy to find by searching on Google or another search engine is important because it will attract more readers. Popular examples include names that are shorter, contain keywords and are specific.

Cosmopolitan Travel |  Traveling Mamas |  

8. Don't let your name limit you in the future

If you want your blog to be successful, it's important to choose a name that you won't regret in the future. Think about how you'll feel once your blog is up and running, and make sure it's something that will suit multiple topics or different themes in the future.

Life On The Road |  The Traveling Curator

9. Check for availability and buy your domain name

Once you've settled on a name, go ahead and purchase a domain name. You can register with a service like Namecheap or get it for free when you purchase a web hosting service with Bluehost.


I hope this post has helped you to come up with some ideas when choosing a travel blog name ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below or email me directly.

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